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  1. This is a demo thread for Jenesis, Pt. 1: "Descent" and upcoming sequels. ----------------------------------------------- Jenesis, Part 1 MAP01 UV-Max in 5:20 je11-520.zip
  2. 3 Heures d'agonie is a new speedmap megawad by members of the French Doom Community. The maps are short and action packed so some demo activity is expected. :) Here is MAP04 UV-Max in 3:26. 3h04-326.zip
  3. 3 Heures d'agonie 2 - another French speedmap megawad with short and very demo-friendly maps. You can find a couple of demos at CFD-N (need to login to see the links). MAP02 UV-Max in 1:08 3h202-108.zip
  4. Can we please get it already? I'm afraid when it finally comes out I won't even be able to get it up.
  5. Let's play some JPCP! I propose using JP prefix. MAP02 UV-Max in 1:41 jp02-141.zip
  6. 300 minutes of /vr/ MAP01 Pacifist in 0:37 3m01p037.zip
  7. Note by Grazza (Demos forum moderator): This is the thread to post demos on Marswar - either the original version as used for the Marswar demo-pack, or the new version 3. It is suggested to use version 3 for any new demos, unless there is some specific reason why you want to record on the old version. These maps are vanilla-compatible, so please record with Doom2.exe, Doom2-plus, Chocolate-Doom or Prboom-plus with -complevel 2. It is recommended to use Prboom-plus with Extended Demo Format enabled, as this will ensure the demo plays back with the correct version of Marswar. ------------------------------------- Marswar V2.0 MAP23 UV-Max in 0:37 mw230037.zip
  8. DSDA page Lunatic MAP01 Pacifist in 0:40 lu1p-040.zip
  9. Final version is out! - http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=16630 Here is my MAP05 UV-Max in 3:27 rv05-327.zip
  10. Many people liked the idea of Doom 2 "in name only" project but thought that D2INO.WAD didn't quite succeed in implementing it, so we in Russia decided to give it another go. After one year of development, here it is: 9 maps meant to be played in prboom-plus with -complevel 9 or in GZDoom. Download And here are some pictures:
  11. Memfis

    Green Day



    2 maps with grass. The theme is pretty nice I think.
  12. 1994 Tune-up Community Project This wad is positioned as "Boom compatible + Limit removing". Some maps might work with vanilla compatibility too, but I think we should stick to -complevel 9 for the sake of consistency. MAP22 UV Max in 11:31 by vdgg: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/960870 (Requires 2nd alpha release, get it here: http://doomedsda.us/wad1672.html) ----------------------------------------------- Did a quick demo to bring attention to this wad: MAP01 UV-Max in 1:08 9401-108.zip
  13. Surge MAP05 Pacifist in 0:19 sr05p019.zip
  14. Coffee Break has good demo potential and it might become a megawad in the future so I thought it deserved a thread here. MAP01 UV-Max in 1:59 cb01-159.zip
  15. Squadron 417 by Sam Lopresti, Jeff Cruser, Keith Hickman & Damon Thomas All previous demos for Squadron 417 were posted in the misc threads. I think it's about time it got its own thread since it's a megawad after all and a pretty fun one. Even though it was intended for coop, it's perfectly playable in single player except for map17, which seems to require at least two players to reach the exit. Well, and map05 probably can't be maxed without TAS stuff due to the last room being too hard. Here is MAP14 UV-Max in 5:42. I decided to record it when I found out that the current DSDA record isn't a legit max. sq14-542.zip
  16. Eviltech: Soul Of Megawad MAP03 UV-Max in 2:45 te03-245.zip
  17. Memfis

    Advice for a console noob?

    I've never touched any of the console ports, only seen some videos here and there. Which ones should I try first and how should I approach them? Do I need to prepare for somewhat underwhelming visuals and awkward controls to avoid disappointment? Will I be able to perform tricky strafejumps and surf through imps comfortably? What are the most interesting things for me to discover about these ports?
  18. When I was about 7 and couldn't swim at all yet, one time I went too far into the lake, lost the ground under my feet and began drowning. My grandfather noticed that almost immediately and saved me within seconds. Still, it was a somewhat traumatic experience that kept me awake at nights for a while. What about you?
  19. Memfis

    420 blaze it [weed][marihuana][thc][legalized it]

    Oh, I know a Canadian who has been smoking for years, but now I realize that it was only possible due to his epilepsy (so, medical use) I guess. In any case, congratulations! Also I didn't know you still play ZDaemon. :)
  20. Memfis

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    No, I can't describe details of game inputs, so your conclusion should stand. For possible future challenges I suggest using ports with more verifiable formats to avoid such situations.
  21. Memfis

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    I will say that as most products of considerably long speedrunning sessions, that demo looks a little miraculous, with many things magically falling into place. Yes, the timing couldn't have been luckier. I cannot comment on the XDRE output as I don't understand the Doom demo format, but DSDA hosts almost 500 demos recorded by me for anyone to make a judgement on whether these patterns belong to my playing style. After seeing your post I managed to record this (attached) 0:37 *.lmp with 97% in ZDoom 2.8.1 relatively quickly. It flows very similarly to the demo I posted before. I might attempt a better run in ZDoom with less hiccups, but I understand it won't be conclusive or anything, especially due to the engine differences. I don't know what can be done here. That's really the problem with the contest's format, as highlighted in that post rdwpa quoted above. 18memfis-zdoom-37-97.zip
  22. Memfis

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    My response... Again, trying to be bold in the blue room of doom in order to make random infightings a wee bit less important. Can I eat and sleep now????? 18-memfis36.zip
  23. Memfis

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    It's very exciting to see a SiH-inspired wad and these screenshots give me confidence that it's going to be of high quality. I just hope that the maps will have enough originality in them. I think SiH was a bit too rip-off-ish at times, and I'm not sure if you need to preserve that aspect.
  24. Who is the greatest at managing community projects? Who made you feel like they really know their stuff, have a clear vision, can keep the team together and make sure that everything stays on schedule?
  25. Memfis

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    Wow, I initially wanted to criticize the map choice for having an obvious best route, but then people kept finding more and more stuff. It's quite inspiring to see.