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  1. So as I was browsing through the oh-so-lovely Skulltag Drama Thread on Blogs, I was notified of a trojan by Norton. It "deleted it", and shortly after a message box appeared that read something like this: "Windows has encountered a critical error and will restart in one minute. Save your work.". My computer did not restart, but virtually everything stopped responding. I then proceeded to restart. Upon logging back in I am greeted with a black screen and the same message box. After one minute there was no restart, so I pressed the restart button again. This time there was no Windows startup screen. Instead there was a blue screen. I set a restore point recently, so that was my relief. I wasn't too relieved however after running the Startup Repair twice without it asking me to restore. The third time it had finally asked me to, but all was not well. I was able to log in, but everything was very slow. Norton would not open, USB drives would not work, and explorer.exe would freeze if I right clicked anything. So I restarted in Safe Mode. I was able to run a scan, but it was interrupted. How? A loose power cable on my computer. I removed my external hard drive to see if it still worked on another computer, and in the process of doing so I bumped the cable and my computer shut off. At this point nine tracking cookies had been found, so I decided to boot normally without any internet connection. Norton now worked, but the other problems were still present. I ran a full system scan, which picked up eight more tracking cookies, and a "Heuristic Virus"(Which is Norton's way of saying 'I'm guessing this is a virus.'), which was a 'Suspicious.MH690.A'. I believed that was a false positive, but I let it go. Explorer.exe now works perfectly, and I am currently typing this from the said computer that was infected. My final thoughts are: COINCIDENCE????

    tl;dr version:

    Got a trojan while looking through the Skulltag Drama thread, which caused hours of frustration.

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    2. Planky


      Csonicgo said:


      Get this, and ditch fucking Norton.

      QFT. A very nice, clean product, never once had a problem with it.

    3. InsanityBringer


      When I had to set up my neighbor's machine, I set them up with microsoft security essentials. They wanted norton, but I wasn't entirely impressed with it when my dad tried to run it on his machine, and my friend had recommended security essentials in the first place (he was over there earlier looking at their hard drive, which had gone bad from all of our looks at the thing). (plus they also didn't know any of their comcast account information so I kind of couldn't install it). In any case, they didn't complain and the thing is sitting there keeping them safe.

      I also run security essentials on my laptop. I can say it's a good product.

    4. Whoo


      Csonicgo said:


      Get this, and ditch fucking Norton.

      Downloaded, and Norton said: "mssefullinstall-x86fre-en-us-vista-win7.exe requires attention."