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  1. I've been working since the summer, and my hours have been slowly dwindling down to 8 per week over time, and they even forgot to give me my paycheck last time it was payday. I try to work as hard as possible to meet the needs and expectations of the customers and my manager. I ask them how I can get more hours, and all they tell me is "work harder". They even gave me an extra 4 hours one week because of it, but have since set me back to 8.

    The general manager who hired me likes me, but he manages several stores and isn't around often. The one who is around most often seems to act nice towards me, but I really get the feeling that he really doesn't want me around. I really feel like I'm not valued there and that they're intentionally keeping me away as much as possible. I intend to get another job, and as soon as I'm hired, quit my current one.

    I understand that they're just a business and that they're just using the resources that they need, but I felt like expressing my disappointment nonetheless.

    What are your thoughts on this? To anyone that has been in the working world for a while, is my gut feeling about this correct?

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    2. darkreaver


      Don`t you guys have employee-contracts or work-contracts or whatever it`s called where it`s specifically written how many hours per week/month you are hired for?

      I just started school again after many years, so I had to drop down from full time to part time at work. Now I have a contract thats says I`m hired for X hours per month (can`t remember the exact number, but it`s around 80 hrs/month). If they don`t have enough work for me, and I end up doing shifts for only, let`s say 50 hours, I still get paid for the remaining 30 I didnt work.

      When I think of it, it`s illegal to work without a contract that specify how much work you are hired for over here. It`s either measured in minimum hours or percentage of a full-time job (which is around 155 hrs/month)

    3. RestlessRodent


      Find a new job while you have this one. And once you are stapled into the new job (i.e. they can't really remove you for no reason), quit!

      And yes, they just want you to quit. But what you could do is, work both jobs still and never quit the 8 hour one. So you get a decent 30 hour week job, plus your 8.

      So if they are waiting for you to quit, just don't and fuck them bastards over! If your job is a sub level and is run by a higher corporate office, they might need you to actually quit to refill your spot.

      The "work harder" antic is complete bullshit and is a bullshit excuse. And that "work harder" is even said to me (even working up to 60 hour weeks with overtime). You yourself could work as hard as possible and get only 8 hours, while the people that just shit around and do shit all day get all the hours, and they don't even give a shit about their job. Some bosses see pleasure in ripping out the hearts of employees who actually do care because they are assholes because they are jealous that you actually enjoy your job. And that they spent their entire wasted life doing jack shit and getting nowhere, except managing a shit hole they hate. They don't want you to go anywhere and will do anything to discourage you. When I moved to another state, the store manager said to me "oh you'll be back! you'll be back!". Which is completely inappropriate, I should have just did the state salute right to his face. And i'm glad I left, I did all the work and I just got fucked over while people got easy streeted across.

      Best place to work is where the managers see and commend your effort no matter how bad things get. Because some managers wonder why the hell their store rank went from #1 when they first started their position there to last place (seriously, that happened where I used to work, we WERE the best and once the new store manager came in, we went to shit last place). It's because they suck. The only time the store ranking increases is when the managers care and help the employees that care.

    4. Technician


      darkreaver said:

      Don`t you guys have employee-contracts or work-contracts or whatever it`s called where it`s specifically written how many hours per week/month you are hired for?

      That would be favorable to the employee. That sounds like communism talk, boy.