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  1. Blastfrog

    Doom Music Composer Bobby Prince Battling Cancer

    Every time I see that there's been a new post in this thread, I get really worried that it's some announcement that Bobby Prince died or his condition is worsening, and find myself relieved to see that's not the case. Either way, maybe it would be better if this thread were left alone until there's news about his condition. And yes, I suppose that makes me a hypocrite, as I'm also posting in this thread.
  2. There's a big difference between cheating in single player and cheating in multiplayer. The one exception to that are private multiplayer servers where cheats are enabled and it's not a competitive environment. When you say you like to cheat in games, I really hope you meant innocently and not in rigging an otherwise fair competition.
  3. So does this mean that Nightdive can GPL their version at all? Regardless of whatever complications may be the reason, I still find it irrirating that it's closed source.
  4. Blastfrog

    What was the FOV in the original DOOM?

    It was indeed 90 degrees in Doom, but... Where does this information come from? I never knew this. I could've swore that I read that Wolf used 90 though, perhaps I was wrong.
  5. Blastfrog

    I need help finding my own images on this forum

    Thanks, but I've already tried that to no avail. The only sensible way to do it is to see all posts by me in that specific topic, short of that, I'm basically screwed unless I wanna spend many hours on end looking through either all of my posts or all of the posts in that topic, and I am simply unwilling to invest that time into what should be a simple search. Either the forum's search engine is incapable of doing what I need it to do, or it does not expose the options I need in its GUI. Perhaps there's something I could put into the URL to better specify my search parameters?
  6. I really didn't want to have to make a thread like this, but I give up. So I want to search for all posts by me in the "Post your Doom picture (part 2)" thread, containing either images and/or links. Unfortunately, I'm not 1337 enough to operate the search engine to go after these specific parameters, so here I am, begging the general public to find my own content. Specifically, I'm looking for classic Doom style Doom 3 TITLEPIC, M_DOOM and SKY1 images that I had created and posted a while back.
  7. Blastfrog

    Classic consoles and ports and modern TVs

    I'd be curious to see how it looks. PSX Doom actually renders individual columns as unique polygons, it's actually using a software renderer. Maybe the columns themselves would gain extra definition, but I don't think that the number of columns would change at all. Also, what do you mean by upscale? Do you mean upscaling a low resolution buffer, or outright rendering in higher resolution? I'm assuming you meant the latter.
  8. Blastfrog

    Classic consoles and ports and modern TVs

    That would very likely be the case, America sucks in many ways and that's just one more way in which it does. I'm jealous of all of you folk that have RGB SCART inputs on CRT TVs, I either have to use an RGB to YUV board (which still slightly degrades the picture), or resort to my tiny PVM.
  9. Blastfrog

    what is the best way to control doom

    Buckling spring switch keyboard and a billiard ball sized trackball, anything else is crap. Also WASD is a crap layout, WERF is far superior. W/E for strafing, R/F for forward/backward with the index finger, and the A key with your pinky for things like running. Also the aiming sensitivity in the game ought to be calibrated 1:1 with the trackball's contour (easy to calculate using the DPI and diameter of the ball). Oh, and invert look, I don't understand how anyone plays FPS games without it, non-inverted is so unnatural.
  10. Blastfrog

    Classic consoles and ports and modern TVs

    And I was simply pointing out that it's probably a more common problem than you seemed to believe.
  11. Blastfrog

    Classic consoles and ports and modern TVs

    I've seen it myself with a Master System running on an HDTV a few years ago. It's certainly a real occurrence.
  12. Blastfrog

    MAP01 facelift

    I've been revising things, hopefully this should be a lot more polished now, I wasn't quite satisfied with the state that it's in in the stable release. I'd like to get some feedback and criticism so I can improve this further before submitting it to the repo. map01.zip
  13. Blastfrog

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    I'm disappointed that no one has mentioned the Marathon trilogy in either this thread or the other one. Have none of you any taste? :P
  14. Blastfrog

    Doom 64 most advanced vanilla doom

    I find that a little odd, is there some legal obstacle to that or are they simply uninterested?
  15. This. The GPL is a wonderful thing, why would anyone want to be kneecapped by anything lesser?