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  1. Do you guys also have a lot of dog shit in parks in your country? :\

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      My country is dog shit

    3. ShoDemo


      Yep! Everyone is getting dogs these days in my city, which by itself isn't bad, but in my neighborhood, there are only blocks of flats, so getting a dog in a small apartment can be a traumatizing experience for everybody else. And they get the small dogs that bark a lot, instead of the big peaceful ones. And then, once a dog barks, you can hear the whole legion of dogs barking for half an hour, in the very least. Plus, the park (it is a playground mostly) and the roads are covered in oceans of shit (ok, I exaggerated), because the owners don't pick them up, with the <<reverse plastic bag>> trick. So you have to keep your eyes open, when walking, because poop can be, where dogs can place their feet.


      Honestly, I would love having a dog. However, I wouldn't get one, unless I had a yard in my future home. I don't want to torture the poor animal, by making it live in a non suitable environment.

    4. Doomkid


      its rare enough thankfully but it happens. Huge fines for leaving feces around here though which is a great thing, helps deter people from leaving it around.