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  1. So, my cousin is 12, and is a CoD fanboy. One day, when visiting, he made me play CoD with him on multiplayer. All I heard was kids screaming over the mic and acting like faggots, and my cousin was throwing the lamest insults at other players. As for the game itself, it felt slow, boring, and my mobility felt extremely hindered.

    After we were done, I went ahead and installed Doom on his computer and made him play it. Surprisingly, he enjoyed it. Then a week later, I asked him if he was still playing it. He responded with "nah, I got bored of it, so I went back to playing CoD". At that point I was just kinda like "well fuck". I asked him if he'd be interested in playing it again with new levels loaded into it (PWADs). He seemed confused, like user made levels are a foreign concept to him. He still wanted to play CoD instead. I told him there are literally thousands of levels for the game, still didn't care. I asked him if he ever thought of any game design that he'd want to make, he pretty much responded with saying that he didn't care about being creative, only playing whatever shit the mainstream throws at him.

    I'm thinking of making him play Quake 1 or 2, it might appeal more due to feeling a bit more modern. Why do kids like such shallow shit like CoD? And why did he get bored of Doom?

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    2. Use


      Why don't people like what I like? hurrrr. Grow up.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      Mr. T said:

      1. An excuse plot "You're on Phobos, um kill everything!" is better and feels less cheeze-coated than CoD's Straight-to-DVD-level shit-tastic "stories".

      I agree on some. I think MW2's story was dumb. MW3 was just a not-quite-as-dumb continuation of it. CoD4's was pretty good. CoD2's was basically "have fun fighting in these WW2 battles" (a common theme in the day). Black Ops' story I really enjoyed, though most disagree with me on that.

    4. Phobus


      MW2 feels like a misplaced James Bond plot to me, so I quite enjoyed it.