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  1. DBRAIN1 through DBRAIN4 are now as seen above. No longer do you have to resort to scrolling the firewall left, or using the bloodfall, or even avoid using lava. Just thought I should give the mappers a heads-up on this. This should be available starting in the nightly build on May 10th.
  2. I'm just curious, has anyone ever attempted hacking the SNES version of Doom, like how Kaiser has hacked the other console versions of it?
  3. Blastfrog

    I wanna make more music, basically

    Oops, it was actually bytebeats, not you. I feel a bit silly, my memory's not the greatest. Thanks! It's pretty fun, at least for being able to easily use whatever instruments you want and not just the General MIDI set or having to faff about with soundfonts.
  4. Blastfrog

    I wanna make more music, basically

    @Blueworrior Hey, I was wondering if you might find any of my rough (and frankly kinda bad) music even vaguely interesting to base anything on. You already made a remix of one of my tunes and it ended up as E1M7's theme. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sf9dklzkzwdbd69/zqmus_8jul2020.zip?dl=0 This is all meant for my own semi-vaporware game, but I am donating it all to Freedoom in its current state, anyhow. I most comfortably work in tracker module format, not MIDI. I'd suggest installing OpenMPT to take them apart if you'd like to adapt any of them to your own MIDI arrangements for Freedoom.
  5. Blastfrog

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I've gone through a lot in my life, and I've taken up secular Buddhism. I'm beginning to see things very differently, and I feel much better for it. I could elaborate more if I felt like it, but I just wanted to drop a little note that I'm not the same selfish and spastic jackass I once was.
  6. Blastfrog

    I wanna make more music, basically

    Hell yeah, dude! I really like your work, I'm glad to see you return.
  7. Blastfrog

    Command and Conquer is going open source

    Holy balls, EA did something cool for once? Color me impressed. This is a good day for the public domain of the art of video games.
  8. Blastfrog

    How many people's PC set up is this:

    My controls are as follows: R/F - forward and back W/E - strafe A - jump Space - crouch Q - reload T - use G - flashlight Shift - run And I use a trackball with inverted look.
  9. Blastfrog

    I like Freedom a lot!!

    Thank you! I'm only one contributor of many, but I've been proud to contribute to this community effort when, where and how I can, and I'm glad you enjoy it. However, I wanted to address one thing: While there is no reason to be charging money for this project and it's definitely better that we don't, that is not actually the core purpose of the Freedoom project. It's "free" as in "freedom". @Linguica is to thank for convincing John Carmack to release his retired engines under the GNU General Public License*, and this project came about as an answer to the newly liberated source code. Free content for a free engine, the official Doom IWADs are still propriety and commercially sold to this day, but Freedoom fills that gap. *with Carmack gone from id Software, we're unfortunately unlikely to see any future source releases from id, given that Zenimax now owns them, and they are very much not interested in that kind of thing.
  10. Blastfrog

    Make Freedoom Great Again

    I'm still around, and I'm still going to do this thing my way. I've been exceedingly busy, but I still have every intention of fulfilling my duty to this project, and I've found myself having a lot more free time due to recent events. I've decided to privately collaborate with others of my choosing instead of going it entirely alone, and have already been in communication with a few others about this. I'm planning to do livestreams soon, to share my progress and receive feedback in realtime. I'm just waiting on my new microphone to arrive in the mail. Realistically, it's not going to be here for at least a couple weeks, but I hope to start streaming by the end of May.
  11. Blastfrog

    MAP01 facelift

    I've been more than busy these days, but I managed to find some time to work on stuff. It's not much, but at least it's something. I tested it in Chocolate, no issues as far as I can tell. Download here
  12. 1. Why is my grandson wasting my time with this strange contraption? 2. I suck. 3. Average, yet inexperienced. 4. I can handle myself. 5. I hate myself.
  13. Blastfrog

    Post your pet pictures!

    We have a post your picture thread, how about one about your pets? This is Shiba:
  14. Blastfrog

    fallout 76 sucks significantly less after a patch.

    Elder Scrolls with guns is no Fallout game. Bethesda should stay in their lane; buggy, mediocre knock-off Tolkien fantasy. Where's Van Buren?
  15. Blastfrog

    Renaming The Baddies

    I like a good portion of those names. These are my personal favorites: Zombieman - Grunt Chaingunguy - Enforcer (instead of the shotgunguy having this name) Imp - Serpent Demon - Rotworm (I see little reason to spell worm with a U) Spectre - Shade Lost Soul - Apparition Hell Knight - Vanguard Baron of Hell - Overlord Revenant - Wraith Cyberdemon - Colossus I'm not too keen on the rest. I can't come up with any good names of my own at the moment.
  16. Blastfrog

    Stan Lee has passed away at 95

    I just so happened to see this yesterday and screencapped it when I had the opportunity. RIP, you creative legend.
  17. Blastfrog

    New patches and sprites

    I can tell you put a lot of effort into these, but to be honest, I don't think it quite measures up. Main criticism is that you seem to rely on pillowshading and gradients, I suggest looking up guides on directional shading. The sprites aren't good, but I see potential in some of these textures with more work. I especially like those computer textures, the shiny, high contrast look it has is cool. Also, interesting take on the Star Wars walls, I never liked Freedoom's existing ones. They're far too dark, though.
  18. Blastfrog

    MAP01 facelift

    Thanks, glad you like it. :) @Doctor Nick This level is still much simpler than Wolf 3D's or Quake 1's first levels. I simplified the secrets (no more hidden switch, can directly access the balcony), added some detail (especially in the northern courtyard) and tried to make the texture choices a little less all over the place. Also tried to work more on actor placement, I wasn't satisfied with it before. Here's my new revision: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1rp999n5vx7ynvy/fd2map01bf.wad?dl=0 EDIT: Here's a screenshot album: https://imgur.com/a/89JVNJO I also included some new weapon sounds, IMO they're improvements, but I'd like to know what you guys think.
  19. Blastfrog

    Doomguy versus Mega Man

    I have nothing of actual value to contribute in this thread so here have a silly tune instead
  20. Blastfrog

    Playstation Doom on PS2

    Don't expect it to look much better on PS2 than on PSX; the renderer actually works like the software renderer, just pushes each column as polygons. Unless it were somehow hacked to be higher resolution, you'll never get more than 256 visible columns. On that note, I find it regretful that they didn't correct the aspect ratio. Not only do the levels look squished down; it would've been crisper vertically than PC Doom, essentially for free, and would make up for the loss in horizontal res IMO.
  21. Blastfrog

    The Latest Version of The People's DooM is ...

    I'm curious, what are the license terms for the content in TPD, and how do this project's goals differ from Freedoom's?
  22. Blastfrog

    MAP01 facelift

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Apologies for using an unreliable upload service, I was too lazy to log into my Dropbox, heh. Also, I should've mentioned the necessity of using -merge in Chocolate. Perhaps it is a little busy. Perhaps aquatex itself is a little busy looking, I might've overused it. A lot of the fine details with high contrast don't look so great in 320x200, imo. The map is still pretty simple, just a horseshoe bend directly to the exit. The added secrets are there for replay value, as well as to demonstrate the concept of timed secrets and searching in weird spots. I wanted to tease the teleport secret from the window in the elevator secret, to motivate a curious player to find a way there (taking a cue from Romero's playbook). I tried to do a lot of contrast with light and dark areas, should I tone it down some?
  23. Blastfrog

    Doomworld's thread of adorable!

    when i said "sit" this isn't quite what I meant