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  1. I don't want to derail the 'Reasons not to tip' thread, so I'm making this a blog instead.

    I'm not exactly satisfied with what's going on here. Corruption and bribery is pretty much legalized, and the mainstream media acts like it's perfectly normal to tip the scale of elections with loads of cash and that we shouldn't be complaining about people like the Koch brothers. Employment opportunities already suck and are only getting worse, costs of education are through the roof, and police brutality continues mostly unscathed (paid leave is NOT justice).

    I haven't gone to any post-secondary education yet, as I'm unsure of what I'd study and don't want to accrue piles of debt, especially if my degree doesn't actually help in getting jobs when there's so little opportunity out there anyway.

    The only jobs I've managed to get so far is fast food (the manager actually offered the job to me, I didn't pursue it beyond taking the offer), and shelf stocking only because they were already short on people. The fast food place shut down because a local university bought it and tore it down to make room for more student housing, and the grocery store tossed me aside at the last minute. They needed the help, but not so badly as to keep me past initial probation.

    Australia seems like a nice place, because they speak English, seem to give a damn about laborers, and have a warm climate. I grew up in Idaho (though currently reside in Ohio), so I actually prefer warm climates. Also, it'd give me an excuse to spell properly (labour instead of labor, etc.).

    Captain Red said:

    Are you brown and fleeing persecution by boat? If not, boogie on in. At the moment, I would recommend working here over the US at least. Here you only need to do one awful low wage job to live from pay-check to pay-check as opposed to two or three.

    I am aware that Abbot is mostly concerned about refugees, but I got the impression that it's almost impossible to get in as a permanent resident without higher end job experience and/or a college degree, especially if not from a commonwealth country. The US is kinda almost commonwealth, but we rejected the crown early on and inverted many practices, so we're technically not.

    The best I could hope for is a work and holiday visa. What am I to do?

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    2. GreyGhost


      Maes said:

      And then Sodaholic was a thug, because of lack of opportunity?

      Creating employment opportunities where none previously existed?

    3. Maes


      40oz said:

      but I'm 100% sure that even some of the lowest income levels can afford the essential food water and shelter, especially with the aid of government programs.

      America: the REAL Worker's Paradise? The realization of Lenin's dream of a "Socialism with a human face" finally came true in the U.S. of A. of all places? Who'd knew!

    4. 40oz


      fair enough. I probably wouldn't either. although I'd think (given the wealth distribution in america) that the absolute wealthiest people had to get where they are by manipulating people for their own benefit.

      I don't have a political or philosophical opinion on it. I just know it for what it is.