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  1. So today I go to turn on my PC and it wouldn't pass the POST. I opened it up and spent the next three hours trying to figure out what the problem was.

    After replacing and removing almost every part I came to the conclusion that the PSU was bad. I tried booting 20+ times and it randomly booted successfully twice. I plugged my hard drive in and then it stopped booting once again. Unplugging it again didn't fix anything.

    So I go to Best Buy to get the PSU checked and it turns out that the 12V rails had gone bad and weren't putting out nearly enough amps. So I picked up a Corsair GS700 for $100. I installed it and played some games to test it for about two hours. The first attempt to boot failed, but I reset the CMOS and it turned on fine.

    Then my PC shut off and it started up the whole process of refusing to pass the POST again. I once again removed and/or replaced every part with no success. The CPU and video card weren't really that hot at all (GPU was around 60C, CPU was somewhere between 30-40C).

    I'm assuming I got a defective PSU, as I'm really hoping I don't have to replace my motherboard and be out another $100. Another trip to Best Buy tomorrow will reveal the truth.

    tl;dr version: My shitty Ultra PSU's 12V rails gave out and I bought a replacement that is probably defective.

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    2. Whoo


      I just requested an RMA from ASUS (as TigerDirect would've just pointed me in their direction), so I don't know if they'll be shipping back a new board or the repaired board.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Unlikely you will get your individual board repaired. Manufacturer repair centres usually have an amount of stock onhand, so when yours comes in, you get someone else's repaired board and yours goes in the "to fix" pile.

    4. Whoo


      postin' from the gaming pc

      Right now I don't know if they didn't fix the problem (or gave me a faulty replacement), as the first two attempts to boot weren't successful. I reset the BIOS, and it then booted up 4 times in a row without a problem.

      It was doing this before I sent the board in though, so I'm not sure what to think. I'll have to do some heavy gaming later to see if it shuts off like last time.

      1/24 Update:

      Been running for a little over a day straight now and it hasn't shut off. Currently backing up all my files so I can reinstall Windows 7 in 64-bit format.