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Status Updates posted by Blastfrog

  1. I do believe it is time for me to go silent again. Cya

    1. plums


      Hey, I saw your posts in that Strife thread. We don't really interact all that much on this board but I've never thought as you as an idiot/joke poster/whatever. Obv you have some resentment about some things that seems to get the better of you, which I can't really comment on, but as far as general forum posting goes I think you're a decent guy. Hopefully you can work through whatever it is you need to deal with.

    2. Use


      I hope you reconsider. 

  2. Last night, I felt like a cozy grilled cheese sandwich. Tonight, I feel like an Asian murder hornet. I'm confused.

  3. okay so what if i livestream playing terrywads


    every time X happens i take a shot, drinking game


    what is x


    tell me

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    2. FragrantGingerCalamari


      for every hour and a half you play a terry wad, take 2 shots

    3. Koros


      Everytime you see Terry's face. You have to take 2 shots.

    4. Dragonfly


      @T0aMasta32423 so in other words, remain completely sober?

  4. urgh, motivation, why do you evade me so

  5. My cat woke me up this morning trying to give me a cat bath. She was licking my face and hair while simultaneously purring.

  6. Just wanted to say your avatar is fucking cool. Babylon 5 is an awesome show. I still haven't finished it, I'm yet to start season 4, but the first 3 have been thrilling, so far.

    1. Aldaraia


      It's one of the more underrated sci-fi shows out there for sure, it sure deserved more spinoffs and expansions to the universe than what it got. What I find so great about it asides from the plotline is just how well-developed the alien races are, with most of them bringing their own distinct flavors of intrigue to the storyline. The Vorlons are obviously my favorite, though I wish there was more exposition regarding their race and technology, but then again - part of their appeal is derived from their deeply enigmatic nature. Seasons 2-3-4 are the best ones, though S5 is certainly no waste of time.


      BTW, if you haven't seen it already, make sure to watch Farscape.

  7. what the fuck am i doing with my time


    why can't i finish any projects i start


    why do i exist


    why does pizza taste so good and yet i have no pizza in front of me to eat



    1. Teivman


      I know how you feel.

    2. nxGangrel


      1. I don't know

      2. Probably because you stopped working on them

      3. That's for you to decide

      4. Because I stole your last box of pizza and it's baking in my oven right now ;)

      5. yes.

  8. Started a new temp job at a toy factory. 8.25 an hour, 12 hour shifts. 2 days off, 3 days on, 2 days on, 3 days off, repeat. Funny that as soon as I started the job, there's been sickness going around Ohio. Had to leave one shift about halfway through because I suddenly lost energy and then ended up vomiting. Then I had to leave again because of flu-like symptoms. I don't go back in until the next round of shifts, giving me enough time to recover.

    When I came back the following day the first time, every single one of my co-workers told me that they were surprised I didn't get fired for the sin of leaving early regardless of reason. Apparently the only thing that saved me was that other people have been getting sick and that they're low on people in general which is why they've been hiring temps so aggressively.

    In a weird way, I kinda like the job even though I hate it and question the quality of the management given some shit I've heard. The co-workers make it enjoyable, and I get to kinda zone off and daydream about tech stuff as I perform repetitive tasks on the assembly line.

    I'll probably get used to it, but I'll probably quit if I can advance my little internship elsewhere.

    EDIT: Title change.

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    2. geo


      You can't fight sickness man. I'm sure they're used to fighting with sickness and working.

      I worked as a temp for 5 weeks in a plastic factory in August last year. Hottest days of the year, made even hotter by the fact the machines are making hot plastic. There are giant fans and stuff and gatoraide to drink, but my first 2nd shift after working 3rd shift for two weeks. I was fucking dead at the middle of the shift. I had to fight off passing out until they just told me to go tell management.

      Turns out the reason I was about to pass out was the forklifts idling right by where I was working so it wasn't the heat it was the idle exhaust in my face. I did get a compliment from the manager. He worked there 15 years and they made that tractor or car part 15 years and he's never seen them stacked so perfectly like how the instructions asked for them.

      Factories and temps. Disposable. I think that I was fired off third shift, before second shift took me. I feel like I was really fucking up on third shift, but completely excelling on second shift.

      I'm no blue collar either, yet I kept up with everyone there except for working the hammer and chisels. The previous shift guy could do it. I couldn't. I felt better when the shift manager had every guy in the factory trying to do it. Even the giant 7' tall guy driving the forklift couldn't do it.

      I loved the job, even if it was painful. It felt good to work out for 8 hours straight. I had more energy at the end of the shift than I did going in. I did a fuck of a lot more work than the guy on first shift. When I'd come in that guy would complain he gets yelled at for doing nothing but his job. I said that's the problem, if you stand around, you need to do someone else's job. Make them look bad. That's what I do, but I'm a dick like that. The guy said nah fuck that man. This is my position. if they wanted me at the front of the line, I'd be there.

      Toward the later half of my 5 weeks I got paired up with a fuck up that was employed by the factory. Well maybe not a fuck up, but a do nothing. This guy followed instructions to a T. He said the same thing, our job is back here, their job is up there. Then pointed out they put you with me, because they're trying to get me fired. I get put with all the new blood. He was a nice guy at first, but turned into a fucking weight I had to carry within 2 days.

      Management would come by to question him about something he fucked up on or he'd have to explain why he didn't work the first hour. Well he couldn't get a glove on the entire first hour. So management interrogated him for 30 minutes while I did all the work. Not just that, but first shift had 3 people doing what I was doing myself.

      Know what it was? Taking baby food container molds off plastic tarps, measuring them, fucking ionizing every one of the 36 containers, wearing rubber gloves, checking for hair, insects and laying them in a way, then plastic wrapping every 5 of them because dirt would fly up and contaminate them. Doesn't sound hard. Until they come out 3 at a time.

      Shockingly I kept up going as quick as I could, probably doing a half ass job, but I kept up and felt great about it. The guy I was paired with kept telling me that we don't need to measure, while the quality control guy told me yes you measure if its past the black line, its warping and they need to be tossed. Every time I tried to tell my partner, he said they're okay. So I had to sound like an idiot to ask the Q&A guy for a second time do we need to measure them. That way my partner could hear him say yes and throw them out.

      My final day of work, we had to do Nike pallets. Huge plastic pallets with giant metal rings in the bottom to make sure they don't buckle. Word on the street is there was an order of 10,000 that would take the factory 30+ days to fulfill working 3 shifts 6 days a week.

      I was moved up. The worker that thought he was there to get fired was working the back of the line, which was quite a bitch. Taking the pallets from the table, putting the giant metal rings in using a machine. He had a partner, who I liked, I felt he was a competent giant with years of factory experience. My ass of a group leader told me I wasn't to help the back of the line that we were going to let them get backed up and they were fucking backed up. Then the group leader told me, they're trying to get him fired.

      Its interesting all the politics. Not just that, but I wanna say my 6th day, some fuck up on 3rd shift rammed somebody's car. I was right there and screamed out holy shit! Then he was like are we okay? Are we okay? Yeah man we're okay, but there's cameras up there. So that was a fun position to be in on my 6th day.

      When my line was being changed from baby food containers to Nike pallets, I was put on a 3 man line that had a fuck up on it too. Dude did nothing. Just flirted with the black girl. All shift. had 1 easy job, which was supposed to be my easy job. Nope I got bumped up to his more difficult job, locking and drilling parts. Then the machine operator went to lunch. I ran the entire 3 person thing and never fell behind. I impressed the machine operator.

      One operator was even teaching me how to use some kind of handheld jig saw thing. He kept saying to not let the shift manager see he's training me. He'll get in trouble. Then he said by knowing all these machines, you'll be more valuable here and I'll want you working here with me on the easy job. He's right, it was easier than most everything. But if I fucked up cutting then its a thrown away part. Originally I was just supposed to be covering the part with plastic.

      ok rant over. Sorry for totally derailing this thread. Ah factory temp jobs. There's always someone new to take your place. When I quit the temp agency they wanted me to still do the day, which I did. Could have been a dick and said nope I make more money doing nothing than I do working for 8 hours.

    3. dg93


      Sodaholic said:

      To be honest, I'm kinda glad it's over. My time there was very brief, but I at least got a tiny bit of money out of it. I wouldn't want to work long-term for any company that fires its employees for temporary health issues beyond their control, anyway.

      I remember my old job at a local grocery store, people would constantly call out sick and most of the time they would lie about being sick. This is what pisses employers off. A reduction in workers reduces productivity along with revenue. And also keep in mind, most employers try to avoid firing employees because employee turnover can be very costly for any business.

    4. Maes


      We've got a long way to become as competitive as the economic gurus need us to be. Keep on minimum wagin' (and sweatshoppin')! *whip crack*

  9. And I turned 21 yesterday, spent the latter half of the day with friends. So of course, I drank some vodka with some Sprite in it, what else is a sodaholic supposed to do?

    1. Obsidian


      Hopefully it's still the 22nd where you are. Happy birthday! :)

    2. Cupboard


      happy date of manufacture!

    3. Clonehunter


      Change your name to Alcoholic, and go bar hopping with friends till you're all completely smashed. Then never do anything so juvenile again, because you're finally a real adult.

      Congrats man, and Happy Birthday!

  10. So I went to New York City in August to see the AVGN movie. I saw it (it was very good, go see it if you like the series). I even got to briefly talk to James during the Q&A sessions (and Kyle afterward), and NYC itself seemed very cool in general, so that was a pretty awesome part of my life in 2014 (even if the rest of it has been largely uneventful, boring and even some shitty low points like my favorite cat dying).

    However, I just simply don't know what to think of NYC in general a couple of months after I visited it for only really two days. It seemed so enticing, controlled chaos, make your own way, always something to do. When I was in NYC, I wanted to live there. I didn't even care if I had to put up with all the noise when trying to sleep. Then, only days later, I was like "wait, maybe this is TOO hellish of an existence?". I wondered if it was all just too much, with the only opportunity available for those with preexisting connections to the industry or craft of your choice, and getting screwed otherwise.

    I dunno. It was a unique experience and I'd love to visit again, but is it worth living there? So many contradictory stories of what it's like. "Oh, yeh. Totally same living here as it is to visit" while simultaneously hearing others say "Nah, man, completely different than just visiting". Which is it, dammit? It seems to me that both types of people are projecting their successes and failures onto the city that provided them with those experiences.

    Should I hate the city or love it? I don't know! I'm so confused and cannot think of what to make of my experiences as a brief visitor.

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    2. bytor


      It was like driving into another country. I felt so odd, like everybody knew I was from another state.

      Groups of taxis driving like maniacs trying to get in front of one another. Heroin addicts nodding on the corner. Everyone spoke spanish where I stayed. We were on a street at 3am and it's wall-to-wall with people and there's these guys standing in front of the strip-joints advertising drugs like carnival barkers. "Come inside, come inside!"

      The view from the top of the World Trade Center was one of the most awesome things I've ever seen.

      It was a fantastic visit but I was glad to go back to Ohio.

    3. SYS


      It was fun to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. The majority of people came across as rude assholes. Even if it's an attitude/cultural thing. Air quality is terrible, roads are black from the exhaust soot from all the vehicles. I stayed at the Chelsea Hotel before it closed.

      I saw one cop that met the hilarious stereotype. Swerving around other cars and driving up onto the curb while shoving Doritos into his face. Roads with four lanes of traffic on either side, bumper to bumper full of people honking and screaming at each other.

      The people working the fare booths in the subway were about as friendly as ogres - but I imagine they've seen some shit.

      People hustling you in the street to buy their mixtape. Then when you get Chinatown is hustling for knockoff sunglasses and handbags.

    4. Ralphis


      What a shit hole

  11. Though I did mostly write this about myself, I feel that this subject could be relevant to more people here than just me, and it could also spark a general discussion on the political situation. I would like to hear from other Americans here on DW if they share a similar view or if they actually disagree.

    The situation is getting very bad in the US and shows no signs of slowing, stopping, or reversing. So I'm hoping to see what options there are within the next 5 years:

    *Canada seems like a good option, as I can just drive there, there's a similar culture, very similar accent, I feel that I have a mindset closer to theirs than a US mindset. It'd be convenient, the fastest way to get out, and I'd probably fit in relatively well.

    *Germany seems even better, and though I have a few minor problems with it on principle, those issues actually aren't a problem. Religiously based laws are not enforced, and though the American in me says "I defend your right to speak even if I hate what you say", in practice I frankly don't care at all if some neo-Nazi scum get silenced.

    *Australia would be nice, but Abbot is a fucking nut and the Internet situation there is even worse. Still seems like a better place than the US aside from the net stuff.

    *I've heard good things about New Zealand, but I haven't looked into it enough yet.

    *If Scotland gains independence and somehow manages to thrive as some sort of small progressive beacon of hope, it'd be a neat place to consider.

    *As for countries that might not be ideal, I'd probably say the UK is worth avoiding as it has many of the same major problems as the US and is even more brazen about its surveillance.


    Rant follows below:

    Net neutrality is about to get gutted, we're about to be forced into another messy war without our approval or input. We're being poisoned by a lax and occupied FDA with cozy ties to big pharma and GMO companies. Schools are expensive and low quality. Americans are often unfairly ostracized abroad as a result of the US government meddling with the rest of the world with often disastrous consequences and I want nothing to do with it.

    The US is the only country in the world to tax its people living abroad at the full tax rate as it does to local residents. The only way to avoid this is to renounce one's citizenship, and this possibility is quickly diminishing. It used to be gratis until 2010 in which a $450 USD fee was charged, and effective just today it has increased to $2350 USD.

    They own us. They exploit us. We are serfs, not free citizens. The temperature is rising at an alarming rate, and I don't want to stick around long enough to be one of the frogs to be cooked. I just want to live a meaningful and satisfying life without major hazards coming at me left and right. The US is a dangerous place to continue living in.

    1. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      You're about 18 right? A lot of people go through a "I have to get out of my country!" phase at about that age, including me.

      I suggest you do some travel. Real travel, staying in a different country for a while, not just hitting tourist sites. What you'll find is the cliche that the grass looks greener on the other side; i.e. when you are in the thick of something it is very easy to see the positive aspects of a different area/country, but when you actually immerse yourself in that culture you see that its own problems, and that many of the problems of the US are shared with other countries. I'm sure some of our Canadian members could explain better than I can, but talking with Canadian colleagues last year the current administration in Canada actually has a very conservative government right now, and is disbanding research departments that were publishing data against the massive oil sands extraction operations.

      As for things getting bad in the US: yes, things are shit, but things have always been shit. Is it really shittier now than during the Bush administration where we had a president who couldn't say more than five words without looking like a buffoon, invaded a country essentially unilaterally without UN support, and social conservatives were trying to turn back decades of social progress and return us to a "Christian Nation?"

      Can either of those compare to the late 1950s, where there were essentially no health or environmental laws, a group of conservative congressmen were using the threat of communist infiltrators to infringe the civil liberties of anyone who didn't fit their social views, and with a single phone call the world could have been plunged into a civilization ending nuclear war?

      I guess what I'm trying to say (and I'm not being condescending) is that it is very easy to get the feeling that things are going to shit when you don't have a broader perspective, particularly when you are young and probably just starting to follow world developments, so you don't have a frame of reference for how shitty things used to be. It may make you feel better to watch these Lewis Black routines from ~8-10 years ago, it shows how things were just shitty in a different way then.

    2. doomgargoyle


      Well, im not american, but i am currently living the USA, came to study, and im realizing that the quality of education is not what I thought it would be, and more importantly, and sadly, I'm coming to think that nothing that I could possibly learn while being here I couldnt have learned in my home country. Im too thinking about going to Canada, due to their cheap school costs. I dont know about the Canadian government being conservative at the moment, but figure they cannot possibly be as conservative and nuts as the conservative movement in the usa. Also, I agree that every country/reality/etc has its own problems, but strictly speaking about this net neutrality thing, it seems to be only be affecting the USA.

  12. Oh, great spirits of Doomworld (at least the ones who bother to check blogs), grant me your wisdom (if you feel like it, I guess).

    My shitty CRT just isn't cutting it anymore. It's dim, the top few lines are distorted leading to a very noticable stretching, it has subtle color distortion on the right side that won't go away no matter how much I degauss it. I just can't deal with it anymore, especially with most modern applications being optimized for 16:9. I'm not looking to spend more than $500 USD ($650 absolute tops, but I don't want to go near that if it can be helped), and it'll likely be a few months before I can save enough to get a new monitor.

    Here's a list of attributes my ideal monitor would have, in order of priority.

    1. LED-backlit IPS is a must.

    2. I want studio-accurate color (at least 95% sRGB range, properly pre-calibrated or easily calibratable with minimum margin of error in correctness), good contrast, deep blacks and very bright whites (at least 300 cd/m2, but the higher the better so long as blacks are reasonably deep).

    3. I want it to be large, so the closer to 30" diagonally, the better.

    4. Display port or out-of-the-box G-sync support would be nice to have. I cannot stand tearing.

    5. Refresh rates higher than 60hz would be nice to have, as I can indeed see the difference between 60hz and 120hz. I know IPS displays have slower response times, so that reduces my chances of getting something like this.

    I want it to be a well rounded display for all purposes like playing games and watching movies, but with a strong emphasis/leaning toward content production like Photoshop, vector graphic design, digital video editing and game art. Also, should I just wait for 4K OLEDs? I'd like to replace my monitor by the middle of 2015, and it does seem that OLEDs are taking quite a while to become affordable.

    I've been looking at maybe getting these, but if there are any better suggestions I'd like to hear them:


    1. exl


      OLED desktop monitors aren't going to be affordable\available for another year or two. UHD displays are available, but most of them are TN panels, and still a bit expensive and come with other teething problems.

      I did some research into this myself, with the intent of finding a good 27" 2560x1440 display that has enough color accuracy for DTP\Web\Photography stuff. The Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM came out as the best choice, with the caveat that there's a somewhat high chance of pixel defects. The slightly more expensive Dell Ultrasharp U2713H doesn't have that issue, but has a bit poorer uniformity.

      Lastly, if you're going to calibrate it, get something like a Colormunki Display colorimeter (or the more expensive i1 Display Pro; same hardware, different software), and calibrate it using ArgyllCMS + DispcalGUI. Also might want to calibrate it and use MadVR with a media player like MP-HC to get super-accurate color and high quality scaling for watching movies and such.

  13. So, I've been using Mint for a little while now.

    I wanted to compile Slade 3, but there was no configure file that I could find in the tarball. Slade is multiplatform, right? If I'm missing something like the absolute idiot that I am, please let me know.

    1. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      There are build systems other than the ./configure one (which is called Autotools). I think Slade uses CMake, so if there's a CMakeList.txt file somewhere, try this:

      That will get you started. Make sure you have wxWidgets 3.0+ installed.

  14. I just got a Kensington Expert trackball mouse. Before I replaced it with the Kensington, I was using a Logitech M570, but started experiencing an annoying double clicking behavior a few months after getting it. It was my second one, and I got it to replace the first after experiencing the same thing, hoping that it was just a bad apple. Nope, turns out they're all shit, and I'm far from the only person with that problem using an M570. I really should've done my research.

    This time, I did do my research, and decided that the Kensington Expert was the best choice for me. The scroll wheel is a bit disappointing like many reviews say, but it did kind of "break in" to being better after a few hours of use, which is consistent with a review that I read. It's much more usable now, but I wish I could get rid of that "sandpaper" feel...

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    2. Blastfrog


      Heh, I've seen that picture before. I assume the creator owns a cat. I remember one time when my cat killed a rabbit and exposed its brains, which partly influenced Koliko's Adventure (still sorta kinda working on it, not a Doom mod anymore).

      Been thinking of picking up a Das Keyboard as part of an effort to improve my setup (getting a desk that isn't utter garbage first, though). I think I might go for the Model S Professional rather than the new 4 Professional/Ultimate, as I'd like to save money, and have a perfectly good PS/2 port going to waste, and I can take advantage of NKRO since it doesn't support it via USB 2.0. That way, I can save my USB 3.0 ports for other things. Also not a big fan of media buttons, the more raw the keyboard is, the better.

      I'd generally prefer the least amount of noise, but still want as much of a tactile feel as possible. I take it MX Browns are best for that? Or should I use MX Reds instead?

    3. Bucket


      Even the lighter switches in the Das Keyboard are more tactile than the squishy keys on your average store-bought model.

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I bought a gaming mouse recently. It's got a nice feel to it, and the extra buttons are great, but I really dislike how sensitive it is. I have the sensitivity turned all the way down in all my games now. Might switch back to my old one.

  15. I don't want to derail the 'Reasons not to tip' thread, so I'm making this a blog instead.

    I'm not exactly satisfied with what's going on here. Corruption and bribery is pretty much legalized, and the mainstream media acts like it's perfectly normal to tip the scale of elections with loads of cash and that we shouldn't be complaining about people like the Koch brothers. Employment opportunities already suck and are only getting worse, costs of education are through the roof, and police brutality continues mostly unscathed (paid leave is NOT justice).

    I haven't gone to any post-secondary education yet, as I'm unsure of what I'd study and don't want to accrue piles of debt, especially if my degree doesn't actually help in getting jobs when there's so little opportunity out there anyway.

    The only jobs I've managed to get so far is fast food (the manager actually offered the job to me, I didn't pursue it beyond taking the offer), and shelf stocking only because they were already short on people. The fast food place shut down because a local university bought it and tore it down to make room for more student housing, and the grocery store tossed me aside at the last minute. They needed the help, but not so badly as to keep me past initial probation.

    Australia seems like a nice place, because they speak English, seem to give a damn about laborers, and have a warm climate. I grew up in Idaho (though currently reside in Ohio), so I actually prefer warm climates. Also, it'd give me an excuse to spell properly (labour instead of labor, etc.).

    Captain Red said:

    Are you brown and fleeing persecution by boat? If not, boogie on in. At the moment, I would recommend working here over the US at least. Here you only need to do one awful low wage job to live from pay-check to pay-check as opposed to two or three.

    I am aware that Abbot is mostly concerned about refugees, but I got the impression that it's almost impossible to get in as a permanent resident without higher end job experience and/or a college degree, especially if not from a commonwealth country. The US is kinda almost commonwealth, but we rejected the crown early on and inverted many practices, so we're technically not.

    The best I could hope for is a work and holiday visa. What am I to do?

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    2. GreyGhost


      Maes said:

      And then Sodaholic was a thug, because of lack of opportunity?

      Creating employment opportunities where none previously existed?

    3. Maes


      40oz said:

      but I'm 100% sure that even some of the lowest income levels can afford the essential food water and shelter, especially with the aid of government programs.

      America: the REAL Worker's Paradise? The realization of Lenin's dream of a "Socialism with a human face" finally came true in the U.S. of A. of all places? Who'd knew!

    4. 40oz


      fair enough. I probably wouldn't either. although I'd think (given the wealth distribution in america) that the absolute wealthiest people had to get where they are by manipulating people for their own benefit.

      I don't have a political or philosophical opinion on it. I just know it for what it is.

  16. I've been going through and playing random bullshit from my childhood. One of the games I used to play was Lego Island 2, and it's so much worse than I remember it. I just want to kill the player character he annoys me that much. I can't find a copy of Lenny's Music Toons, but oh well.

    I also remember some weird overhead grid based game with a tropical theme that had something to do with spelling and collecting letters. In the corner of the screen there was some weird old islander guy that would comment on shit. Anyone know what this one is? I think it might've been on some demo disc, with a demo of some DOS Lord of the Rings RPG on it as well.

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    2. geekmarine


      I totally understand, but for me, it seems I more have the opposite problem. There are plenty of games that I just despised as a kid, but now, decades later, I can really appreciate them. For instance, I hated Metroid when I first played it - I played it a lot, but I never had any idea what I was doing. After developing better spatial reasoning skills, though, the game felt so much less like a pointless maze and I finally beat it. The Mega Man franchise is also a series that I never liked as a kid, but I never really appreciated it until well into my 20s. As a kid, I never saw the patterns, never saw that everything was about timing. I thought in terms of "run blindly ahead and blow up everything you can," like how you play Contra, for instance, and I failed miserably. Honestly, in some ways I feel like it wasn't until I played Guitar Hero that I really got the point of Mega Man, and now I love the games, especially 2.

    3. DoomUK


      The only difference I notice when I'm playing something from my childhood is that games were a lot harder than I remember them to be.

    4. myk


      DoomUK said:
      The only difference I notice when I'm playing something from my childhood is that games were a lot harder than I remember them to be.

      That's called arthritis, my man!

  17. I've been working since the summer, and my hours have been slowly dwindling down to 8 per week over time, and they even forgot to give me my paycheck last time it was payday. I try to work as hard as possible to meet the needs and expectations of the customers and my manager. I ask them how I can get more hours, and all they tell me is "work harder". They even gave me an extra 4 hours one week because of it, but have since set me back to 8.

    The general manager who hired me likes me, but he manages several stores and isn't around often. The one who is around most often seems to act nice towards me, but I really get the feeling that he really doesn't want me around. I really feel like I'm not valued there and that they're intentionally keeping me away as much as possible. I intend to get another job, and as soon as I'm hired, quit my current one.

    I understand that they're just a business and that they're just using the resources that they need, but I felt like expressing my disappointment nonetheless.

    What are your thoughts on this? To anyone that has been in the working world for a while, is my gut feeling about this correct?

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    2. darkreaver


      Don`t you guys have employee-contracts or work-contracts or whatever it`s called where it`s specifically written how many hours per week/month you are hired for?

      I just started school again after many years, so I had to drop down from full time to part time at work. Now I have a contract thats says I`m hired for X hours per month (can`t remember the exact number, but it`s around 80 hrs/month). If they don`t have enough work for me, and I end up doing shifts for only, let`s say 50 hours, I still get paid for the remaining 30 I didnt work.

      When I think of it, it`s illegal to work without a contract that specify how much work you are hired for over here. It`s either measured in minimum hours or percentage of a full-time job (which is around 155 hrs/month)

    3. RestlessRodent


      Find a new job while you have this one. And once you are stapled into the new job (i.e. they can't really remove you for no reason), quit!

      And yes, they just want you to quit. But what you could do is, work both jobs still and never quit the 8 hour one. So you get a decent 30 hour week job, plus your 8.

      So if they are waiting for you to quit, just don't and fuck them bastards over! If your job is a sub level and is run by a higher corporate office, they might need you to actually quit to refill your spot.

      The "work harder" antic is complete bullshit and is a bullshit excuse. And that "work harder" is even said to me (even working up to 60 hour weeks with overtime). You yourself could work as hard as possible and get only 8 hours, while the people that just shit around and do shit all day get all the hours, and they don't even give a shit about their job. Some bosses see pleasure in ripping out the hearts of employees who actually do care because they are assholes because they are jealous that you actually enjoy your job. And that they spent their entire wasted life doing jack shit and getting nowhere, except managing a shit hole they hate. They don't want you to go anywhere and will do anything to discourage you. When I moved to another state, the store manager said to me "oh you'll be back! you'll be back!". Which is completely inappropriate, I should have just did the state salute right to his face. And i'm glad I left, I did all the work and I just got fucked over while people got easy streeted across.

      Best place to work is where the managers see and commend your effort no matter how bad things get. Because some managers wonder why the hell their store rank went from #1 when they first started their position there to last place (seriously, that happened where I used to work, we WERE the best and once the new store manager came in, we went to shit last place). It's because they suck. The only time the store ranking increases is when the managers care and help the employees that care.

    4. Technician


      darkreaver said:

      Don`t you guys have employee-contracts or work-contracts or whatever it`s called where it`s specifically written how many hours per week/month you are hired for?

      That would be favorable to the employee. That sounds like communism talk, boy.

  18. So, uh. I'm gonna be 19 on the 20th of this month.

    inb4 "you're acting far below your age you piece of immature shit"

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    2. Deeforce


      I'm late, but: happy birthday :D! And lol@ what Maes said. Also: lol @ the picture/avatar of Sodaholic! ...sometimes it is really funny to be here.

    3. Phobus


      glenzinho said:

      Yeah, but at least you got a birthday wad. Happy birthday again!

      I've seen one /idgames review for that, which is an anonymous one saying "Happy birthday asshole!"

      Made me chuckle :P

    4. glenzinho


      Phobus said:

      I've seen one /idgames review for that, which is an anonymous one saying "Happy birthday asshole!"

      Made me chuckle :P

      Heh, feel the love...

  19. I had a dream that there was a high school that the US military was evacuating. So all the students were coated in gray colored clay, and loaded up onto elevators to be removed from the clay once they got into the cafeteria. Then the students had to wait for several minutes, then they were made to exit the building through an MC Esher-esque stairwell that went up and down simultaneously. There was paper trash, and bins of rancid shitty liquid strewn about the stairs. At one point, a female student stripped naked, squatted down, and started shitting and pissing at the same time, as the other students just kept walking by and ignoring it. There were some military generals smoking cigars filled with the ashes of pipe tobacco at the exit that were congratulating themselves for doing such a good job making sure the stairwells were clean and not having deliberately placed bins with diarrhea placed in them.

    Then I dreamed that I woke up and that my ex girlfriend was nude and laying on top of me, telling me that she drugged me so that I was too paralyzed to move and that she broke into my house so that she could see me again.

    Then I woke up for real, and was kinda freaked out. Is there something wrong with me?

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    2. Snakes


      Eris Falling said:

      Dreams aren't real, no matter how much you want them to be. Remember that.

      Yes, I too desire that my ex-girlfriend would break into my house and temporarily paralyze me.

    3. spank


      You should learn to meditate.

    4. TwinBeast


      Eris Falling said:

      Dreams aren't real, no matter how much you want them to be. Remember that.

      Dreams are just as real as everything else. How could there be dreams if they weren't real. Even this illusion of reality is real.

  20. So, tonight, I dug all the way to the back of the pantry, and here's what I found:

    * Some weird box labelled "Taco Bell Soft and Hard Shell Meal", which despite the cardboard flaps still being sealed, had clear packing tape perpendicularly taped over the cardboard flaps on the top. As I opened it, I found soft and hard taco shells, a bag of preserved meats and vegetables, and one Kool-Aid packet. I'll probably save this for later when I'm hungry.

    * An old, unopened (before I found it a few minutes ago) bag of Jack Link's beef jerky, not expired yet (according to the date, anyway), but it sure tastes like it. I think I might throw this one out.

    * A VERY old bag of pepperoni slices that were way in the back that had become moldy. I threw it out.

    * Two bottles of Grey Poupon mustard, my favorite kind! One of them is almost empty and the remaining mustard is stuck to the bottom, I threw this one away. The other has never been opened before. They both expired three years ago.

    *A broken-off piece of a graham-cracker. I threw it out, of course.

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    2. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      DoomUK said:

      Not sure I'd have the confidence to eat a 14-year-old can of soup though. Expiry dates are there for a reason, surely.

      Canned food doesn't expire unless the can is phucked, like GreyGhost said

    3. GreyGhost


      DoomUK said:

      Expiry dates are there for a reason, surely.

      Yep - sales turnover and/or sub-par processing. A quick check of the kitchen cupboards turned up only 3 canned products with expiry dates and (unsurprisingly) they all bear the brand of a big multi-national. Local processors merely stamp their cans with a production batch code and leave it to our discretion to decide if the contents are fit for human consumption.

    4. Reisal


      I wouldn't eat any of that stuff, Soda. I'm iffy about expiration labels especially if I found a bunch of crap in the back of my pantry.

  21. So, for safety purposes, my space heater turns off whenever it unintelligently detects that it's somehow "unsafe" to be on. Thing is, it just won't turn on when I tell it to, because it somehow thinks it knows better than me. I'm cold, damn it!

    So, I guess this thread is supposed to be about how much it sucks when technology in general intentionally refuses the user's direct commands.

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    2. baronofheck82
    3. MajorRawne


      How the hecky-thump can you afford something that heats space? In the words of T'Pol, "space is very big". Does it affect all of space everywhere, or just our solar-system? You're going to get aliens complaining mate, don't make us part of your interstellar war.

      It's not wonder it keeps switching off, it's thinking about your electric bill.

    4. esselfortium


      Just dropping by a couple weeks too late to say "fuck you space hitler"

  22. So, I had a dream that Koliko was originally in an 8-bit Mario clone platformer for the Sega Master System, and that he wasn't the hero, but the anti-hero/villain that you played as. The game took place in a gigantic warehouse that had been converted to a grocery store, and you were supposed to "terrorize" the place by stealing broken Famicoms and old wool blankets from the store that were just laying around. Apparently, this innocent warehouse/grocery store falling to the whims of a stoner cat was owned by a cyborg version of Dr. Brain, a Sierra point and click adventure game character. And all of this, according to the game's manual, was supposed to teach Christian values to the player character, even though there were no religious references to the game, and the fact that Koliko himself is agnostic.

    I'm not just making random shit up, I really did have this dream.

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    2. hex11


      Yo man you can't be using Sierra IP like that in your dreams. I used to have dreams that I was that dude in the Space Quest series, but they caught on to me, and I had to settle with them out of court.

    3. DoomUK


      I believe "Maes" is pronounced something like "My ass".

      It's appropriate when you think about it.

    4. printz


      Isn't Maes a Belgian surname?

  23. So, I just got a job at a local sandwich shop, the place is pretty small. I went in to get interviewed, and by the end of it I got the job and the manager said that I think more like a manager than an employee. It'll be nice to make some money, at least.

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    2. 40oz


      That sucks because my business that pays people to make bad threads just met my quota of employees and sodaholic has all the qualifications. Better luck next year.

    3. Blastfrog


      fuck it's been a long day

      So, some stupid bitch ass bitch walked up and I was gonna cash her out, so I confirmed that she had everything she wanted on her order, so I told her the total, she paid, and I finalized the sale. Then 5 seconds later, when it's all done and over with, and I'm ready for the next customer, she pulls out a coupon for free fries and asks if she can use it on her order to reduce the cost. BITCH, I JUST FUCKING TOLD YOU YOUR FUCKING TOTAL AND YOU WERE OKAY WITH IT AND YOU FUCKING PAID AND THEN I FINALIZED THE DAMN FUCKING ORDER, AND JUST NOW YOU SHOW ME YOUR FUCKING COUPON? DOG GAMMIT FUTHER MUCKER!! So, I had to get the manager to fix the order, since it was already finalized, and even the manager was pissed at this dumb cunt. In the end, she got her 2 dollar fucking rebate, but at the cost of pissing me off and holding up the long line of customers.

      Then, the manager told me to go butter some bread in the back, and another employee would handle cashing out the customers, so I went and buttered the bread. I get back to the cash register and the guy cashing out the current customer tells me to get a large lemonade for him. So I did, and handed it to the guy, and he's like "but... I didn't order a lemonade". (note that, again the order has already been finalized and this guy's card has been charged) So I look at my coworker like "wtf mang", and he's like "uhh", so then I got another employee to figure out what the hell do do with this mess, then he starts telling me how to properly cash people out even though I wasn't the one that cashed this guy out.

      Well, at least I got 240 bucks so far. :D

    4. Technician


      You only made $240 in a month? Boy, minimum wage must really suck in your state or you only worked, maybe, three shifts?

  24. So, I just got a bill in the mail for over 10,000 US dollars. For what, you may ask? Tuition for a class at an art college I visited once that I ended up deciding not to go to anyway. I'm not even done with high school yet (almost am, only need to do 2 electives and that's it, but I'm still not done). I didn't even sign anything at all, but out of the blue I get this shit in the mail. I've been trying to contact their finance department for the past several days about this to fix it, but they haven't called back. I've reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

    Only person I managed to get in contact with was the head of admissions, who didn't bother to do anything about it, and he told me "don't worry about this, it isn't the first time this has happened". Well shit, that makes it even worse, how is that supposed to make me feel any better?

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    2. Planky


      Maes said:

      Shit man, that's not funny.

      Not enough anal in it for you?

    3. Sharessa


      Craigs said:

      Her weekend's booked. She owes me 50 grand.

      For sucking her cock?

    4. Krispy


      His mom could help out with that appeal...

  25. Edit: I decided to turn this into a not-shitty thread.

    So, if you drink coffee, what kind do you drink, and how? I just got into drinking it more, I've been drinking it black and strong.


    Strong coffee made with white vinegar instead of water = very bad.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that it had no cream or anything like that, just straight black.

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    2. Use


      So I finally got a Moka Pot (yes I can hear all of Europe laughing at me from over here). A nice one, made in Italy. I have to say, aside from being adorable, it makes a great coffee. I can almost taste all those crazy flavor notes I was beginning to think were 50% marketing gimmick. Can't wait to try some recipes and makes some delicious drinks.

    3. Mr. Freeze

      Mr. Freeze

      Every day I'm at Dunkins, and I usually get a medium half-black, half-hot chocolate. It kicks ass.

    4. Bucket


      I get my coffee from Wawa.