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  1. I was looking through some old files, and I found an old journal of mine that documented a weird day in English class. I remember this happening some time during the school year in January 2011. Here it is:

    So, in English class today, the teacher called in sick (I had this class first period, so I had to go there for homeroom), and we went inside the room (the doors were unlocked), but the teacher wasn't there. Mrs. Copelan, the assistant principal of my high school entered the room, and informed us that the teacher is suddenly ill. The sub was going to take 10 mins. to arrive, and the assistant principal didn't have anything else that needed to be done, so she started teaching the class.

    We were focusing on the renaissance period, and all this romantic bullshit poetry, and she was getting a little too into the whole thing, and was over-enthusiastic about it. I was only half-paying attention, but I heard her say "and sometimes you love someone so much that you just want to KILL THEM! You know what I mean?". The class responded with puzzled-sounding "uhh, no...".

    Jesus christ school faculty sure are weird sometimes.

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    2. Danarchy


      lol, grownups are sooo weeeeird, amirite?

    3. Csonicgo


      When I was on some fucked up prescription drugs. I decided to write a bunch of journals each morning on my laptop at school (was an accommodation of mine to use a laptop, P150 MMX with win95 woop woop) and I recently found them on floppy disk. Looking back I can see how damn troubled I was. it was somewhat disturbing.

    4. deathbringer


      I thought a book I had was from some time in the 1880's but I last night worked out it's from 1856. Now them's some "old files".