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  1. My recently obtained ZEOS 486 has been sitting in the corner of my room for about two months, as I previously couldn't get it working.

    I don't know if the video card just wasn't seated or if the monitor I was using before didn't pick up the signal, but I started messing with it again and I got it to boot:

    As you can see in that image however, the CMOS battery is dead. I'd love to go replace it but here is the problem:

    This weird hunk of plastic (which was attached to the case with some sticky velcro) is the battery, and I have absolutely no idea how to replace it. I imagine I'm going to need to do some soldering to make a new compatible battery, but I really have no clue.


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    2. GreyGhost


      Whoo said:

      AUTOEXEC.BAT (The original booted into Win 3.1, but I got rid of the command)

      The system also has a virus scanner that runs on startup (ViruCide 4.12), but it's not picking anything up. The CD-ROM is also a CRE-BTB; one of those drives that has it's IDE cable connect to the Sound Blaster.

      Can't see anything obviously wrong in those files so you might try swapping CD-Rom drives. That's one ancient virus checker, probably hasn't been updated for 15 years and unless it has an excellent heuristic scanner is most likely next to useless.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      If you want to check for viruses, booting into a Linux LiveCD, installing and updating a virus scanner, mounting and scanning your DOS drive is probably the best bet.

    4. Whoo


      I'm actually just replacing it with an extra Samsung CD-ROM drive I have. My stash of floppies must have gone bad though, since three of them got corrupted when I tried copying the drivers over to them.

      I'm gonna have to go to ebay since the store by me stopped stocking them.