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  1. DoommasterTHEBESTONE

    Bruisers!?!? Where?

    Guys! I know i havent posted in a freaking long time, but i have to say, this topic is a good burst for pointing out in doom 3, THE FREAKING BRUISERS!!!!!!! They are evil, but, where are they? How often do they appear? Not very often... These grusome mouth screen monsters with the gums chomp chomp, i think that they should have put more of these babies in the game! You see like 3-4 of them on all difficulties, 'tis pathetic that nobody would step up and put more bruisers in the game. If anybody agrees with me, Quote me now.
  2. DoommasterTHEBESTONE

    doom3 (non expansion) hell is not the last level!

    i really found this quite confusing, bear with me for a sec. but arent you battling hell? and that hell wasnt the last level, even though your fighting through hells forces? it's just a stupid way to make room for the cyber demon, it truely was one of the biggest problems, at first when i played doom 3, i was quite frightened with the graphical horrors that lurk whether its above you, behind you, around the left/right corner, dang it EVEN BELOW YOU! but that was just the most dumbest thing id ever experience, i mean, come on! hell not being the last level? heres the list of things that would have made more sense: 1 the cyberdemon could have been the last boss of hell 2 you could get the soul cube BEFORE going to hell 3 hell could've been less drafty, with the annoyingly constant moaning 4 the cyberdemon didnt need a hell hole 5 why would demons come out of a hell hole? what, did a bunch of archeologists find this giant hole that THEY dug, then over it with fire, put their teleporters down there. AND NOT BURN? jesus christ 6 why arent there any revenants in hell? or maggots, or ticks, or the other arachnid monster that i cant remeber 7 (following up # 5) didnt the demons originate from hell, not a hole!?!!??!!? 8 would'nt it have been stuffy down in the hell hole? 9 the cyberdemon sounds more like a goat, than a hellish warrior 10 the monsters invade earth because they think they wont be followed down from mars 11 the monsters dont just say that they are going to invade earth with hellish warriors, they actully do it! all those things would've made a little more sense, espically number 1 ty for listening
  3. DoommasterTHEBESTONE

    How do u make a pet?

    Judging by how many people play doom 3, how many videos i see about doom3, and how many posts i see, i can tell ALOTTT of people play doom 3. but there was a strange video that i couldnt get my head around, namely, the guy in the video was doing something that frankly anybody using "zdoom" might wanna do, its called summon(or spawn) friend. in doom3 i saw the video that made my head spin, this guy ( i cant remember his name :( ) spawned a cyberdemon and he called it a pet, it owned a zombie, i was just out right laughing in confusion. but now heres the big question (finally): How do u make a pet to serve your fighting needs (and in addition, can you make more than one pet at a time???)
  4. DoommasterTHEBESTONE

    Da snaps and da wad!

    Guys, i have enough work already, so ive canncelld the wad, srry, but im starting new, its based on a city... itll take a even longer time to find new music, enemys, sounds, textures, and even level ideas! TY for being patient, you will either wait longer, or, you can just go find another...
  5. DoommasterTHEBESTONE

    Da snaps and da wad!

    i got my wad and some snapshots, and dont blame me if it doesnt work, cause i had alot of trouble making this wad, it was a annoying road, but i made some goodies! you may come across level 19(can't fix, its impossible) its impossible because the door to the last rooms is not working, and i cant seem to fix it, its a wise idea to just noclip through that wall, plus, gotcha may seem the same, but its massively changed, the size is the massive change, and the spider mastermind at the begining is now a bunch of barons and hellknights, dont blame me if you dont know where the exit to the level is... i will not re: this message, so go to wip to check it out, i dont know if i can get the snaps and the wad at the same time considering that im very busy most of my time, ill try and post it today, visit my other thread and see that i posted about a wad in progress, this wads name is Destructions begining, and it only has 20 doom2 levels changed, remember, you must have a special type of program to get through some of these levels, zdoom, skulltag, etc. etc. etc. ... so plz take your time to veiw the snapshots i am going to post, and thank you for waiting for me...
  6. DoommasterTHEBESTONE


    Does anyone know the password to the marines combat prep area? i wanna get the shotgun and plasmarifle sooner, plus alot of ammo which comes in very handy!
  7. DoommasterTHEBESTONE

    i want to make a long bridge!

    Dude, fine, ill repeat, im trying to make a long bridge and then when you touch the ssg two mancubis will teleport at behind and in front so that that gun has a purpose...
  8. DoommasterTHEBESTONE

    i want to make a long bridge!

    I want to make a long long long bridge and i want a doublebarreled-shotgun at the middle, then in the linedefs, i would want one mancubus at begining of the bridge, and one at the end, but should i have to make the "addon" sector a smaller box than usellal?(not to mention i should have a shotgunshell pack close around the SSG so then the line def triggers two mancubis to come to teleporter, but almost allways, they follow in your derection, and maybe the teleporter might be on the other side...(it gets really annoying how you have to wait...)) So can i get all these answered quickly?