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  1. update...
  2. Some random non-effort map (not that I can do better with effort as I don't understand anything about DM mapping), didn't use the texture pack so maybe it will look all screwed when loaded with it:
  3. Thanks again Eris! --- This please? - @40oz?
  4. This is from late 1995. It dates from a time when people were prepared to put their full home address in Doom textfiles, what could go wrong? I find it interesting that a gay couple can make a megawad so good, I now don't have anything against gays. The pain, oh, the pain! Whereas real-life naked women have no effect on me, I find that the poor-quality, pixellated and oddly-coloured scans in this level make my loins explode. You may think that I am sick. But who is the sick one? Me, who enjoys splattering the blood of demons over pictures of naked women, or the businessman, in his suit and tie? Arse isn't quite the same as ass; there are subtleties. In Britain you can kick someone's arse, and you can kick arse, but you'd rarely describe a thing as being kick-arse.
  5. I really like the feeling when the levels kind of tell a story in my head. I usually don't care about the text screens and can even intentionally ignore them so that they don't influence my own vision. I mean, usually it's a super lame story about doomguy having to journey to hell once again, something so boring that once you learn about it you just wish you could forget it. But I enjoy thinking about what's going on, especially when the maps are not hyper dynamic all the time and have these moments where you have to walk around for like 5 minutes thinking what to do next without encountering any monsters. I think low difficulty also helps here as it's hard to get philosophical when medikits are all that's on your mind. Marswar is in my opinion perfect for this. It's really relaxing most of the time, you can almost play it on autopilot. Many levels are exploratory and mysterious. There are realistic design elements combined with surreal imagery everywhere, and the unusual music can put you in a weird state. Some maps have quite clear narratives (like Map22 is about a warehouse robbery), while others combine a bunch of crazy stuff and leave everything for you to figure out (like Map16 with the floating toothbrush and all that weirdness). There is a lot of geek culture in Marswar (Linux vs Windows theme, models of old computers, references to cult sci-fi and old Amiga games), as well as some personal stuff like that large secret area in Map27 where you appear inside of the author's house. It's just packed with ideas and images. Man, what an awesome wad it is.
  6. You have been warned...
  7. eat pomegranate -> the table looks like a battlefield T_T

  8. Where are the midis?!
  9. I also used some Kurt Kesler textures in the past... Hope he isn't here to get us! :o Anyway, it's great to see him. :)
  10. Hell in Hell, 32 short action-packed levels by Nathaniel Carll with 0 demos so far... Well, here is one. MAP05 UV-Max in 2:56 P.S. I used [hi] because [hh] is taken by Holy Hell; any objections?
  11. For some reason it comes with no music on idgames. You can download it with the music from the official site:
  12. Can't figure out if this is a parody of people making same threads about slaughter or a serious request.
  13. I can't overstate how exciting this is. Requiem was the first user-made megawad that I played and its soundtrack was unlike anything I've heard before. Can't wait to listen to 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 24, etc.
  14. Marswar, a really fun and gentle adventure in the classic style.
  15. nothing interesting
  16. Khorus. Yeah, let's put fucking Russian folk songs into atmospheric forest and temple levels.
  17. Spectres because they are hard to see even with gamma correction 4, making me lose time in UV-Max. ;(
  18. Is it possible to finish map30 of Hell in Hell? I don't see any way to hit the Romero head... (tried in prboom-plus -complevel 2 and on a ZDaemon server where nobody could figure out what to do)
  19. Why do you use same textures for every level?
  20. Make really really really many maps. One in a thousand will randomly work and become known.
  21. CASTEVIL.WAD (1994)