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  1. Try again, memeboy. Pick something actually funny, next time. You know, instead of wasting an entire topic on a mediocre video aimed at plebs (which may reflect on you...).
  2. Go back to the drawing board, this is trite garbage.
  3. This is a terrible project idea. Instead of sprucing up existing IWAD maps with pointless ZDoom-isms, why don't you work on something more interesting and/or original?
  4. I just want to use the mouse as a joystick. I've tried ppjoy, vjoy, glovepie, and I'm not having much luck. I've stayed up far, far too late, and I'm going to bed soon because I can't deal with this frustration on low sleep.
  5. Here you go, have fun. (I challenge people to guess where the foreground is from)
  6. @CoTeCiO Oh, so in that case your version was already in the WAD to begin with! And yes, I was already aware that it was aspect ratio corrected, I just didn't know that Werecat's original wasn't. I'm quite OCD about aspect ratios myself. When I did the 64 in both the TITLEPIC and M_DOOM, I took not only the aspect ratio into account, but the backwards tilt that the D64 logo had as well. I lined the D64 logo up as an overlay on top of the original PC Doom logo (aspect ratio corrected), then I tilted it forward until the DOOM part of the logo lined up, then I scaled the result to 5/6th size. I also had to do a lot of editing by hand to make it look acceptable and to get the colors right (and even then they're still more in D64 style than PC Doom style...). The Midway logo was also sourced from the highest quality I could find and aspect ratio corrected. I took inspiration from the Absolution TC TITLEPIC, actually. It'd be nice if Cage or someone else with strong talent could edit the 64 part of the logo in my TITLEPIC and M_DOOM to be cleaner/neater as well as more accurate to PC Doom style shading/coloration. I've made it look as good as I can. @Da Werecat I hope it can be found again, I'd like to see your version.
  7. Well, I could help you if your link wasn't broken. It asks for a decryption key, I can only assume that wasn't intentional. I can dig up my copy of ROTT, just have to find the CD in my closet first. Don't you think it would be better to use the ROTT palette? If you're interested, we could collaborate on this.
  8. He's making fun of you because hosting is not an issue, Doomworld itself hosts many sites actually (most of them dead, however, and I'm not sure how many survived the recent move). Also, Wordpress is more for bloggers and small businesses that just want to get a site up and running, right? I'd think Eternity would be better served with a page written by hand than some prefab stuff.
  9. Actually, I've managed to fill in all but one slot by now (cutting less maps than I expected, too). All I need now is a MAP07.
  10. About the idea of the torch having just a radius of brightness, that actually would be relatively easy to implement. You'd need to increase the "visibility", and possibly increase global brightness by one or two notches instead of all the way. Try messing with the r_visibility setting in ZDoom-based ports when using the software renderer to see what I mean.
  11. You can't do it in Dehacked. You have to actually export the images and scale them in an image editor.
  12. Has it occurred to you that the enemy sprites are twice as big as they should be? You should scale them to 50%.
  13. I'm strongly opposed to gameplay tweaks of any kind (not counting replaced monsters). An optional patch would be okay, but not necessary. As cool as those weapon sprites are, I don't want to see them in the project (unless optional). Wouldn't it be better if the nightmare imp replaced the SS guy instead of the Keen actor? And do we really need a nightmare cacodemon? DECORATE is not necessary for obituaries, you can actually do it with dehacked. See Freedoom's dehacked file as an example of this. Good point on the old MAPINFO format. ZDaemon (and maybe Odamex?) won't have support for it, and they're still relevant ports. Also, I changed my mind about the jump/crouch, you're right, it does more good than harm and it's easily overridden.
  14. I have an idea for how to keep compatibility with monster replacement WADs in ZDoom and Eternity. Use a custom ZMAPINFO/EMAPINFO that explicitly sets the tag 666 behavior for the cyberdemon. That way, even if the monster is replaced (presumably without a keendeath pointer), the map will behave as intended. As for compatibility with other dehacked mods, I don't think it's worth supporting those. They're old and irrelevant, people using gameplay mods are far more likely to be using mods built for advanced source ports. I don't know for certain whether it would actually work, hopefully it will. map whatever { cyberdemonspecial specialaction_opendoor } By the way, the current MAPINFO ought to be renamed to ZMAPINFO and converted to the modern ZDoom MAPINFO format. There also ought to be an EMAPINFO using Eternity's format. I also disagree with disabling crouching and jumping. Obviously players shouldn't be doing that anyway, but that's no reason to force them not to.
  15. Actually, I think I prefer Werecat's version. The two seem to be identical aside from brightness, and the brighter version brings out more detail and transitions between shades are not as jarring. The truecolor version is obviously out of the question, it does not convert well to the Doom palette. I also really like how the converted version has brighter eyes. By the way, what about incorporating these dehacked changes? They're purely cosmetic, but it fixes obvious errors such as the zombieman's firing frame not being fullbright. Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0 # Note: Use the pound sign ('#') to start comment lines. Doom version = 19 Patch format = 6 Frame 47 Duration = 4 Frame 48 Duration = 3 Frame 185 Sprite subnumber = 32773 Frame 419 Sprite subnumber = 32773 Frame 615 Sprite subnumber = 0 Frame 647 Sprite subnumber = 0 Frame 685 Sprite subnumber = 32773 Frame 687 Sprite subnumber = 32773 Frame 689 Sprite subnumber = 32773