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  1. Blastfrog

    atan2 is bothering me (zscript)

    Thanks, I figured the extra steps weren't necessary, but I've been unable to think clearly at all recently... It just occurred to me that I should've specified what my problem actually is. I'm trying to record the raw speed and direction of the player for the current tic, but I must be using atan2 incorrectly, because it seems to only ever result as 0, which is east.
  2. Blastfrog

    atan2 is bothering me (zscript)

    Just trying to derive an angle and speed from the player's X and Y velocities. Here is the vomit code that I have so far: { airangle = atan2(Vel.Y - 0.0, Vel.X - 0.0); if(Vel.X <= 0) { let lame_a = Vel.X; } else { let lame_a = Vel.X * -1.0; } if(Vel.Y <= 0) { let lame_b = Vel.Y; } else { let lame_b = Vel.Y * -1.0; } let lame_c = sqrt(lame_a + lame_b); }
  3. Blastfrog


    welp ummmmm
  4. Blastfrog

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    I don't miss the days when my peers as a kid would blurt "screen-looker!" whenever they weren't doing well in a match, regardless of the legitimacy (and I swear I never cheated like that :P). I also don't miss the obscenely excess/cropped FOV, or the lesser resolution, or the inconsistent screen sizes when it didn't divide well on a single screen (in 3 player matches, the game would either give one guy a big view or just leave an annoying blank space in the corner). What I just said was only really about FPS games in a competitive setting, though. Not that it doesn't have its uses, but it depends on the game. If it doesn't break the game's intended design, then it should at least be an option.
  5. Blastfrog

    Make Freedoom Great Again

    No real progress to speak of, currently laser focused on dealing with massive personal issues. If this is a problem, the maintainers are free to talk to me privately. I suspect this is going to bother some people, that's understandable, but I don't plan to discuss this with anyone outside of the project staff. I'm not publicly going into detail but I'll just say there are deeper reasons for my lack of followup.
  6. Blastfrog

    Why did GBA Doom include 'green' blood?

    It's bad enough what Wikia did to so many communities and continue to make money on their content, let alone the fact that it's devolved to such low quality. I'm assuming you're not aware of doomwiki.org, that's the proper community-maintained version. Wikia is basically a thieving tabloid, low quality crap that only exists to get eyes on ads (worse still, they don't even write their own swill). PC Doom 2 text referred to them as 'aliens' too, not sure why they changed that over Doom 1 but it had absolutely nothing to do with the GBA port. Bingo. Could've easily left it uncensored, but they probably made more sales than they otherwise would've, given the times. GBA Wolf was uncensored, and that game has more potential for controversy, for obvious reasons.
  7. Blastfrog

    Why is nearly every surface a metal plate?

    That really gives me a Half-Life 1 vibe. Then again, Doom 3 heavily mirrored that game's design, for better or worse.
  8. Blastfrog

    Splitscreen Brutal Doom? Complex?

    You're new, but FYI Legacy is, well, legacy software to say the least. And it hasn't aged well. I haven't kept up with the ZDoom scene in a long time but I know @Edward850's been working on a splitscreen branch (nicknamed "banana split" IIRC) of the Eternity Engine. This would be more for conservative play, it wouldn't even begin to serve your needs for the kinds of mods you like to play. Admittedly irrelevant, but I often wonder what the best way to handle 2 player split-screen in wider aspect ratios is. With 4:3, that's narrow enough that you can get a nice and wide 8:3 ratio for both players, but with 16:9, that's just too wide to be aesthetically pleasing. The stretched FOV can be ignored easily enough, but it still irks me on some level. 8:9 doesn't seem like a very nice ratio, unless you compensated with a higher FOV, at which point the view would look too tall for what most people are used to. It's probably not something that devs have considered all that much for the past decade; the 7th gen of consoles coincided with the wide adoption of 16:9 and focused on bringing PC style multiplayer to consoles (attempted before but Xbox was the first successful attempt at it, so successful that you'd be a fool not to compete *cough*nintentdo*cough*), meaning that splitscreen wasn't even a consideration regardless of the user's aspect ratio.
  9. Good rule of thumb, but still very subjective. How about monster eyes, for instance? I've always assumed them to be glowing; Doom 3 does (which yeah it's not classic Doom but id still consisted of many of the same key folks at that time, in a sense it's more Doom than 2016, just (de)emphasized the opposite aspects (horror/action)). Pinky had bright yellow eyes, possessed and imps had bright red. It also fits with the high contrast, scary stuff coming at you from the dark thing they were going for. Doom's aesthetic was heavily based on seeing highlights in the increasingly-dark distance, I'd think the eyes were supposed to glow in the dark if they bothered to go to that level of effort back then. Granted, if they are given brightmap highlights, they should probably be more subtle than not in order to avoid changing the original experience too heavily. Just a hint of emphasis on the apparent intent, not an overhaul.
  10. Blastfrog

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Kinda looks like Sandy Petersen's version of Dead Simple. Full circle, I guess. :P
  11. Blastfrog

    Why is nearly every surface a metal plate?

    It was probably for the "cold, scary and dark space station" aesthetic and they didn't take practicality or realism into account. I have my doubts;
  12. Blastfrog

    Track ball doesn't work.

    You're saying this like I didn't already know such an obvious thing. It seems you like to deliberately misconstrue almost anything I say to accuse me of being ignorant, for whatever reason. How kind of you. Perhaps not a properly functioning installation, but a lot can go wrong in an OS, especially in one that has a lot of legacy baggage. Neither of us can say what the cause is, or isn't for that matter. OP hasn't given enough info to narrow down what the cause may be. And how exactly does the last sentence of your post follow the previous two? You're not making much sense.
  13. Blastfrog

    How to sell my modification Freedoom ?

    You should be fine, a simple text file included in the game directory is suffice. I don't see any potential issues as long as you don't neglect to credit them. Involved? He founded the project. :P
  14. Blastfrog

    Track ball doesn't work.

    Why wouldn't you? Mice are abominations. :P Take a perfectly fine and intuitive input device like a trackball, flip it upside down, and eventually drop the ball (pardon the pun) when retiring mechanical tracking in favor of optical, and before wireless mice became common; a stupid cord hanging off the back that you must contend with snagging on stuff as you use it. And nothing can fix the need for a mousepad, desktop space, and having to pick it up and drop it off at the other side to continue moving in the same direciton. With a trackball, the cord can't possibly get in the way, you don't need to make constant arm and wrist motions just to use it. I could go on but I don't want to write an even bigger wall of text. Edit: I wish I could help you Joeboy, but I know nothing about Windows 10. I'm too cheap to buy it.