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  1. With all this talk about things like UMAPINFO and DECOLITE, why not some kind of universal language lump as well so stuff like this can be done cleanly? A possible name for it could be "babel script" (BSCRIPT as a lump name).
  2. Something like that would work great for what I'm hoping to do. What software was used in that linked video?
  3. I want to rip the backgrounds from a cel-based animation. In many cases, there is zooming, panning, rotation, etc. I'd like some way for it to stitch the pieces together to form the largest and highest res possible composite image. I don't mind needing to guide it a little, but the more automated, the better. What software and/or methods can I use to accomplish this?
  4. Well, since you're already using Paint.NET, it might be better at this point to manually delete all of the blue shades from the individual frames. Just use the wand selection tool, set the tolerance to something reasonably high but low enough that it captures all possible blue colors but doesn't highlight the stuff you want to be seen. Probably somewhere around 20%-40%, then do shift+left click on the blue color you want deleted, and hit the delete key.
  5. Worth noting that my theory only necessarily applies to maps from that era of development. Who knows how Romero or Petersen handled this later on.
  6. Seems like the point I made was ignored, so I reiterate; it's extremely likely that id started with a full object set and cut down pickups in higher skills and cut down monsters on lower. They're not "extra," they're simply not missing, is all. I'm not just pulling this out of my ass, see for yourself; compare the 0.5 alpha maps to the final maps. While obviously it's not 1:1 (some extras were indeed added), for the most part they simply cut monsters down.
  7. I feel the same. It makes sense to set it up the way they did in 1993, and I realize that we're playing and talking about a 1993 game, but it's not 1993 anymore and the FPS genre is well established, it's not disorienting and complex to people the way it was when 2D games were what people mostly played and had any familiarity with. For back then, at least. These days, it's silly IMO to play on HMP or lower in Doom 1/2 (especially 1). The game is simply far too easy on HMP by today's standards, and it's not nearly as exciting. I'm not arguing that HMP wasn't the intended default for the general playerbase (it most certainly was), but that the lower difficulty in general and the increase in player skill has made UV the de facto standard within today's playerbase. I don't think UV has much in the way of "extra," rather, it's that all the lower skills are cut down versions of the "full experience." Something that is mostly irrelevant today for the vast majority of players, even if they've never played Doom in particular. I'll admit that the extra shotgunners at the start are a bit much for novices, but it's still pretty easy when you already know how to dodge their attacks and take them down. I'm sure some amount of extras were added, but through analysis of the alpha maps vs. the final game, this doesn't appear to be the case for the most part. The alpha maps already have UV levels of monsters (in the more complete maps, anyhow, not talking about the super-unfinished ones). It appears they put all the monsters and pickups in as a basis, and worked their way down from there when assigning flags (reversing the trend when it comes to pickups).
  8. I recognize the SatAM episode where your avatar came from.

  9. Sodaholic because I literally used to drink more soda than actual water everyday. I almost never drink soda now. Blastfrog because I like Marathon 2 quite a bit. "Frog blast the vent core!"
  10. Thank you, everyone. :) Very handy references, I know there's a million tutorials out there, but I figured some are better than others and that other people may know which ones to recommend first. So, again, thanks for that. Some of this is already giving me ideas on how to rework my existing songs.
  11. So, I recently picked up an Elecom Deft trackball to replace my Kensington Expert Mouse (the build quality is surprisingly shit on that one, and it seemed to have tracking issues when rolling the ball too fast). So far, I'm quite liking this new one, from the layout, build quality, and the tracking is very responsive and accurate even when I spin the ball like a madman. Here's the issue, and I've had it on every trackball I've owned (all modern, I don't have any trackballs from the "golden era" of a decade+ ago); it kind of "chugs" along when I move the ball slowly. I've tried sewing machine oil and a tiny bit of WD40, but I still get the same damn chunky movement (though lessened). It rolls very nicely otherwise, when going at faster speeds. I've heard that the balls from older Logitech and Microsoft trackballs are made out of smoother material. Is there some trick I'm missing in getting this thing to roll nicely with stock parts, or should I go buy an old Microsoft trackball to swap the ball out with my Elecom? I've searched all over Google and haven't found much of any useful info aside from the things I've mentioned above (oil and ball swap). Please don't make testicle puns in response... :P
  12. Thanks much for looking into this stuff. Very interesting. :) I haven't commented much but I have been keeping an eye on this. I can't speak for others, but know that the lack of heavy feedback is not a lack of interest. ;)
  13. Actually, you can reconvert the graphics in SLADE and select the blue color you have in the image to be turned transparent. What image editor are you using? If MSPaint, I'd suggest going with Paint.NET instead, makes life much easier.
  14. are you suggesting that he continue to pay rent to a former landlord while simultaneously paying rent for a new place? Does it even occur to you how unrealistic that is? It's actually rather cut-and-dry. Net neutrality simply states that ISPs have to treat net traffic equally and not play favorites. ISPs don't like this because they would rather be the internet and control it for their own interests, rather than merely provide unfettered access to it. Anyone opposed to NN are either A. corporate hotshots or B. fools that have had the wool pulled over their eyes. There's really nothing else to it; NN is vital not just for Americans, but for the whole globe. These kinds of things can have a wide impact.
  15. This game looks really neat, I like the atmopshere and art style you're going for, here. I'm down for testing if you need people at any point. I'm very detail oriented and know a good bit of technical trivia, and my feedback relfects that. I've already done QA for two commercial titles (and was almost more of a consultant on one of them in one particular aspect; gamepad input). Speaking of gamepad input, I'm curious if/how you'll be handling that. There are various forms of aim assistance (which is a necessity on low accuracy input devices such as thumbsticks), the most common I've seen are Half-Life and Halo style (former is a small autoaim range, latter "magnetically" pulls aim/view toward prioritized targets). Aim acceleration is a good thing to look into as well, 1:1 motion tends to feel very clumsy on thumbsticks.