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  1. I just got a Kensington Expert trackball mouse. Before I replaced it with the Kensington, I was using a Logitech M570, but started experiencing an annoying double clicking behavior a few months after getting it. It was my second one, and I got it to replace the first after experiencing the same thing, hoping that it was just a bad apple. Nope, turns out they're all shit, and I'm far from the only person with that problem using an M570. I really should've done my research.

    This time, I did do my research, and decided that the Kensington Expert was the best choice for me. The scroll wheel is a bit disappointing like many reviews say, but it did kind of "break in" to being better after a few hours of use, which is consistent with a review that I read. It's much more usable now, but I wish I could get rid of that "sandpaper" feel...

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    2. Blastfrog


      Heh, I've seen that picture before. I assume the creator owns a cat. I remember one time when my cat killed a rabbit and exposed its brains, which partly influenced Koliko's Adventure (still sorta kinda working on it, not a Doom mod anymore).

      Been thinking of picking up a Das Keyboard as part of an effort to improve my setup (getting a desk that isn't utter garbage first, though). I think I might go for the Model S Professional rather than the new 4 Professional/Ultimate, as I'd like to save money, and have a perfectly good PS/2 port going to waste, and I can take advantage of NKRO since it doesn't support it via USB 2.0. That way, I can save my USB 3.0 ports for other things. Also not a big fan of media buttons, the more raw the keyboard is, the better.

      I'd generally prefer the least amount of noise, but still want as much of a tactile feel as possible. I take it MX Browns are best for that? Or should I use MX Reds instead?

    3. Bucket


      Even the lighter switches in the Das Keyboard are more tactile than the squishy keys on your average store-bought model.

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I bought a gaming mouse recently. It's got a nice feel to it, and the extra buttons are great, but I really dislike how sensitive it is. I have the sensitivity turned all the way down in all my games now. Might switch back to my old one.