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  1. impkilla

    First Level. Comments Appreciated

    Thanks for the comments everybody. This is going to be the first level of a, maybe, 10 or so level WAD, which is why there is only a pistol for most of the map. The one thing I was afraid of was that people would hate only having the pistol. The second map, which I've started, will have the chaingun, supershotgun, and maybe rocket launcher halfway through the level. When it is finished, I'm going to post it here for comments because I want to get better. However, this will be the last level as I'm sure everybody is tired of playing newbie levels.
  2. impkilla

    Hell Underneath in progress (now with a teaser trailer!)

    Beta? There's a beta? Boy I'm behind the times. Well, I checked the Skulltag website and the beta download is located in the news section. I'll download it later, test the level with it, and let you know what happens.
  3. impkilla

    Hell Underneath in progress (now with a teaser trailer!)

    I downloaded daimonreloaded's map and I had the same problem with crashes, expect it crashed after saved normally also and it wouldn't let me load saves from the level either. I was able to play through the level on Ultra-Violence without saving and I thought it was pretty good. After I killed the Cyberdemon in the chapel, I couldn't go anywhere, so I had to use the noclip cheat to get to the Icon of Sin. My main problem with the level was when I got to the red baron of hell (not sure what their really called) because he got stuck in his chair, which made the fight a bit too easy. Also, the ceiling texture above one of the first toilets and a hole in the floor next to it is different from the rest of the room. But I found the level enjoyable and some parts pretty challenging, especially the chapel because I ran out of ammo while fighting the cyberdemon (I then happened to notice a powerpack I didn't pick up.)
  4. impkilla

    First Level. Comments Appreciated

    Link's fixed. New one is in the first post and is a zip file.
  5. http://www.freefileupload.net/file.php?file=files/200507/1179626533/Progress.zip This is my first attempt at a Doom level. First, thanks to SargeBaldy for his texture WAD that has original Doom textures. I want to get better at this, so all comments, criticisms, tips, etc., will be greatly appreciated. Also, here are a few screenshots: http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb14/impkilla/DOOM0000.png http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb14/impkilla/DOOM0004.png http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb14/impkilla/DOOM0005.png Again, all coments will be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. impkilla

    Combining Textures

    What I wanted to do was make one WAD with all the textures from the games; a WAD with the icon of sin textures from Doom 2, the dead baron of hell on the wall from Doom, the waterfall from Plutonia (or is it TNT?), etc. I looked in the downloads section of Doomworld, but couldn't find anything. Is there a program I can download to do this?
  7. impkilla

    Conveyor Belts and Doom Builder

    Thanks for the help.
  8. impkilla

    Combining Textures

    How do I combine two or more sets of textures? I'm trying to combine Doom, Doom 2, TNT Doom, and Plutonia together.
  9. Is there a way to make conveyor belts in doom builder? If it helps, the engine I use is GZDoom. Thanks.