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  1. I've been thinking. I feel like I haven't encountered a single blind person in years. I'm not sure if I ever seen someone probing the surroundings with a long stick, using these yellow things for navigation, or reading a braille book on a bus, in the park, etc. I understand if most of the time they sit at home, but they still should appear sometimes? Do I just not realize that there are blind people around me? Do they typically try to hide their blindness because they don't want to look weak or vulnerable to pickpocketing? Did they all leave Russia since it's probably a horrible place to live in if you're disabled? Do they even exist?

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    2. Tracer


      ^Did you get snake eyes?

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I knew a guy at work who was blind. He was a Linux and Windows system admin, and a very cool guy all around. But the one memory that will always stick out is when I went to Red Hat certification training with him. It was lunch, and the other guy we were with asked where we all wanted to go. The blind guy suggested Hooters, then joked, "Imagine that, a blind guy wants to go to Hooters!" He was a comedian like that :D

    4. dew


      The Braille version of Hooters must be pretty awesome.

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