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  1. So here's a compilation of weird dreams that I've been having recently.


    There was a team of scientists that took big and hairy rats, and genetically engineered them to be bigger and slightly less hairy (it looked more disgusting that way, having a bunch of thick isolated hairs everywhere), made them able to swim (kinda like how there are underwater mammals), called them "sea-rats", and then took them on a boat and dumped them off into the ocean.

    Then nuclear war occurred, and almost all of land life was dead. Then the sea-rats crawled out of the ocean several thousand years later onto land and evolved over several million years to become the rat-people. They started forming tribes and stuff, and everything basically mirrored human society (went through all the same stages).

    Eventually, they made atomic bombs, and genetic engineering. Then some rat-scientists started genetically engineering cats and did the same thing, dumped them in the ocean, and then nuclear war occurred.


    I had a dream that I was assimilated into a culture of cyborg Anglo-Saxons, in some sort of steam-punk/seventh century vaguely Earth-like, but alien and psychedelic world. I was in a medium sized tribe, and we had to fight off strange alien creatures to survive, and find strange alien fruit to eat.

    The more aliens we killed, the more points we got.


    I also had a dream that I was continually falling through a network of fleshy tubes with a bunch of acid-trip-looking cartoon characters. Time kept shifting back and forth constantly as if it were a YouTube poop. The freakish characters kept talking to me, and even though it was in English, none of it made any sense.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      One I had when I was afraid of the drops in roller coasters had me in a log flume boat going down the Nile, with pigmen dressed as pharaohs trying to attack me on either side. The river went into the base of a pyramid at which point it went down a large drop. Also, since I was afraid of roller coasters but not afraid of heights I'd have dreams where I'd be at the top of a giant roller coaster/water slide and I'd jump off the side so I wouldn't have to go down with the ride.

      There are two situations that have been in my dreams multiple times. In one, there is a wooden platform out in a field. People play a game where so many people get on the platform another person could not possibly squeeze onto it. Then a cannon fires at the people. In this dream segment I'm on the platform yet as the cannon is about to fire I suddenly have this realization that this is a bad idea. I try to push through the people and get off. The other has me in vehicles driving themselves in one form or other. In the first one I remember, I was an infant/toddler and my dad drives me to someone's house. He gets out, hands me a colander full of spaghetti noodles, and leaves me in the car. The car starts recklessly driving itself.

      Once I had a dream where I met Samson from the Bible at a Bible arcade playing Bible arcade games. I tried to talk to him/get his autograph but he just got mad and left in a huff.

    3. Maes


      I once had a cockatiel of which I still dream from time to time. One time I dreamt of it as a miniature dinosaur the size of a cockatiel, with the same colors, but looking more like a miniature T-rex with a cockatiel beak and a scaly plasticky skin.

      Also I once dreamt of a 3-ft tall canary. Only that the canary had normally sized head, feet and wings. Only the body was 3-foot tall, and it looked like a big feathery egg with a tiny head, feet and wings attached.

      Then there's my infamous "dancing archvile" dream (an archvile was following me and doing a macabre dance but was earily silent). My "BFGed archvile mummies" dream where I blasted some archviles and upon close inspection, they looked like mummies (or, rather, like the corpses they used in crash tests, covered in encrusted, bloody bandages). And finally my "giant papier-mache Cyberdemon" dream, where I was chased by a cyberdemon with a giant head made of papier-mache in a maze of theatrical props.

    4. Blastfrog


      As a kid I remember having a dream where I was on a giant purple and yellow chessboard that was slightly tilted, and I ended up sliding off of it and falling into the tan colored abyss of nothing.

      I also remember one that I was in 2nd grade, and my school building ended up getting flooded with lava, and I was the only one who escaped. I then looked outside and there was nothing but a sea of lava, and platforms floating in it. Then there were chess pieces that came alive and started attacking me.