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  1. As far as I know, it's determined by aspect ratio. If using 4:3, you'll see the messages in their original placement, in widescreen, they are centered. I too would like an option to have them uncentered even in widescreen.
  2. I'm curious, what's left to be done for another release?
  3. ... replacement for the Romero head? If so, I approve.
  4. Yes, these are good. I was thinking about possibly making the walls 80x80 instead. That divides by 16 easily, so it's really not hard to work with in an editor. This would ensure that unscaled Woolball sprites would look correct relative to the environment, as they already would be correct relative to the viewheight. A wall size of 80 would be perfect for Doom's viewheight of 41 (almost 40, which is obviously half of 80). Woolball's walls are 64x64, and the viewheight is 32. @luckypunk's texture set should make it in just to replace the awful existing assets, but I suggest that we actually take scale seriously with MAP32. This would mean an extra set of textures, but oh well, it's small. I made a WAD with some converted Woolball stuff in it (Doom palette, removed shadows, adjusted death animation). One thing I did was I made the keens into the hedgehog hostages. In order for it to stay on the ground, there has to be a self-referencing sector above it with the ceiling coming down to create a 72 tall space below it. Here's my WAD:
  5. i am a cat and i'm full of myself so i love cats cats are the best
  6. I genuinely laughed. It may be at my expense, but I can appreciate a good joke when I see one. (it was only funny when Ling did it first, though) In all seriousness, how trivial/nontrivial would it be to code in such an option? I can live with the feature if it's nontrivial to have it optional, but if it is trivial, I would very much appreciate it being looked into.
  7. I want an option to hide the rep system altogether. I do not want to see like buttons, or rep numbers, or anything related to it. It's a disgusting feature, but at least it would be easier to ignore if it could be made invisible.
  8. I'm not aiming for perfection, I just don't have low quality standards. By "can't edit MAP06 into something I like", yes, that means I am unwilling to modify it, not that I'm incapable. At best, I may recycle some of the visually acceptable geometry, but you can bet I am not working with that map layout. As I've said before, if the results are not good, they will not be committed to Freedoom. For those wanting to jump ship, they should at least wait to see the final result (and whether it's committed) before making any decisions like that. If they can't even be remotely rational, it truly isn't my problem or concern whether they go or stay. Blame them if they call it quits, I have nothing to do with it, so don't act like I do. At this point, I've decided that I'm going to work on my mapset privately for the most part. I'm not required to sit here and listen to premature and mostly baseless complaints, so I won't. I'll release a demo when I feel it's appropriate. Until then, I don't want to hear anything from anybody regarding my mapset unless they're asking to collaborate. If you don't like my direction and want to have some kind of influence to change it, do so with work and not words. ----- @Jayextee In regard to Woolball stuff, I insist that if we use an arbitrary scale to make it "feel right" (because 64 is too small, Doom's player is bigger than Wolf scale) that it be 80 units instead. You'd have to split every single wall per the intended texture width anyway, due to it being fit inside of a bigger power-of-two compliant texture. There's nothing that would be any harder in editing that way. I don't know where you're getting 80% of 128 in that image, walls have nothing to do with it, and walls are 64 in Woolball anyway. When I referenced 80%, I was talking about the actual display scale of the sprites (i.e. they're shrunk/slightly higher res than 1 pixel per map unit). 64 is 80% of 80, so by using 80 tall walls, the sprites will appear the same size relative to the viewheight in Doom (41 instead of 32 as in Woolball) and relative to the wall size. All of that only if we even go with a "correct" scale for the Woolball map. Over on the actual Woolball thread, @luckypunk has been doing Doom 2 sized textures.
  9. My plan is to use as little stock textures as possible, opting for Aquatex instead for most surfaces. I will likely make a handful of my own textures to use as well.
  10. How many times do I have to state that I'm going to edit the levels to have appropriate difficulty? Don't make me repeat myself, please. And as for why I won't use the current MAP06: it doesn't meet my standards. It's too small, too simple, bland design, etc. I can't edit this level into something that meets my standards, I may as well start with a level that does.
  11. May I please have the current MAP18 back in my cluster? It being moved to the second cluster was a very recent change and I already had plans for this map. As for the Woolball stuff, I was thinking that E1M1 and E1M5 could be MAP31 and MAP32 respectively. I know it's not a power of two (this can be worked around even in vanilla), but I was thinking the map "blocks" could be 80x80x80 instead of 64x64x64 or 128x128x128. This way, the viewheight would match up where it's supposed to (in the exact middle of the room), and the unscaled Woolball enemy sprites would appear correct too (in actual SotWB, they are 80% scale in their DECORATE definitions).
  12. I'll admit, perhaps I have been too rash. If other people want to help by editing maps that I would otherwise cut, then be my guest. If I need to define my standard, here it is. The level cannot be overly flat, it cannot have too much repetition, it cannot be too linear, every room must be distinctly different from one another, the combat must have a natural flow with just enough resistance to be challenging, but not dull or unfair. Everything must feel like it has a purpose, or it should not be there. No map can feel run-of-the-mill mediocre average whatever, they must all stand out in some positive way. In short, they must all be polished and interesting. Maps like MAP05 and MAP09 aren't necessarily bad maps, but they fail to meet my expectations as outlined above. MAP05's main problem is that it's just uninteresting, nothing is special about its layout. 09 is incredibly flat, repetitive, and doesn't even feel remotely professional.
  13. @Graf Zahl For one thing, people shouldn't be taking my stated plans too seriously, they're preliminary ideas and I have no idea where I may end up going. If the smallest amount of uncertainty is enough to drive even very talented people off, that's not really my problem. Again, worst case scenario is that my changes suck and are not implemented. Worst case scenario is not that my changes suck and are implemented anyway. Fraggle and Chungy have good heads on their shoulders, if you can't have faith in me, at least have faith in them. I have no real authority here. Don't quit over something silly like this.
  14. TBQH, I'm not too fond of suicide exits in general, but I'll think about it.
  15. HT, you have done absolutely nothing constructive in this thread but pick a fight with me. You claim that I have already "driven off" a contributor as a result of my (very early and not-final) plans for MAP01-MAP10. Care to point to some kind of evidence for that claim? And don't point to Xindage's post, because that literally had nothing to do with me and you would've known that if you had some basic level of reading comprehension. You say I'm "absolutely resistant to criticism", but I've only responded to you and Voros so far. I simply responded to his points with some of my own, nowhere in that post did I just plug my ears and go "lala I'm not listening". I did the same in my first response to you. I don't know where you get the idea that I somehow don't take what other people say into consideration, because I do. Your "criticism" has so far been nothing but ignorant conjecture and unwarranted insults, with nothing of real substance. And who the hell are you, anyway? I've been a contributor to Freedoom for several years now, what have you done for the project? You didn't even register a year ago, and here you are acting like you know this project and its culture so well that you claim to know what will definitively happen if one guy gets to try a harmless experiment that may not even come to pass. Get some perspective. Freedoom has been nothing but a long series of experiments and pulls in radically different directions. And it's served the project better that some people might think, even if it means a slower development cycle. Neither of us have any authority, not even with my being a "czar". Realistically, if my version really turned out that bad, it would not be committed to the repo, simple as that.