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  1. Spent whole evening polishing it. Maybe fun to look at.

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    2. Memfis


      Results: http://wcup.site/events/02

      The winner replay is completely insane, you don't want to miss this one guys: http://www.recsource.tv/r/ckqzfewdmi

      Second best also interesting, completely different route and some nice moves: http://www.recsource.tv/r/dltvcuijnq

      At the end it might look like adi dies but that's actually just a delayed turn animation. These things can look weird sometimes.

      edit: Wow, 7th place again different style: http://www.recsource.tv/r/dveqsjkupm Who would have thought that the level is so balanced?

    3. ‹rd›


      Who are the top players at this game and could you give a rundown of their styles?

    4. Csonicgo


      fraggle said:

      So it sounds like he did and it actually worked out well? weird

      Good guy Ling.