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  1. Memfis

    Spanish-speaking Doom community?

  2. Memfis

    Ballistic Sacrifice

    Knowing darkmaster, I'm 150% sure it was intentional. :)
  3. Memfis

    Ballistic Sacrifice

    Nice chaotic gameplay, the arch-vile and the cyberdemon had me worried all the time. I also liked the color theme in some areas (nice sky). Here is a lame playthrough: ballsac_mem_FDA.zip
  4. Memfis

    LAN in Prague

    But he won't get it. :(
  5. I know I should go to bed earlier but I stay up late every night. I know I should do what I promised but I'm procrastinating. I know I should meet people more often but I avoid them. I know I should eat less sweets but I consume them a lot. I know I should exercise more but I just sit on my chair. What am I missing? Do I have control over myself?
  6. Hmm, I don't think I have depression. I mean, I am able to enjoy fun stuff every day, sometimes I accomplish things and feel great about them, I laugh often enough, I am willing to explore the world and make my life richer... I have many insecurities, I've done lots of bad decisions and will make more and more in the future, but I definitely don't believe that I'm hopeless or anything. So this sounds quite different from depression as far as I understand it (but then again, like many Russians, I probably have very poor understanding of depression... we don't have much public awareness about these things). I guess I'm just learning to analyze my behavior, and in the process of course I'm discovering unpleasant truths about myself that can be quite frustrating. I like what you guys are saying about starting with very small talks. Recently I've been hearing and thinking about this a lot actually. Indeed, when I try to do a big change in my life I can clearly feel my brain opposing it, but if I very slowly create habits the changes tend to go "unnoticed", there is no resistance. This is how I went from like 10 minute walks to 90+ minutes at times. "Just do it" - I'm not sure if I believe in this... I think we probably have much less control over ourselves than we are comfortable to admit. Maybe free will doesn't exist at all, but even if it does I'm sure it's not even close to complete control. Most of it is genes, hormones, and all that weird stuff. And it won't let you "just" do what you want. But it might be possible to slowly reprogram yourself through mind tricks like that one minute workout thing. I really don't know what to do about sleep. I don't think I've fallen asleep effortlessly even once in the last ten years. Bed is too boring, there is nothing to do in it other than think, but thinking only makes you less sleepy.
  7. Memfis

    Exomoon sountrack MIDI pack! [+Bandcamp]

    Cool, thanks for the Bandcamp link. Yep, would be nice to see Moonblood there as well. And also your older ZDoom wads. :)
  8. Memfis

    Exomoon sountrack MIDI pack! [+Bandcamp]

    Is it possible to download from Soundcloud? I would love to listen to this while talking walks.
  9. Exomoon for the best original soundtrack.
  10. Requiem Reimagined. I think there is clearly no contest. And I'm not saying this just because I'm a huge Requiem fanboy. I haven't encountered any other remasters of such high quality.
  11. Memfis


    Careful with arch-viles in Map07, I triggered the spider special twice and got this: https://i.imgur.com/7NiATBH.png https://i.imgur.com/KdS916V.png The map looked nice from what I managed to see before getting stuck...
  12. Memfis


    You can compare to Map02 of Doom 2... It is overall much easier than your level, and yet it doesn't allow simply running through. The monsters are placed in a way that motivates the player to actually fight them. I think you should strive to achieve a similar feeling.
  13. Memfis


    Nutcase suffers from having too many spacious areas and very few hitscanners. I can quite easily run through the whole map without firing a single shot: NUTCASE-pacifist.zip
  14. Memfis

    PASV Rejections

    With the same message?
  15. Memfis

    Monsters on slopes

    How good are monsters at navigating slopes? Any typical issues to watch out for? Are they sometimes unable to come down, just like with steep stairs?
  16. Finland???



    1. AconyX


      Holy shit. What city? You better have vodka with me if you are close to my area. :D (Turku/Åbo).

    2. Memfis


      Sorry to disappoint, it's just a picture from the internet. :)

    3. AconyX



      @Memfis Sorry to disappoint, it's just a picture from the internet. :)

      You son of a bitch! My vodka is still waiting here, though. :P

  17. Certain words and expressions annoy me. Often they are connected to modern internet culture I guess. When I encounter constructions such as "don't be a pleb", "*** master race", or "that rustled my jimmies", I feel like I can't relate to the person using them anymore and I want to close the page. I don't really understand why this is happening. Is it some form of perfectionism? Do I have very high standards when it comes to the beauty of speech? Am I just a grumpy old man hating on everything that's new? Why do I give these people the power to annoy me?
  18. Toilet Break 2: The Taco Bell Incident
  19. Memfis

    Annie: Episode 1 released!

    Looks like you can now download the first episode from Mod DB!
  20. NC was quite entertaining when he did quick summaries of movies and picked only the key scenes. Then I guess he figured that longer videos mean more ad revenue, so now he goes through the whole thing almost scene by scene, which is a horrible approach to reviewing things.
  21. Memfis

    Reverberation Station

    Interesting map, although some monster placement is too naive. Fighting 20 demons in a rectangular room isn't that different from fighting 5 demons: the player still basically has to keep circling around them and shooting. Don't rush to overwhelm the player with large numbers of enemies, instead try to place them more intelligently. The first imp fight (where they can teleport) and the cyberdemon showdown were much better in this aspect. Here is a demo I recorded: reverbstat_mem_FDA.zip
  22. I was surprised by how empty this map is. I think the low monster count made many fights a little underwhelming. And it looks like you made too many small rooms and then didn't quite know how to achieve dynamic gameplay in them. I recommend experimenting with larger areas. Anyway, the level is well made technically and there are some nice views (love the shadows in darker spots), so I enjoyed it. Fitting music choice too. strangle_mem_FDA.zip
  23. Nice challenge maps. I played like a total coward (running away from the monsters whenever possible) so maybe my demos don't look that fun, but I had a good time. General criticisms: - the midis are too repetitive? - not sure what to think about the fights where you have to fight arch-viles with no cover. is it pretty much expected that I'll take some damage in them? well, I somehow survived every time so I guess I can't complain too much. - metal bars blocking everything seem inelegant to me. I know some people really dislike doors, but doors are a way to separate areas that's actually aesthetically pleasing. maybe use them sometimes? Map01: - I agree the invisible walls in the soulsphere secret area were a real nuisance. - I don't fully understand the purpose of some block monster lines. Is it somehow bad for monsters to leave the blue key area, for example? - maybe it would be nice to have some more blue details, the level looks a bit drab. Map02: - I somehow managed to break the bars triggered by the plasmagun. though I got out anyway using a simple glide. - definitely not enough lighting variation in my opinion. - the blue armor not being in the center of the sector annoyed me. :D Anyway, these are minor complaints. If you don't feel like working on these maps anymore, I think it would be still great to release them in some form. You could donate them to the Doomworld Mega projects, for example. It's a shame when Doom maps are simply forgotten. Here are my demos by the way: hydra_mem_FDA.zip
  24. Memfis

    mcdoomalds.wad - An unserious WAD

    I liked it. We need more unserious wads in our lives (and less McDonalds). Btw you could easily align the windows here (just point at them and press L and U in 3d mode). Anyway, here is my playthrough: mcdoomalds_mem_FDA.zip