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  1. I'm done with my current lifestyle. It's just too shitty, boring, and depressing.

    For the longest time I've been literally drinking nothing but soda (rarely any plain water) (I gave myself this name for a reason). I've also been eating far too much junk food. I used to be severely underweight, at this point I'm still mostly slender, but I've gotten a slight beer belly and small moobs, and I don't want this to get any worse. I've spent most of my days for the past few years in front of my computer just browsing the internet, playing games and neglecting my real life responsibilities. I never socialize outside of the internet (used to have an active social life, but it's pretty much nonexistent at this point). I never exercise or do any physical activity, and I have no muscle. And I blamed all of this on other people, like the jackass I am.

    I'm changing this.

    Starting today, I took a 25 minute walk around the neighborhood, have given up all sugar (and am otherwise changing my diet to a large extent), and just exercised by stretching and lifting weights. I'm also going to try to reconnect with my old friends. And most importantly, taking responsibility for my own faults and responsibilities. I am also going to go job hunting to do something meaningful with my time (might just see if my dad can get me hired by the same company that he works for, it's fairly small).

    I'm ready to stop being a total waste of space just fucking off all day, and make something of myself instead.

    Don't really know why I'm posting this, I just felt like expressing it.

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    2. ReFracture


      Cut soda, watching my portions, avoiding obviously bad shit, making a routine out of walking, and starting Power 90. Lost some weight already.

      I've been doing all of that except Power 90 for about 9 months. I feel better than I did before.

      This is all a game of self discipline and changing my lifestyle.

      Because fuck being a fat fuck.

    3. EarthQuake


      TimeOfDeath said:

      EQ, what diet soda do you drink? I recently tried diet coke and pepsi and I'm really not digging it. They make me feel bloated and full of air. Last time at the grocery the 24-packs of Diet Dr. Pepper were at the very bottom of this tall stack of sodas, so I still didn't get it.

      Heh, no idea about gas issues. Never happened to me.

      I prefer Coke Zero and Pepsi Max. They practically taste like the real deal. Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi are kind of meh when you mix them with certain foods, but I've been drinking it all for so long, I've sort of gotten used to the taste. I'd still go with the former two though.

      I think I hit bottom with my current "diet". I bounce between 180 and 185, and I don't think I'm going to shed any more pounds unless I actually exercise. I think 170 is the ideal weight for my height, but according to the intarwebs, I'm no longer considered overweight at least.

    4. Hellbent


      DuckReconMajor said:

      lol we call it soda here (I understood his name immediately) but I know in other places in the US it goes by "pop" or "coke".



      purist said:

      and I read too many Maes posts :-)