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  1. I just can't seem to get into games like Mario. I think it is mostly because of the momentum which always fucks up my jumps. Even the most basic jumping challenges make me very nervous. The whole game is a bit like walking on ice: I always feel like I'm about to fall.

    I dunno, maybe it's because I'm using a keyboard (never had any consoles). Or perhaps it's a skill that you can only learn as a kid. But games like "I wanna be the guy" seem so much more comfortable to me. Like, I actually feel like I'm in control and there are no weird forces screwing with my movement.

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    2. AlexMax


      MrGlide said:

      N++ was on xbox 360 as well was it not? I remember it being quite fun.

      N+ was ufortunately a DS, PSP and Xbox 360 exclusive. I think each one had different maps too.

      The good news is that N++ actually has a whole section of levels that are the curated selection of maps from the older versions of the game, in some cases slightly updated.

      ...actually wait a minute, maybe that's not such a good...

      ...damnit, apparently this thing is in the game too, though thankfully not until the E tier of levels where it belongs and not 14 freakin' 4.

    3. scifista42


      I can't get into platformers that feature "wall jumping" like Super Meat Boy or the one in the video above - I just can't learn to do it properly. Platformers requiring highly precise movement can be annoying, but as long as there's no "wall jumping", I'm usually eventually OK with them.

    4. Fonze


      I've always been a fan of platformers, at least up until the cheap flash-era games came about.

      The N series of games were a ton of fun; I'd forgotten that a new one just came out. I need to get that at some point... N also always reminded me a bit of Lode Runner, on the visual side of things, which perhaps makes it a bit more nostalgic to me.