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  1. Track ball doesn't work.

    You're saying this like I didn't already know such an obvious thing. It seems you like to deliberately misconstrue almost anything I say to accuse me of being ignorant, for whatever reason. How kind of you. Perhaps not a properly functioning installation, but a lot can go wrong in an OS, especially in one that has a lot of legacy baggage. Neither of us can say what the cause is, or isn't for that matter. OP hasn't given enough info to narrow down what the cause may be. And how exactly does the last sentence of your post follow the previous two? You're not making much sense.
  2. How to sell my modification Freedoom ?

    You should be fine, a simple text file included in the game directory is suffice. I don't see any potential issues as long as you don't neglect to credit them. Involved? He founded the project. :P
  3. Track ball doesn't work.

    Why wouldn't you? Mice are abominations. :P Take a perfectly fine and intuitive input device like a trackball, flip it upside down, and eventually drop the ball (pardon the pun) when retiring mechanical tracking in favor of optical, and before wireless mice became common; a stupid cord hanging off the back that you must contend with snagging on stuff as you use it. And nothing can fix the need for a mousepad, desktop space, and having to pick it up and drop it off at the other side to continue moving in the same direciton. With a trackball, the cord can't possibly get in the way, you don't need to make constant arm and wrist motions just to use it. I could go on but I don't want to write an even bigger wall of text. Edit: I wish I could help you Joeboy, but I know nothing about Windows 10. I'm too cheap to buy it.
  4. Sorry if this is asked before, but did you finish your re-texturing of Freedoom's (Phase 2) MAP02 to Aquatex? I would be interested to see it. (And did you re-texture any other maps by any chance?)

  5. @Apaul27 I forgot to upload it, sorry. Here it is. It's not much, just sprites for the SS and Keen.
  6. I foolishly uploaded it to a temporary file hosting service rather than somewhere stable like my Dropbox. Sorry. I'll see if I can find it, but no guarantees.
  7. Buy a "New" Doom Shirt (signed too) Romero

    B-but, it's for the vintage look! now you too can be a hipster if you pay zenimax I prefer the one that doesn't look like shit.
  8. where do doom psx sounds come from?

    You wanna talk about rips in Duke games, just look at all the plagiarized art from the Turrican games in 1 and 2. That's just fucking shameful, and I'm surprised no one ever gives Apogee shit for it. As for samples, far as I'm concerned it's fine, especially in music, where you can't even argue that it isn't transformative.
  9. Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Editor seems to retain hidden line breaks I intend to remove. They're not there in the editor, but show up after posting.
  10. Marathon trilogy, Jak trilogy, Super Mario Bros 1, 2J and 2US (I don't like 3, heresy I know), just off the top of my head. I'll update this post later if I think of anything else.
  11. Let's Be Revealing

    Thank you all for the support, when you've internalized hatred such as "this is wrong and therefore you should not reveal it and work to change yourself" it's very difficult to come forward publicly. Though they're under a different part of the LGBT umbrella, I'd like to thank @esselfortium and @Csonicgo for being brave enough to share their stories, it made me realize that I'm not alone and that there is a lot more support out there than I had previously thought. It made it a lot easier to post what I did. Ignorance and hate can only stop me from following my path in life if I allow it to, and the first step is to leave my comfort zone and not hide any longer. Edit: to note, I'd prefer to leave political discussion on the wayside, it tends not to turn out well. I also distinctly remember questioning my own gender at about 4 or 5, thinking that I'd rather not have one at all, I'm just me, I do what interests me and I don't like the idea of being expected to conform to some preset of appearance and behavior. Not sure what to make of that, however.
  12. Let's Be Revealing

    I'm going to immediately regret posting this but fuck it i cant just keep it inside any longer I'm gay and have been for as long as I can remember. To hell with the bigots in society that make it such a struggle to openly live as one's self. The world has come a long way but rereading this thread reminds me that homophobic (or at least callously indifferent) sentiment is still far too common. People are far too quick to dismiss the struggles of others just because they don't immediately relate to what it's like or know anyone who has (openly) gone through it.
  13. Post a picture of yourself!

    You said something very similar a while back: Hmm, is Zed's face, like, totally symmetrical? That makes him look really creepy I think. Maybe you could experiment with making the sides a little different. Something about wild-eyed crazed-looking cats appeals to me, I don't know what.
  14. Dwayne's got the muscles and the personality but I'd really rather not see Hollywood return to the practice of trying to change performers' races for the camera. Just has bad idea written all over it, especially now.
  15. Post a picture of yourself!

    blastfrog is away from his computer so i am taking it over here is a picture of me no do not ask how i type with paws it is an secret