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  1. Ghoul_Face

    So... internet shutdown on september 30th

    I can assure you i made this thread not with the click bait intention as i hate those as much as you, first off im not too expert on those topics about certificates and stuff and i honestly needed other people opinion about this because i wasnt certain if this thing is true or not, it make sense for me that computers with XP wouldnt not work but not android 6 which its what my cellphone uses and i barely bought it new 3 years ago. from all the link i could find quick before going to bed its the one in english i could found, because i got this new in spanish article and most of all articles talking about it where in spanish and with the legend "internet shutdown on september 30th" and i know spanish articles tend to exaggerate just to sell papers or attract people to read their articles even serious sites of news. EDIT: have to use my account i have in the job because i cant remember the password on my main one.
  2. Ghoul_Face

    Doom Builder problems with Windows Vista

    well doom builder hasn't trow any error, i've put the dll on the same folder as doom builder and it still run. i have the Doom builder on programs and files, and the only error that throw at closing is: doom builder stop working but saves my maps and don't delete it
  3. Ghoul_Face

    Doom Builder problems with Windows Vista

    it's not like i would have wanted to intall vista, it's that my old pc burned it's processor and we had to buy a new one, and this is my problem. the new pc came with windows vista and i knew that vista didn't work. now i can't advance with some of my wad projects i think these are my final days of mapper
  4. Ghoul_Face

    Doom Builder problems with Windows Vista

    that's why i'm asking if there's any way to fix the error (if it have solution)
  5. Ghoul_Face

    Doom Builder problems with Windows Vista

    Another way to fix this? the compatibility mode dont solve that problem.