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  1. Yeah. I'm going to gastroscopy. Sounds scary as fuck to be honest (I'm a pussy) but I'm glad I'm going since I'll finally learn what is wrong with my digestive system. But yeah, it sounds like something straight out of "Alien". I'll post here if I come back alive.

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    2. Varis Alpha

      Varis Alpha

      did someone say something about a fetish thread

    3. j4rio


      Memfis said:

      maybe j4rio knows

      Gastritis is a very broad term with a plethora of possible causes, probably the worst common one being H.pylori infection. Treatment also depends on the cause. I assume you've been prescribed omeprazole by now.

    4. Memfis


      Well, they are currently checking the blood/stool samples to better understand what's going on. The doctor said it is better to wait for the results instead of prescribing random stuff that might work or not work. Lately I'm feeling better, probably because I obviously started eating more healthy, so I can totally wait a few days. Lol at this topic btw.

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