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  1. I love kittens, because they're cats, but they're small and even more playful. Couple years ago, one showed up at my back door during the winter, it was homeless so I brought it in and adopted it, and I named it Coleco. (I name my cats after game companies, I should probably stop that practice :P) It was very affectionate, and it was an awesome cat. Problem is, it started marking it's territory on the laundry in the basement, and my other cat, Sega (who is very attached to me), was becoming very jealous of Coleco getting much of my attention. Unfortunately, I ended up having to give her to the local animal shelter to be adopted by someone else.

    So, uh, this thread is about kittens in general, I guess.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Well, the only other big furry animal that walks around in the house is a dog (who I like and doesn't cause much trouble). The others are cage or tank animals like turtles or birds. It's really not to a point where I'm going to give up not having to work and pay rent.

    3. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      Cats rule

    4. Gez


      The only cats I've ever seen that fit the stereotype of aloof, disdainful, and selfish were fictional cats in cartoons and comics.

      All the real, flesh and blood cats I had were tender, affectionate creatures; eager to follow me on a walk through the woods while the family dog preferred to sleep on the porch.

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