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  1. Let's say I buy potatoes, onions, carrots and свёкла (dunno English) for 155 roubles. But I can only give either 150 or 200, so to not bother with the change the lady is like "ok, give me 150 and you can bring the remaining 5 next time". (that's like $ 0.08 currently) Does she actually expect me to do it next time I come or is it just a friendly excuse? I think when I do it, people usually give me kinda funny looks, like "heh, he actually took that seriously?". I guess it depends a lot on the culture. What is it like at your place?

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    2. Fonze


      printz said:

      Dunno, it sounds like they're just being nice to you. Or they forgot about you. Personally I prefer to be serious with money if I can help it, because I'm not haggling anything. I don't care what they think.

      It sounds to me like short-sighted people who don't realize how their not-caring affects their jobs, hours, take-home pay, and the prices of what their job sells. Also, it sounds like some lifetime cashiers I know. Food for thought there.

      On a semi-related note: I always found it funny when coworkers would show blatant apathy for somebody else's money, like their boss's (or a customer's, for that matter), then complain about their boss not caring about their money or giving them a raise. Small businesses included.

    3. Cupboard


      You have to know what your ass is worth on the street, that's about how much you can be in debt at any given time, because a responsible capitalist like a crack distributor has his feelers on the ground making sure his dealers are collecting enough revenue from deadbeat customers who won't even flip a car stereo or a broken amplifier to settle up what they owe to a small business owner.

    4. geo


      Some people that 10 cents comes out of their paycheck or just makes them look bad overall for having a short drawer at the end of their shift. Other times you're just not allowed to have the item that you're too short.

      I remember being behind a Walmart argument where someone was short 5 cents on a single item that was under a dollar. They had to call a manager and the person said I'm just 5 cents short does it really matter? The manager replied if it really mattered, you'd have the 5 cents. Then the person proceeded to ask everyone in line. Everyone carries plastic or bills or flat out doesn't want to help. So the woman that was 5 cents short ended up flipping out screaming well fuck you all threw up her arms and just walked away.

      In the past I've paid the change for someone.... to which he then gave me a religious pamphlet for my troubles. What . The . Fuck? He just so happened to have a few on hand. Last time I ever do that.