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  1. Last night at the eerie Horror Fest located in Erie PA, I met up with the awesome Reggie Bannister from Phantasm, and other various films. All and all, he was a really interesting guy. We(My dad, and his friend) talked to him for a good twenty-five minutes or so, until we went to see Phantasm on the big screen again. He was just extremely intelligent. After the movie was over he answered some questions, and really went in depth with the answers. Before the show while I was talking with him he mentioned something that totally caught me off guard, I didn't expect him to talk about it: The slaughtering of the buffalo in the Mid Western US. He clearly knew what he was talking about, as he was bringing up several key points, such as the police officers helping kill them, who's badge mascot was a buffalo. While I was their I got a copy of his album called "Naked Truth", and got him to autograph it. The album is fairly good, and I'm not even into the kind of music he does.I might as well upload a picture I took with him while I'm here.

    To finish this topic up I might as well talk about the other things that were at the horror fest.

    There were various other things at the horror fest, such as vendors for Halloween supplies, movies, and posters. One vendor even had four tables worth of movies that had movies never release before, all preserved on DVD with covers. Then a vendor across from that table, there was a sculpter who was making Jason masks, and head props. Was pretty interesting, but the masks were a little too much($70) Before I go overboard with all the vendors, I'll just finish with one more. Another one carried a ton of stuff. They had movies, posters, toys, even t-shirts with horror movie titles on them. It was a great Horror Fest, anyone in, or near Erie PA should go to it(Just bring some money with you!)

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      He just looks like the type that doesn't feel like he needs to do something cute whenever someone pulls out a camera. He doesn't even look fat.

    3. Technician


      DuckReconMajor said:

      He just looks like the type that doesn't feel like he needs to do something cute whenever someone pulls out a camera.

      We need more of these people.

    4. kristus


      Who's the guy that is too ugly to be featured in the shot?