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  1. So, I just got a bill in the mail for over 10,000 US dollars. For what, you may ask? Tuition for a class at an art college I visited once that I ended up deciding not to go to anyway. I'm not even done with high school yet (almost am, only need to do 2 electives and that's it, but I'm still not done). I didn't even sign anything at all, but out of the blue I get this shit in the mail. I've been trying to contact their finance department for the past several days about this to fix it, but they haven't called back. I've reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

    Only person I managed to get in contact with was the head of admissions, who didn't bother to do anything about it, and he told me "don't worry about this, it isn't the first time this has happened". Well shit, that makes it even worse, how is that supposed to make me feel any better?

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    2. Planky


      Maes said:

      Shit man, that's not funny.

      Not enough anal in it for you?

    3. Sharessa


      Craigs said:

      Her weekend's booked. She owes me 50 grand.

      For sucking her cock?

    4. Krispy


      His mom could help out with that appeal...