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  1. B-but, it's for the vintage look! now you too can be a hipster if you pay zenimax I prefer the one that doesn't look like shit.
  2. You wanna talk about rips in Duke games, just look at all the plagiarized art from the Turrican games in 1 and 2. That's just fucking shameful, and I'm surprised no one ever gives Apogee shit for it. As for samples, far as I'm concerned it's fine, especially in music, where you can't even argue that it isn't transformative.
  3. Editor seems to retain hidden line breaks I intend to remove. They're not there in the editor, but show up after posting.
  4. Marathon trilogy, Jak trilogy, Super Mario Bros 1, 2J and 2US (I don't like 3, heresy I know), just off the top of my head. I'll update this post later if I think of anything else.
  5. Thank you all for the support, when you've internalized hatred such as "this is wrong and therefore you should not reveal it and work to change yourself" it's very difficult to come forward publicly. Though they're under a different part of the LGBT umbrella, I'd like to thank @esselfortium and @Csonicgo for being brave enough to share their stories, it made me realize that I'm not alone and that there is a lot more support out there than I had previously thought. It made it a lot easier to post what I did. Ignorance and hate can only stop me from following my path in life if I allow it to, and the first step is to leave my comfort zone and not hide any longer. Edit: to note, I'd prefer to leave political discussion on the wayside, it tends not to turn out well. I also distinctly remember questioning my own gender at about 4 or 5, thinking that I'd rather not have one at all, I'm just me, I do what interests me and I don't like the idea of being expected to conform to some preset of appearance and behavior. Not sure what to make of that, however.
  6. I'm going to immediately regret posting this but fuck it i cant just keep it inside any longer I'm gay and have been for as long as I can remember. To hell with the bigots in society that make it such a struggle to openly live as one's self. The world has come a long way but rereading this thread reminds me that homophobic (or at least callously indifferent) sentiment is still far too common. People are far too quick to dismiss the struggles of others just because they don't immediately relate to what it's like or know anyone who has (openly) gone through it.
  7. You said something very similar a while back: Hmm, is Zed's face, like, totally symmetrical? That makes him look really creepy I think. Maybe you could experiment with making the sides a little different. Something about wild-eyed crazed-looking cats appeals to me, I don't know what.
  8. Dwayne's got the muscles and the personality but I'd really rather not see Hollywood return to the practice of trying to change performers' races for the camera. Just has bad idea written all over it, especially now.
  9. blastfrog is away from his computer so i am taking it over here is a picture of me no do not ask how i type with paws it is an secret
  10. Because this man is capable of looking like the character and performing his actions on set. I'm sure you mean the voice, but the way you phrased it almost sounds like you want him in the role directly. On that note, however: Why doesn't Hollywood ever have dual roles like this outside of facially obscured/CG characters? Hell, we could recreate the likeness of movie stars from times gone by with lookalikes dubbed by soundalikes. I'd prefer to see that when bringing back old characters than to keep seeing them Doctor-Who it every time the original performer aged too much or died.
  11. I need a way to calculate the minimum required velocity to reach a certain height assuming uninterrupted motion every tic. The purpose of this is alternate stepheight behavior, the player is allowed to exist below the floor so long as they are travelling upward with enough speed to reach the floor or higher by the time Z velocity hits 0 or less, if the speed is any less than that min. amount, they will be forced to floor level and their Z velocity set to 0. I'm basically ready to implement this in my game, but I have no idea what formula I could use to return that value every tic when needed during step-up. For upward momentum, I am using (in effect) a gravity level of 1.476 per tic (I have also disabled double application on first tic) and a friction level of 0.96. So yeah, I can't really use the formula for standard Doom physics, because I have butchered them. :P
  12. Microsoft hates squirrels, just ask Conker.
  13. I appear to have lost myself and wrote a wall of text. Have fun sifting through it (or don't). TL;DR to OP, yes, get BFG on Xbox, very much worth it. Also consider an Xbox One X rather than the original, more expensive, yes, but a sensible investment because I suspect that games are going to start defacto requiring the X over time (I give it 3-4 years at most) with perhaps paltry "just to have the tick on the box" compatibility with the base model, with terrible performance and/or visuals, possibly reduced featureset, etc. Besides, you'll get to enjoy better visuals right off the bat. Okay, but what relevance does that have in this thread? The OP stated that he was interested in possibly grabbing an Xbox One for more general reasons, and thought perhaps BFG Edition is worth picking up to have something Doomy in his library for his new machine. I know the console versions of Doom 2016 let you change the FOV, but I am not certain if BFG does or not on console (PC version does at least). Even for PC, I actually do think it's worth picking up. Yeah, they made the game somewhat easier, but honestly it's a hell of a lot more fun with the speedier player and the sensible flashlight. And if you wanna get into whether Doom 3 is a real Doom game, I honestly think most of the changes in the 2012 version (they fucked up the expansion though) emphasize the parts that really make it Doom at its core (even if it is a very different take on it). They actually did a lot sound reworking, I love the new sounds. Health isn't just recycled from Quake 3 (though perhaps it is a bit corny, but I like it), player footsteps sound like they have heft and weight with jangling military gear, I'm sure there's a lot else but I haven't taken too close of a look. You may even want to get it on PC, if you want to play Lost Mission or see the changes to the base campaign on it rather than a console (don't even bother with Doom 1 and 2 in BFG on PC for obvious reasons). I think it's a good product (if not without its flaws) and that the heavy critics of it are missing the point and don't seem to appreciate the careful attention to detail as they combed over the game with tweaks (setting nostalgia or conservatism aside, the changes really do make the game much more fun without really taking away from the experience, unless you really think unfun gameplay elements for the "atmopshere" were really worth keeping). Tangent that I wrote but don't feel like deleting so whatever: Carmack may be a good coder, but I don't think he has a very good game design sense and seems to think that technology always comes first, he's made some really poor tech decisions over the years IMO. Forcing the Saturn port of Doom to use software rendering and being a watered down version of the PSX port, requiring the flashlight in Doom 3 lower your weapon, Rage's total reliance on static texture pages, etc. Honestly, Wolf and Doom worked because they made compromises to perform well on the hardware of the time, and they ran with the limitations rather than being hindered by them. His later engines and the decisions he forced on the game design show that he may have lost his touch with what needs to be made, rather than forcing his fun new trick of week on everything because that's all he wants to spend time on I would guess. He used to balance new methods (that were also of practical use to designers, rather than requiring absurd man hours and a render farm just to texture the map) by elegantly pairing them with established methods. He didn't even want the flashlight originally, so they should've brightened the environment slightly! Perhaps they should have mixed some baked ambient light in as very dark lightmaps. I know the art direction was going for dramatic contrast (which I like), but literal RGB 0,0,0 making up most of the negative space looks really dated and excessively cartoony. Some very soft, very subtle ambient light could've really helped the game's aesthetic, perhaps they could've used a few less realtime lights to boost performance as well. My thoughts on Rage are similar. Should've mixed traditional texturing (even psuedo-texture pages like painting terrain meshes in Unreal perhaps) with texture pages where it would be most beneficial. Save memory, make the game not look like hairy old JPEG ass, but that ship has long since sailed. Look at the prerelease shots (not sure about footage, but maybe) and then look at the released game, they significantly reduced resolution (dead city looks great in prerelease, buildings look like melted plastic as seen through foggy glasses in final).
  14. For console, yes, absolutely. For PC, just play vanilla (optionally with any mods of your choice). For BFG edition movement speed, use the console to set the movement speeds to 125% of their default. If you want the zoomed in/flattened look of the BFG edition, set your FOV to 64 instead of 90, and the first person weapon X position to 3 (or maybe it was -3, can't remember, in any case it is more distant from the camera by 3 units in BFG edition). Set the brightness multiplier to 3 instead of the default 2. Alternately set it to 4 if you want it to look like the launch version of BFG edition, they pulled it back in a patch after complaints that everything became too washed out. On that note, I wonder how Doom 3 would look in HDR with the original brightness scaled to the display's max capacity. Probably pretty damn good, I imagine.
  15. It amazes me how poorly GZDoom performs compared to something like an early Source engine game. Having AO and AA enabled should not have me dipping below my preferred 144fps. And if models are in use, it must be sparingly or that'll tank performance as well. I get that supporting all those software mode quirks in GL might have an impact, and I have no clue what I'm really talking about, but is this really as good as it can get? Any why was the look range capped to less than 90 degrees up or down? All that being said, it's still a fantastic engine, and has only become better over time.
  16. On that note, why are fax machines still in use today? It's so pointless! I'd think emailing documents would've taken over entirely by now, guess not.
  17. Maybe try editing your post instead of making another mere minutes apart? Regardless of the exact cause, if your computer is too old to handle SLADE, it's probably time to move the clock forward at least 2 or 3 years. There's probably a whole lot of other stuff you can't run, and that list will just keep growing the longer you put off upgrading. My computer is over half a decade old by now and I'm still able to do everything I want with it. I'm one of those weirdos who refuses to move beyond Windows 7 until it's no longer viable to do so. I can't imagine how badly you've shot yourself in the foot in comparison. I'm not actually that fond of SLADE, tbh. It's just that I remember loathing XWE for years with all of its problems and was glad that something less terrible came along to replace it.
  18. Edward said nothing of compatibility, he was talking about failing components. Which, yes, is a common cause of hardware related issues. And you yourself said: Old. As in more likely to fail than new. The links are dead because XWE itself is dead (and has been for quite some time, now). Trust me when I say it's not a program you want to use if you don't somehow have to.
  19. What? Are you referring to that licensed Wolf 3D engine game or literal body counts?
  20. I have nothing to go on this, but I have a gut feeling that the baron was made first. The imp is the simplest, however, would've been the easiest to make, assuming the following isn't true. I seem to recall reading somewhere that they just posed the player model like the imp and heavily edited it in post, no idea where I read that or how accurate it may be.
  21. Am I onto something or am I just batshit crazy? Controllable jump height, z-axis friction, different gravity depending on positive or negative z velocity, short-burst jetpack, dropkicks, slightly late jumps (less than a foot off the ledge) allowed, permissive and flexible stepheight behavior, horizontal air control without automatic deceleration (thanks @Linguica!), etc Is it really that much of a surprise that platforming in general (first person or not) sucks when the player controls like a stiff, overlubricated brick? Imagine if Mario in SMB1 had the same player mechanics as Gordon Freeman in HL1 (or god forbid, HL2 and its completely fucked physics). Now stick Mario-like controls in an FPS. Perspective has little to do with it! You just need a reasonably high enough FOV for first person, and you're pretty much set. The rest of it comes down to timing of the jump key and making careful turns, it's really quite easy. The jetpack here gives you a short burst that acts almost like a double jump (yet looser), but you can only use it once before landing on the ground again (and it infinitely recharges, no need to seek fuel pickups). You also have a dropkick, in place of where a crouch-jump mechanic ala Half-Life would usually be. This forces you to fall extra hard (and even cancels the jetpack entirely) until you've landed on something. Obviously, this is intended to deal damage to actors below, as well as force an immediate landing for yet another tool at the player's disposal to have precise mastery over their own speed, direction and position. And yes, this map looks terrible and is empty. I am playing haphazardly in this footage due to a severe lack of sleep (among other things) and I was also attempting to "dance" with the music, it honestly controls far smoother than it may appear here. Oh, and paging @Graf Zahl, GZDoom's portal collision's seems a bit broken in my unusual use-case, seems to snap me to the platform if I'm attempting to move up despite still falling when I reach the bottom of the top portal layer while hugging the lower wall. Obviously, I will share my materials if you need them to diagnose the problem.
  22. Holy shit this is the best, how has almost no one else commented on this yet? Why did I take so long to do so? In any case, great work!
  23. "hi i registered less than a year ago you the general public are my personal servants please expend time and labor to create an entire sprite set for my own personal use in a game that is primarily first person where you don't see the sprite 99% of the time anyway plzkthx" oh boy where do i sign up, i can't wait to not receive compensation while making an entire miniproject that only one person wants for themselves and i dont find interest in myself or imagine many others for that matter "that's an order, soldier!" You should consider getting some perspective on what you can reasonably ask others to do for you (and in exchange for what).*** And this is coming from someone who isn't exactly known for having the best social etiquette, so that should frame just how out of whack your original post was. Is this a sockpuppet? Smells vaguely like one. Or perhaps it's because I just took my shoes off. Either way, suspect timing, message, and lack of further activity. If you're really trying to prop your lonely request up with an alt, maybe you should reconsider what you're doing with your time. ***Actually that just gave me an idea. I'll make you a sprite set for at least 50 bucks, the more you pay, the better the sprite quality. :D
  24. If I did daily livestreams of my TC development, would any of you tune in? I feel like having eyes on me in realtime might serve as better motivation to finish it than beating myself up every time I fall short on progress.
  25. So, I recently picked up an Elecom Deft trackball to replace my Kensington Expert Mouse (the build quality is surprisingly shit on that one, and it seemed to have tracking issues when rolling the ball too fast). So far, I'm quite liking this new one, from the layout, build quality, and the tracking is very responsive and accurate even when I spin the ball like a madman. Here's the issue, and I've had it on every trackball I've owned (all modern, I don't have any trackballs from the "golden era" of a decade+ ago); it kind of "chugs" along when I move the ball slowly. I've tried sewing machine oil and a tiny bit of WD40, but I still get the same damn chunky movement (though lessened). It rolls very nicely otherwise, when going at faster speeds. I've heard that the balls from older Logitech and Microsoft trackballs are made out of smoother material. Is there some trick I'm missing in getting this thing to roll nicely with stock parts, or should I go buy an old Microsoft trackball to swap the ball out with my Elecom? I've searched all over Google and haven't found much of any useful info aside from the things I've mentioned above (oil and ball swap). Please don't make testicle puns in response... :P