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    There will be more Chillax, but not plagiarized.

    Awesome. This'll be great.

    The /newstuff Chronicles #305

    Damn, Chopkinsca, your Templed map was hot. Literally, I was playing it for about 30 minutes, then I got BSoD and when I booted up I opened up SpeedFan and my computer was running at 80 Celsius.

    The /newstuff Chronicles #305

    Cool my map is up there. I emailed the person that cares for the DOOM FTP asking him if he would delete the map because I found a few bugs, but I guess he didn't get it in time. I'm not sure if people know this, but I was messing with Doom Builder for about an hour or two before I started making the map.

    E2M4 remake

    Yeah, the map was alright. There was some messed up textures in gzDOOM (Picture) Being randomly squished at the end of the map was annoying.

    [WIP] Catacombs

    I fixed the door and some other errors. I don't want to put zombies in it, because I want to make the wad seem like it's monsters vs zombies vs you. But I may add in zombies just so it's harder.

    [WIP] Catacombs

    I don't know what to do with this wad, I'm getting no support and I don't know where to go from MAP02. In my mind the 3rd map will be a big sewer, and the 4th will be a abandoned building with a lot of nukeage on the ground and walls, with zombies infested in the building.

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    I can't wait to play this wad. Is there an ETA?

    post your desktop

    I can't remember but, here is the the original.

    [WIP] Catacombs

    Alright. An update. I've added a lot to MAP01, and I've added two rooms to MAP02. MAP01 should be a lot harder now.
  10. BASGTA

    [WIP] Catacombs

    I wasn't sure what textures looked very "cavey" besides the other Asphalt textures. The first map was suppose to be short, because the wad will have at least 5 maps. I like making the player use the chainsaw, I think it's underrated. :P It's hard using the chainsaw on Hell knights/Barons because while you are attacking them they can attack you at the same time, so you have to run in and out. Another good way to conserve ammo is to punch some Demons/spectres if you don't have a chainsaw.
  11. BASGTA

    First Level. Comments Appreciated

    http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/6280/doom0004vg2.png Unknown textures. The map is pretty good, but I had a pistol for about 75% of the mission, which got annoying after a while. At first I thought the door textures were kind of dumb, but they're actually nice, and different from the ordinary door textures.
  12. BASGTA

    [WIP] Catacombs

    I started this wad two days ago. There is one full level, and one incomplete level in this wad. The first level is quite small, the second level is small as well since it's incomplete. To beat this wad it should take you about one or two minutes, just remember to use the chainsaw on the Revenant. Update - May 20th. MAP01 MAP02 Download - Rapidshare. (MediaFire's down)
  13. BASGTA

    [May 17] Acidic - 1.1 Done [Fixed]

    I moved the lower sector farther away, so now you can't see the soulsphere. The things are placed in the exact same place. I have snap to grid on, and they're in the same position.
  14. BASGTA

    My First level.

    There still isn't a way out of pit where the imps are. I think there are a few to many cacodemons in the last room.
  15. BASGTA

    My First level.

    It doesn't even work. I tried opening it in gzDOOM, but it played the original DOOM 2 maps. I opened it with Doom Builder, but it says it's not a IWAD or a PWAD.