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  1. Thanks for finishing the map off, Mecha. I bit off a bit more than I can chew, I need to finish my Freedoom responsibilities. Chungy set the (non-hard) deadline of December 2017, so I promise I'll actually have something good to show by then. I've been disappointed in myself recently, I need to push through and show that I can actually get something done (and well). Words are meaningless, let's see if I actually produce.
  2. okay so what if i livestream playing terrywads


    every time X happens i take a shot, drinking game


    what is x


    tell me

    1. rdwpa


      x = the stream is worth watching. 


      Sobriety is good sometimes. 

    2. Dragonfly


      Every time you shoot you take a shot. I'd pre-order a Gastric Suction Procedure at the local hospital before you start though, heh.

    3. Doomkid


      Every time you see a decision that makes you go "ugh", be it a trap, a shitty image, shitty spritework, ear rape, etc.. Then again you'll probably end up dead if you do it that way.


      I'll also have to refute rd's claim that sobriety is good sometimes, can confirm that being whacked out of your mind 24/7 is the optimal way to be a successful, wealthy, healthy, respected overachiever who the children look up to, who all the ladies want, who all the men want to be, a chiseled god among mere men. k ill stfu now got carried away there

    4. T0aMasta32423


      for every hour and a half you play a terry wad, take 2 shots

    5. Koros


      Everytime you see Terry's face. You have to take 2 shots.

    6. Dragonfly


      @T0aMasta32423 so in other words, remain completely sober?

  3. urgh, motivation, why do you evade me so

  4. My head canon is that the original version of Rise of the Triad is the proper sequel to Wolf 3D and that the series has seen two reboots.
  5. You could try putting raised self-referencing sectors between the gaps of the bridge. Non-flying monsters won't be able to traverse it, however.
  6. I tend to run backwards and then immediately run forward again when opening a door, in order to ensure that it's open enough for me to go through when I pass it. It doesn't really save time, yet for some reason I think it does. I dunno.
  7. Something just occurred to me. You need the cigarettes to see the lethal lasers in Metal Gear Solid 1 in order to progress. Remember that Snake had to smuggle them in his stomach, they didn't permit him to take them with him. So what if Snake wasn't able to smuggle them? Game over for the whole world? remember kids tobacco smoke saves lives
  8. (I hate double-posting, but this is unrelated to the previous post, so...) Not quite Doom related, but probably close enough to post in this thread. Here's a WIP enhanced Wolf 3D status bar. I figured an "arms" segment is functionally more useful than a redundant graphic of the weapon you already see in first person.
  9. I actually kinda prefer Tom Hall's more structured and maze-like design as well as his strong attention to detail. As primitive as Wolf 3D is, I like it more than Doom in some ways. So yeah, E2M2 is awesome.
  10. I tried the OPL3 version, it's awesome, even better than earlier versions. However, there's a few things that don't quite sound right to me: D_E1M2: The slap bass sounds really off to me. D_E1M5: There's a loud pop noise between notes. D_E1M7: The drone seems too loud, drowning out the strings. In general, the volume of the instruments seems inconsistent, lots of instruments sound quieter or louder relative to each other in DMXOPL vs. how they sound in the Roland-derived GM.DLS.
  11. Heh, I used to listen to that album all the time as a kid.
  12. Much like Dehacked itself. :P My suggestion is WhackEd4, powerful and fast editor with an intuitive UI.
  13. Here's an easy one: a plain screen that says "Congratulations!" and maybe some short text afterward, nothing proper to actually reward the player with. Far too common in 8-bit era games.
  14. Only games with 1:1 character control (like aiming with the mouse in a first person shooter) actually feel any better to play, otherwise it merely looks better.
  15. I'm really tired of the "60< FPS isn't even noticeable" myth. I suspect most of these people either haven't looked at a 120hz screen long enough to really get a feel for how much smoother is is, or their eyesight just isn't sensitive enough. I will say that as easily as I can tell the difference between 60 and 120, it isn't as significant as a leap as 30 vs. 60 (just like HD to 4k isn't as big of a leap as SD to HD was).