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  1. DooM Droid

    Did you find Doom 3 scary?

    Well I play DooM3 only by night, without any friends on house. So im just alone without light and vol up. When the thing starts to happen... well im si jumpy. like if im in the mars on real life. moving very carefully even health on full. Checking corners. Listening of sounds. And all kind of things like that. You should try it on your homes pals. Put the volume so up that when imp dies that screaming hurts your ears. Then you got the feeling and then it will be easier to play cos monsters cant surprise you, cos you can hear them footsteps. But still F.E.A.R is 10x more scarier. I newer ever play it again on night.
  2. DooM Droid

    Your most HATED monster?

    Arch vile. offcourse
  3. DooM Droid

    Do the GZDooM have a 3D models?

    Read my subject to know my question.
  4. DooM Droid

    Doomdroid's project

    <Question about BFG resources> I need it to my wad. I have a good ida what to do with it. It is not an ordinary BFG 9000. It is a BFG 12k.
  5. DooM Droid

    Doomdroid's project

    "How tot use" I looked the DooM decorations wiki, but it not say where do i make thoose decorations. Like notepad and attach it to the wad or something like that.
  6. DooM Droid

    Doomdroid's project

    Aah yes I meaned valley. I allways mix them two.
  7. DooM Droid

    Doomdroid's project

    Interesting bug THis bug appears on the my wad on DB it looks like this: And 3d mode it looks like this: But in game like this: I used the check errors button, but it ain saying nothing what help me about that. And fix and rechec tab not appear on it
  8. DooM Droid

    Helicopter Textures?

    Ask if owner of "Hell breakin loose!" LOan his helicopter. I don't remember his name by now, but you can download his wad to look it from readme
  9. DooM Droid

    Doomdroid's project

    That is sso stupid weapon that if I could be owner of that i will shoot myself with it. The BFG balls won't stop exploding
  10. DooM Droid

    Doomdroid's project

    If I make my own new textures, do I have overwrite the old ones? Cos I think that my wad contains all of the textures and I need still plenty of more.
  11. DooM Droid

    Doomdroid's project

    What is the home village where moomins live?? THis is so dump!!!!!... I need that info cos I make a wad where is their home village. I make it a huge size. And I put everything on right place usin Tove Janson's map and that JApanese TV serie of same cathegory.
  12. DooM Droid

    Doomdroid's project

    Hell. It is little bit unfair weapon if you shoot like 10 BFG balls to one target
  13. DooM Droid

    Doomdroid's project

    This fires allmost rapid fire BFG balls. But at least max ammo is 5
  14. DooM Droid

    ZDooM and mp3

    I still cant get to ZDooM use mp3 musics. It allways uses games midi and im 100% sure that i renamed files correctly.
  15. DooM Droid

    Doomdroid's project

    And what is the webadress to page?
  16. DooM Droid

    What lump do i have to replace to rename my level?

    When I openned the DooM2.wad on a XWE there was a text wich have all the levels names. Maby when you make your own pictures of them you can use all fonts and funny graphics on your level tittles.
  17. I need one of them to my wad. And what programs I need?
  18. DooM Droid

    Is it possible to make one hit K.O enemies

    How about armor? Armor takes some damage from hits.
  19. DooM Droid

    Is it possible to make one hit K.O enemies

    How? What programm. (I hope that not scriptin cos I allways screw about it)
  20. DooM Droid

    Doom 3 in 1:09:18

    Its on the elevator when you use the com link satelite its says: Marine you must... Then radio breaks up
  21. DooM Droid

    Doom 3 in 1:09:18

    I founded a english sentence on this french dup. It begin on 0:39:07
  22. DooM Droid

    Doom 3 in 1:09:18

    That baby crying on the begining of the movie freaks me out!
  23. DooM Droid

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    My reason is: Cos This game rocks like hell!!!!! I remember when I was small kid I played shareware DooM's first episode every day. (IDDQD and IDKFA of course, but I wasn't good player then.) I never bored to do that. So thats why Im still playing DooM. And offourse I like ZDooM mods with videos too.