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  1. Yeah. I'm going to gastroscopy. Sounds scary as fuck to be honest (I'm a pussy) but I'm glad I'm going since I'll finally learn what is wrong with my digestive system. But yeah, it sounds like something straight out of "Alien". I'll post here if I come back alive.

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    2. Sick Bow

      Sick Bow

      CyberDemonEmpress said:

      Posting while drinking can be fun... We just have to try to have a measure of self control.

      Well, I'll just stay off DW on Friday nights, much easier. Don't you just love waking up the next morning and having that "why the hell did I do this" feeling?

      Sorry for the fun little derail of the topic. Enjoy this puppy:


    3. Doominator2


      Damn it I had so much to contribute to that thread :(

    4. RUSH


      High boots while nude.


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