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  1. Blastfrog


    This. The GPL is a wonderful thing, why would anyone want to be kneecapped by anything lesser?
  2. Blastfrog


    I was disgusted enough when id decided to sell themselves to a larger company rather than just accept their original fate and fold, and now this shit. Imagine a world where all of id's properties became public domain. I realize this obviously isn't how companies in the business of making money would operate, but I can dream, can't I? But no seriously, now Microsoft owns all of this stuff. This world is fucking garbage. Enough with the mergers and buyouts, can't anything be competitive and independent anymore?
  3. Shouldn’t there be a NSFW warning there?
  4. Blastfrog

    What's the deal with the sailor

    FWIW MSPaintRocks has approved of this idea before.
  5. Here, have some quarter-tone madness. Also, maybe I'm just really, really weird, but I actually love this whole album and it's one of my favorites. Perhaps I have unusual taste?
  6. Blastfrog

    Announcement to mappers: New lava-fall texture

    They've been in since May. Check the Github repo or the autobuilds, it's definitely in there. Unless you meant its use in maps, which I'm unsure if any maps actually use it yet or not.
  7. Blastfrog

    Strife 1995 Prototype Released by Nightdive

    I'm releasing a patch to restore the original state of the IWAD, byte-for-byte, so long as you provide your own copies of DOOM.WAD and DOOM2.WAD. https://coinsh.red/u/strifebetarestorationpatch.zip Just for historical interest. I figure it's better for most users to get it this way than to dig around in unpleasant sections of the internet for a copy.
  8. When I played KDiZD when it came out, I remember literally feeling nauseated by the tentacles oozing out of the walls, the funny thing is it was just a scrolling texture on a sloped surface, that was one of the few times something in a game felt freakishly real. Dunno how it did to me in 2007, it looks silly to me now.
  9. Blastfrog

    Strife 1995 Prototype Released by Nightdive

    This is cool to play. I notice that the crossbow actually seems better here. It bobs smoothly despite being animated (redundant 1 tic duration states, perhaps?), it's more accurate, seems to cause more damage, and even appears to have smoother projectile impact animations with more frames. I also always suspected that you'd originally start in the tavern, lo and behold my suspicion was correct all along. Not too pleased that the IWAD's been tampered with, however. I understand it was necessary to avoid the wrath of Zenimax, but still, can you guys provide an exact list of changes that were made, and the CRC5 or other checksum of the untampered IWAD? I'd like to be able to recreate the original IWAD myself as closely as possible so I can actually play this in its true form with music and sound. Also worth noting that there are still (at least one) Doom 1/2 sound effects in the final game's IWAD, albeit unused. Also, has anyone else been able to actually get into the Movement base? It freezes on the map transition for me every time.
  10. Blastfrog

    I wanna make more music, basically

    Oops, it was actually bytebeats, not you. I feel a bit silly, my memory's not the greatest. Thanks! It's pretty fun, at least for being able to easily use whatever instruments you want and not just the General MIDI set or having to faff about with soundfonts.
  11. Blastfrog

    I wanna make more music, basically

    @Blueworrior Hey, I was wondering if you might find any of my rough (and frankly kinda bad) music even vaguely interesting to base anything on. You already made a remix of one of my tunes and it ended up as E1M7's theme. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sf9dklzkzwdbd69/zqmus_8jul2020.zip?dl=0 This is all meant for my own semi-vaporware game, but I am donating it all to Freedoom in its current state, anyhow. I most comfortably work in tracker module format, not MIDI. I'd suggest installing OpenMPT to take them apart if you'd like to adapt any of them to your own MIDI arrangements for Freedoom.
  12. Blastfrog

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I've gone through a lot in my life, and I've taken up secular Buddhism. I'm beginning to see things very differently, and I feel much better for it. I could elaborate more if I felt like it, but I just wanted to drop a little note that I'm not the same selfish and spastic jackass I once was.
  13. Blastfrog

    I wanna make more music, basically

    Hell yeah, dude! I really like your work, I'm glad to see you return.
  14. Blastfrog

    Command and Conquer is going open source

    Holy balls, EA did something cool for once? Color me impressed. This is a good day for the public domain of the art of video games.
  15. Blastfrog

    How many people's PC set up is this:

    My controls are as follows: R/F - forward and back W/E - strafe A - jump Space - crouch Q - reload T - use G - flashlight Shift - run And I use a trackball with inverted look.