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  1. After eight years of using my Dell 19" CRT I finally replaced it with an Acer 20" LED monitor:

    It's max resolution goes up to 1600x900 (whereas my Dell went up to 1280x1024,) and the picture is much clearer than my CRT. I picked it up for $100 at Best Buy (Couldn't find a better price online or in another retail place) and I'm really happy with it considering the thing's only like 1" wide and has a 170° viewing angle.

    Graphic intensive games like Crysis look a lot better, although I might have to turn the settings down a little bit to make up for the slightly decreased speed running it at 1600x900. Overall I'm glad I finally bought this and hopefully it will last as long as my CRT did.

    1. DuckReconMajor


      I got a 1600x900 monitor for another computer in my house a while back and I ran through E1 on it because Doom is so oddly alluring at 16:9. The extended marble texture on the sides of the ZDoom status bar even failed to annoy me.