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  1. Let's play some JPCP! I propose using JP prefix. MAP02 UV-Max in 1:41 jp02-141.zip
  2. Memfis

    Glitched skies in prboom

    I have no idea but this problem is at least five years old. I don't think it's about the size as I had it happen even when replacing 256x128 with the same 256x128.
  3. Memfis

    Amartia for Vanilla Doom

    I liked the texturing theme a lot but I was surprised to hear aggressive metal music. Wouldn't something fantasy-ish be more fitting? The gameplay was kinda dynamic and fun, except I think you're relying on monster teleporters and popups a bit too much. It would be nice to see monsters entering the playing field in less... contrived ways. Also be very careful when using tough monsters like barons in Doom 1. Often they're just a chore to kill with the shotgun/chaingun. The cacos at the end are rather pointless too, wouldn't you say? By the way, try to not put items in places where they can't be avoided: https://i.imgur.com/vwqxDTI.png What if I don't want another box of shells yet? Anyway, it was a pleasant little map in a medieval setting. I attached a demo of my playthrough. amartia_mem_FDA.zip
  4. Memfis

    Expansion Packs: Your best, okay, and worst

    Umm... Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction anyone?
  5. Memfis

    [Limit Removing] Quiet Stroll

    I liked this map and I found it more challenging compared to Hellish Breakfast (less health and ammo). But what's the point of having three green armors? Nobody needs that many. Anyway, cowardly demo attached. qs_mem_FDA.zip
  6. Memfis

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I now vaguely remember struggling with this in luwp.wad, and if I'm not mistaken eventually I just divided the process into two parts. First the sectors rise by just one unit so that the floor texture can change, then I trigger another set of actions that do the proper rising. You'll have to decide if it's worth the trouble.
  7. Memfis

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Would it be possible to change the floor textures before they reach the destination? I know that stuff can be confusing...
  8. Memfis

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Hmm, well if they have to be in same spots I would at least try to use different parts of COMPUTE1 to break up the texturing. But it's a relatively minor issue.
  9. Memfis

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This is not a very big deal, but you could try aligning these panels differently to make the copypasting less obvious. Varied alignment also works well with stairs, for example you might find that this looks more natural than this (no clearly repeating pattern on the steps).
  10. Try this: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/64477-sky-transfer-prefab/
  11. Actually I think I'm pretty good at avoiding developer nightmares. I almost never go for large maps, complicated structures usually don't interest me, and I rarely work in the "clean looking" style since it feels very restrictive and requires a lot of attention to the unity of the visuals (like you change one thing and then you have to do the same in all other areas for the sake of consistency). This must be a big part of the reason why I managed to release so many levels.
  12. Any ideas on what makes maps good for TAS maxing?
  13. I've noticed that I still get surprised when I'm reminded of the fact that we are living in the year 2018 now. It hasn't registered in my mind yet, it still feels like good old 2017. I wonder if I'll have to wait till my birthday in February. That should convince me for sure.
  14. Probably not the most, but out of the recent stuff I really didn't understand what's so good about The Wolf of Wall Street. It seemed unfunny, way too long, and just kind of overblown. And somehow it didn't feel like satire, almost the opposite in fact.
  15. Memfis

    hello, best character in the show

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    2. Rem


      Yeah.. a few people told me.. the manga does carry on further anyway, if I can just recommend something; don't try research Re:Zero, there's a big plot spoiler that gets ruined in the first few results and the top comments of almost every video. haha

    3. Memfis


      Heh, thanks. Yeah, I'm always very careful with this stuff. Spoilers are the main reason why I pretty much stopped reading the news and forums, hate hate hate them! There are quite a few classics and popular series that I'm still avoiding because I feel like I know too much...

    4. gaspe


      Fun fact, I didn't even watched the show but it was so popular when it was airing that I eventually came to know stuff about the show.

  16. Memfis

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I remember when the name of this topic said "don't quote images".
  17. I like chess but my big problem with the game is that once most figures enter the battlefield and the opening ends I simply don't know what to do. Unless my opponent is clearly a bad player, typically there are no obvious weaknesses that I can exploit, which puts me in a confused state where I just make small insignificant moves and wait for something to happen. I think because of this I tend to prefer defense, as when I'm being attacked I at least have some understanding of what I need to focus on. I also usually want to exchange as much as possible as quick as possible so that we can enter endgame where it's easier to see what my goal should be. Anyone else here struggled with this? What can you recommend?
  18. Memfis

    How to make levels (not maps)

  19. This is a demo thread for Jenesis, Pt. 1: "Descent" and upcoming sequels. ----------------------------------------------- Jenesis, Part 1 MAP01 UV-Max in 5:20 je11-520.zip
  20. Memfis

    Doomworld Memes Thread

    by rhinoduck
  21. Memfis

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    It could be a reference to some recent case where Russian policemen were shot, but I'm not sure. edit: oh, but Militsiya was renamed to Police in 2011 and the car says "Militsiya", so that can't be it.