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  1. So I went to New York City in August to see the AVGN movie. I saw it (it was very good, go see it if you like the series). I even got to briefly talk to James during the Q&A sessions (and Kyle afterward), and NYC itself seemed very cool in general, so that was a pretty awesome part of my life in 2014 (even if the rest of it has been largely uneventful, boring and even some shitty low points like my favorite cat dying).

    However, I just simply don't know what to think of NYC in general a couple of months after I visited it for only really two days. It seemed so enticing, controlled chaos, make your own way, always something to do. When I was in NYC, I wanted to live there. I didn't even care if I had to put up with all the noise when trying to sleep. Then, only days later, I was like "wait, maybe this is TOO hellish of an existence?". I wondered if it was all just too much, with the only opportunity available for those with preexisting connections to the industry or craft of your choice, and getting screwed otherwise.

    I dunno. It was a unique experience and I'd love to visit again, but is it worth living there? So many contradictory stories of what it's like. "Oh, yeh. Totally same living here as it is to visit" while simultaneously hearing others say "Nah, man, completely different than just visiting". Which is it, dammit? It seems to me that both types of people are projecting their successes and failures onto the city that provided them with those experiences.

    Should I hate the city or love it? I don't know! I'm so confused and cannot think of what to make of my experiences as a brief visitor.

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    2. bytor


      It was like driving into another country. I felt so odd, like everybody knew I was from another state.

      Groups of taxis driving like maniacs trying to get in front of one another. Heroin addicts nodding on the corner. Everyone spoke spanish where I stayed. We were on a street at 3am and it's wall-to-wall with people and there's these guys standing in front of the strip-joints advertising drugs like carnival barkers. "Come inside, come inside!"

      The view from the top of the World Trade Center was one of the most awesome things I've ever seen.

      It was a fantastic visit but I was glad to go back to Ohio.

    3. SYS


      It was fun to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. The majority of people came across as rude assholes. Even if it's an attitude/cultural thing. Air quality is terrible, roads are black from the exhaust soot from all the vehicles. I stayed at the Chelsea Hotel before it closed.

      I saw one cop that met the hilarious stereotype. Swerving around other cars and driving up onto the curb while shoving Doritos into his face. Roads with four lanes of traffic on either side, bumper to bumper full of people honking and screaming at each other.

      The people working the fare booths in the subway were about as friendly as ogres - but I imagine they've seen some shit.

      People hustling you in the street to buy their mixtape. Then when you get Chinatown is hustling for knockoff sunglasses and handbags.

    4. Ralphis


      What a shit hole