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  1. Don't get too excited guys. YOU'RE ALL GONNA FAIL!
  2. Memfis

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    Maybe they aren't true Christians then.
  3. Memfis

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    Hmm, can I hear the audio? I don't always understand these comparisons with other words, perhaps because we don't really have confusing pronunciations in Russian.
  4. Memfis

    Caco Bell - A boom compatible map

    Cute, a little similar to Kama Sutra in feel. The theme and the music add a lot to the map. The health balance seemed quite harsh, I only found a couple of bottles inside and wasn't ready for the invasion at all. Some fights can get silly since the building is connected to the outside through a single door and so monsters get confused. Not sure what ammo boxes are doing on the tables, does anyone actually eat that?
  5. Memfis

    Toxic Computing

    Good small relaxing techbase. The author shows a lot of creativity when it comes to the room shapes, and there are vertical differences between the areas everywhere. The final cacodemons seemed pointless though.
  6. Memfis

    Energy Flux

    Very basic level geometry. I guess it is somewhat fitting if you take the Egyptian theme into account, but it results in a lot of simple and repetitive encounters. At least you get a lot of plasma and rockets, so the fights don't take long.
  7. As someone who understands little to nothing when it comes to the technical side of our source ports and other tools, I'm curious to know: what are the most impressive things people have done? Is it crazy that people in 1994 developed editors without seeing the source code? Did GZDoom's 3D floors require a lot of innovative techniques? What about the recent BSP optimizations?
  8. Memfis

    Dead Zone v1.00

    Way too many demons, cacodemons, and barons to kill, I got bored quickly. The design is clean and pleasant though, a little unusual even.
  9. That's what I'm primarily interested in. Everyone praises mappers, musicians, speedrunners, and graphic artists for their skills, but it's so rare to hear about the awesomeness of people like Graf Zahl, for example.
  10. Memfis

    Advice for a console noob?

    I've never touched any of the console ports, only seen some videos here and there. Which ones should I try first and how should I approach them? Do I need to prepare for somewhat underwhelming visuals and awkward controls to avoid disappointment? Will I be able to perform tricky strafejumps and surf through imps comfortably? What are the most interesting things for me to discover about these ports?
  11. Memfis

    Wyrmwood: Episode I

    I found this mapset really interesting. It's quite unique with its custom textures and funky music choices, but if I had to compare I would say it reminds me of "Revolution!". The gameplay is similarly relaxing (at least in the early levels), the maps are again short but memorable due to the use of semi-realistic structures, and there is a loose narrative you can feel as you progress. Nice stuff!
  12. Memfis

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    - sexier color. - scarier sounds. - "baron" in the name. they're dope!
  13. Has anyone ever managed to improve the SSG by changing either the sprite, the sounds, or the mechanics?
  14. Memfis

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    Hard question, I've never thought of this before... I guess I feel like the anti-baron movement went a little too far. They are a lot more badass than hell knights, we still need to see them from time to time.
  15. Memfis

    Epitaph (dm/duel)

    Hmm, I played Crucified Dreams a few times recently (it was hosted in ZDS or something, I don't quite remember) and had a good time. Spectacular and varied environments, lots of maps without BFG (yay!!!), cool as hell music. Maybe it sucks in the eyes of hardcore players who are willing to play same basic looking maps for like ten years because they happen to have just the right gameplay, but for someone who values variety and aesthetics a lot, can have some fun as long as the basic weapons are given and finding players is easy enough, and doesn't take competition particularly seriously, crudream can definitely offer something fun and fresh. It has many maps that don't remind me of anything else, it has a certain "grand" style, it feels special. I think it's a nice choice for a more casual deathmatcher (those still exist, right?). But I understand that the Cacoward makes it a very attractive target for bashing. I guess it kinda embodies everything that the pros despise. Still, perhaps they could be more accepting. I mean, slaughter fans don't usually bash kditd-style wads for boring gameplay (ok, maybe except dannebubinga).
  16. How do you guys feel about /idgames? Obscure upload system, bothersome email confirmations, complicated process of updating files, harsh restrictions on what can be included... Is this what we want from the biggest Doom archive? Perhaps preserving wads should be a bigger concern than keeping the archive clean? How long before it goes from clean to lifeless?
  17. Memfis

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    These were my last attempts to map before retiring for like the fifth time. :D Guest level for Park Place: Spooky wad dedicated to Michael Jackson and using a midi of Thriller:
  18. Memfis

    45 degree angle doors

    Are there any door textures that don't require a very specific length to look good? Why are we forcing ourselves to deal with these inconveniences?
  19. Memfis

    4 Seasons of DOOM (beta boom wad)

    Tried Map01, managed to kill about half of the monsters before dying in a rather tricky scenario. I really liked the mysterious mood created by your unusual music choice. I felt like there weren't enough rockets so occasionally I had to use the shotgun on powerful monsters or just run away from them, but it is likely that I wasn't searching well enough. The texturing is somewhat unique and quite pretty, I can tell that you're growing when I think about your older release Oscillation. These new marines exploding didn't make sense to me (I can't think of a good reason why it should be happening), but I guess it's just something to get used to. The scale is interesting, it allows you to run around rather freely but you can still get overwhelmed. Overall this seems like a really ambitious project, I'm curious to see more. Here is my demo: Seasons01_mem_FDA.zip
  20. Memfis

    Level design tropes you use

    Exactly, take that from the asshole who insulted the whole community by rejecting a Cacoward instead of nicely accepting that generous sign of appreciation! He knows what he's talking about.
  21. Memfis

    Level design tropes you use

    Perhaps players would be less likely to quit if you demonstrated a bit more confidence in your output. This constant "I'm an outcast, my maps won't please anyone, just ignore me" certainly can make them less interested in your works. I think people generally dislike seeing so much self-deprecation, it's just unpleasant.
  22. Memfis

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    The cinematic quality of the final scene is out of this world. A crowd of unearthly creatures rises out of the abyss and performs a mysterious ritual resulting in something not fully comprehensible but so grand... I'm in awe.
  23. Memfis


    I have to say this forum attracts some interesting people.