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  1. Well, I didn't think of it that way. When I read the posts I asked myself about five times: "did they ever heard of source ports?" And as you wrote yourself: "there's nothing we can do retroactively", I kind of failed to see the point of the topic. But yes, you're right. Now, that I look at it from different angle, I find it a bit interesting myself. The only thing I trully missed in Doom, back in '96 was the definition of new actors. I tried to use DeHackEd for that, but I've only learned about the strict limit of sprites. In order to create new monster I've had to use sprites of another one, thus not being able to use the latter in the game :(
  2. I think that discussing the topic is pointless as in other words it's the well known "what if...?" If anyone is annoyed by Doom's limits, may he/she look for source port that removes them. Many source ports already took care of many Doom limits and some of them enhanced Doom a lot, in general. The best of them is GZDoom, IMO. Cheers
  3. Vitek

    why all the kdizd hate?

    KDIZD is not about gameplay but architectural madness. Great loss of time and efforts. That's the way I see it.
  4. Hi there, I don't want to start a new thread for my question, so I am putting it here. Do you know how to make monster disappear after it's death states? I mean in DECORATE lump and totally disappear (remove from the map). In EDGE's DDF it was #remove command or something (lost soul uses it at the end of death states), but I am into (G)ZDoom now and can't find any DECORATE lump with states for original monsters. Thanks for the help.
  5. Vitek

    Resizing Sprites for Doom without Quality Loss

    Do you know how to make certain areas of 3D floor transparent? I would like to use hurdles as the floor, but the areas that should be transparent (I used Doom's transparent color) are black instead. Setting floor and ceiling height to 0 didn't help (flatten the 3D floor). I made whole floor translucent (50%), but I need certain graphics to be solid. If the solution is in the use of PNG format, then I'll need help with that, because I've never worked with that format (and it's layers, if it has any).
  6. Vitek

    Resizing Sprites for Doom without Quality Loss

    Oops! Sorry, I forgot to save the graphics as a Doom flat in XWE. Now the flats are ok. The graphics sucks, it is just for testing anyway. http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x212/seriousxenocide/Flatsareok.jpg?t=1179332622 I wonder if the flats can be hi-res too.
  7. Vitek

    Resizing Sprites for Doom without Quality Loss

    Because none of the pictures would loose its quality. Have you ever tried to create anything in 24 bits and then apply Doom palette to it? It is converted to 8 bits automatically and it doesn't matter if you choose "nearest color matching" or "error diffusion", the result sucks. But I have another problem now. I tried to test new flat I made, but GZDoom does not like it. See the screenshot: http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x212/seriousxenocide/Flaterror.jpg?t=1179328242 I don't know why this is happening. I remember I had same problem with ZDoom (software rendering) too. I saved the image as 8 bit using original Doom palette and then inserted it in XWE. I aligned the x/y offset to 0 as XWE doesn't do this automatically. The wad containing this flat has just 3 lumps: FF_START METAL01 FF_END Well, you have seen the result. Do you know how to fix it? Anyone?
  8. Vitek

    Resizing Sprites for Doom without Quality Loss

    I have found the QBasic program but it's strictly programmed to create that bright colormap and not "custom" colormap. Besides it crashed down displaying some kind of error, but I do not understand that. It doesn't matter though. I think I'll draw graphics in 24bit and save them as 8bit just for testing, no matter how ugly it will look. The project I am working on will take long time until finished anyway, so I think a new version of GZDoom that supports 24bit graphics may be released in the meantime. At last I hope it will be... :-) Thanks for your help anyway. I appreciate it. Be cool...
  9. Vitek

    Resizing Sprites for Doom without Quality Loss

    Is there an easy way to insert custom palette into a wad? I tried Inkworks but it sucks. The graphics is rendered either in original Doom palette or it is messed up. One more thing, do I need to put in a wad just COLORMAP or PALETTE lump too? I tried it just with the colormap lump from Inkworks, put it between c_start and c_end markers, but it didn't work. I dunno why, but that doesn't matter if there is another way to do it. Oh, and I am building the wad for latest version of GZDoom. Thanks for your help.