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  1. So, I just got a job at a local sandwich shop, the place is pretty small. I went in to get interviewed, and by the end of it I got the job and the manager said that I think more like a manager than an employee. It'll be nice to make some money, at least.

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    2. 40oz


      That sucks because my business that pays people to make bad threads just met my quota of employees and sodaholic has all the qualifications. Better luck next year.

    3. Blastfrog


      fuck it's been a long day

      So, some stupid bitch ass bitch walked up and I was gonna cash her out, so I confirmed that she had everything she wanted on her order, so I told her the total, she paid, and I finalized the sale. Then 5 seconds later, when it's all done and over with, and I'm ready for the next customer, she pulls out a coupon for free fries and asks if she can use it on her order to reduce the cost. BITCH, I JUST FUCKING TOLD YOU YOUR FUCKING TOTAL AND YOU WERE OKAY WITH IT AND YOU FUCKING PAID AND THEN I FINALIZED THE DAMN FUCKING ORDER, AND JUST NOW YOU SHOW ME YOUR FUCKING COUPON? DOG GAMMIT FUTHER MUCKER!! So, I had to get the manager to fix the order, since it was already finalized, and even the manager was pissed at this dumb cunt. In the end, she got her 2 dollar fucking rebate, but at the cost of pissing me off and holding up the long line of customers.

      Then, the manager told me to go butter some bread in the back, and another employee would handle cashing out the customers, so I went and buttered the bread. I get back to the cash register and the guy cashing out the current customer tells me to get a large lemonade for him. So I did, and handed it to the guy, and he's like "but... I didn't order a lemonade". (note that, again the order has already been finalized and this guy's card has been charged) So I look at my coworker like "wtf mang", and he's like "uhh", so then I got another employee to figure out what the hell do do with this mess, then he starts telling me how to properly cash people out even though I wasn't the one that cashed this guy out.

      Well, at least I got 240 bucks so far. :D

    4. Technician


      You only made $240 in a month? Boy, minimum wage must really suck in your state or you only worked, maybe, three shifts?