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  1. Oh, great spirits of Doomworld (at least the ones who bother to check blogs), grant me your wisdom (if you feel like it, I guess).

    My shitty CRT just isn't cutting it anymore. It's dim, the top few lines are distorted leading to a very noticable stretching, it has subtle color distortion on the right side that won't go away no matter how much I degauss it. I just can't deal with it anymore, especially with most modern applications being optimized for 16:9. I'm not looking to spend more than $500 USD ($650 absolute tops, but I don't want to go near that if it can be helped), and it'll likely be a few months before I can save enough to get a new monitor.

    Here's a list of attributes my ideal monitor would have, in order of priority.

    1. LED-backlit IPS is a must.

    2. I want studio-accurate color (at least 95% sRGB range, properly pre-calibrated or easily calibratable with minimum margin of error in correctness), good contrast, deep blacks and very bright whites (at least 300 cd/m2, but the higher the better so long as blacks are reasonably deep).

    3. I want it to be large, so the closer to 30" diagonally, the better.

    4. Display port or out-of-the-box G-sync support would be nice to have. I cannot stand tearing.

    5. Refresh rates higher than 60hz would be nice to have, as I can indeed see the difference between 60hz and 120hz. I know IPS displays have slower response times, so that reduces my chances of getting something like this.

    I want it to be a well rounded display for all purposes like playing games and watching movies, but with a strong emphasis/leaning toward content production like Photoshop, vector graphic design, digital video editing and game art. Also, should I just wait for 4K OLEDs? I'd like to replace my monitor by the middle of 2015, and it does seem that OLEDs are taking quite a while to become affordable.

    I've been looking at maybe getting these, but if there are any better suggestions I'd like to hear them:


    1. exl


      OLED desktop monitors aren't going to be affordable\available for another year or two. UHD displays are available, but most of them are TN panels, and still a bit expensive and come with other teething problems.

      I did some research into this myself, with the intent of finding a good 27" 2560x1440 display that has enough color accuracy for DTP\Web\Photography stuff. The Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM came out as the best choice, with the caveat that there's a somewhat high chance of pixel defects. The slightly more expensive Dell Ultrasharp U2713H doesn't have that issue, but has a bit poorer uniformity.

      Lastly, if you're going to calibrate it, get something like a Colormunki Display colorimeter (or the more expensive i1 Display Pro; same hardware, different software), and calibrate it using ArgyllCMS + DispcalGUI. Also might want to calibrate it and use MadVR with a media player like MP-HC to get super-accurate color and high quality scaling for watching movies and such.