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  1. manzer

    How many Doom wads made so far?

    I didn't know other archives still had em, I guess I wasn't looking. Not even I've had the individual files for quite a long time. Reading those old text files is good for a quick laugh. :) And then shaaaame. :(
  2. manzer

    Really over-used custom sounds in wads

    Who doesn't love the Heretic death sounds?? It's impossible for them to be overused.
  3. manzer

    How many Doom wads made so far?

    As far as individual wads how can anyone possibly say for sure? I know way back when I was releasing wad files as mancer01, mancer02, mancer03, etc etc, and then lumping each set of 5 levels into "MancerX". At some point whomever was maintaining that section of cdrom.com wisely deleted the individual level files while keeping the compilation MancerX files in the archive. I assume many other wad authors at the time did the same thing as well. Not sure you'd want to count those sorts of things or not.
  4. manzer

    Favorite level name?

    Knee Deep In The Dead wait.. thats not a level name.. Or is it? :P
  5. manzer

    The /newstuff Chronicles #309

    I'm just popping in here to say it's cool to have seen my wad (that'd be mancerxx) reviewed in the newstuff chronicles. I'm glad you didn't notice the somewhat incompleteness of the lighting in MAP04, or at least didn't make any remarks. :) You know, it got me thinking about those days gone by.. Back in The Day we didn't have these new fangled fancy schmancy wad reviews to separate the good from the bad. You simply said a little prayer, found something to bite on if it was needed, connected to ftp.cdrom.com, and hoped something didn't crash..... Yep, those were the days. 2rooms was one of my old favorites, back then you gave respect where it was due when you could say "this map has multiple sectors". True story. What about Hallway? Instant classic. Or Stairway? Science has proven that map to be mind boggling, 2 thumbs up. Bringing back a lot of memories here and it's sapping all my energy, I think I'm going to go lay down now. Keep up the good work deathz0r! *knocks a bunch of shit over with his cane on the way out* ps- those are probably real wad names, I'm just screwing around though ;)
  6. manzer

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    Hey there, a ZD server would be great! Of course I'd always have to say Doom 2 is best played 1 on 1 but a small FFA isn't so bad either. It's your server so the choices are really all yours.. ;) Luckily when doing my DM settings it was designed with skill 5 in mind, 3 and below are used to remove the plasma weapons. I'll definitely have to swing by your server if spot anyone playing, or maybe just idle there until someone does join. :P A permanent server would be very cool indeed, heres hoping!
  7. manzer

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    Thanks. Where were you when I had the beta version up here? ;) My goal was full compatibility with ZDoom primarily, I guess this will be something that needs fixed another time.
  8. manzer

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    I finally got around to uploading the .WAD to the archives, so there ya have it. Wish I'd have had a little more time to polish things up (not to mention finish the lighting in MAP04..) but I'm swamped. It's good the way it is, perhaps I'll update it later on if anyone gets any enjoyment out of it. Final page is here.
  9. manzer

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    Some day! Is the archive back up yet?
  10. manzer

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    Alright I'm finishing the .wad up tonight. I'm not going going to have a lot of free time in the coming weeks and this is mostly done. Anything I do from this point would be so minor that it doesn't really matter. Look for the final version on your Doom archive of choice in the near future.. :)
  11. manzer

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    Okay late night update. Not sure if anyone from the forums joined up on the ST server or if it was mostly people auto-downloading the .wad but sorry for the server trouble. It turns out this is not the server's fault at all. But rather due to a bug in Skulltag itself! I've found out that due to a major change Skulltag had in version .97b certain maps can cause the server itself to crash when played online. Several maps, even ones released in the mid to late 90s, are affected by this. MancerXX happens to be among the affected. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next release. :) On the other hand if you play vs bots it is rock solid. The tested ZDaemon server worked great though. So if you plan on hosting a server with this beta version of the .wad, make it ZD. :P
  12. manzer

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    Alright the beta is ready to go. Download is located at: http://www.doomworld.com/manzer/mancerxx/beta/mancerxxbeta.zip Of course all feedback/comments/suggestions are welcome. You can direct them here or email me. Players who can jump on the skulltag server would be even better. :) If anyone puts up a zdaemon server let me know.
  13. manzer

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    Well this beta version will be open to everybody that wants to check it out, so if anyone with enough upstream wants to toss up a zdaemon server then I'm there. But for now I can definitely get a Skulltag server going. I'll poke around IRC some more and see if anyone wants to put up a ZD server.
  14. manzer

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    MancerXX 4 map beta tonight after I get the wad compiled. There will be a temporary Skulltag server available. Look for it using the IDESE program included with ST.
  15. manzer

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    MAP03 is coming along, but not finished quite yet. Just messed around in Skulltag with it. These shots aren't all that great but they will likely be the last shots until everything is done. That, hopefully, will be in a week or so!