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  1. I've been thinking. I feel like I haven't encountered a single blind person in years. I'm not sure if I ever seen someone probing the surroundings with a long stick, using these yellow things for navigation, or reading a braille book on a bus, in the park, etc. I understand if most of the time they sit at home, but they still should appear sometimes? Do I just not realize that there are blind people around me? Do they typically try to hide their blindness because they don't want to look weak or vulnerable to pickpocketing? Did they all leave Russia since it's probably a horrible place to live in if you're disabled? Do they even exist?

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    2. Aquanet


      I know someone who has been totally blind since birth and has a guide dog. Navigating anywhere, using the bus, is a pretty big project. She's almost been run over more than once and almost walked into an empty elevator shaft, saved only by her dog. She's active in local groups for blind people and trains bus drivers on how to respond to disabled people. Even after decades of experience, she can still get turned around and waylaid somewhat easily. She's retired now after teaching blind children at an elementary school (all those funneled there by the district).

      I've asked the same question as Memfis, not sure of the answer. A huge % of people with disabilities are unemployed which cuts into your reasons for going out, whether for work or to spend discretionary income.

    3. Quagsire


      Answer: blind people don't exist and never will.

    4. Kurwa


      Sgt Ender said:

      Answer: blind people don't exist and never will.

      What a conspiracy theory.