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  1. John Smith

    Tech junkies, post your rig specs here.

    i5 2400 stock cooler and stock speeds/GTX 560 Ti clocked to be nearly as good as a 480/8GB of regular old RAM that just has better timings. This is what does the gaming. All this lives in a mITX case though which is easily my favorite part of my box. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T520 that's got an i7-2760QM,8GB RAM,80GB SSD + 500GB HDD, and 1080p display. It's my more favored computer. I also have a ProBook and a Lenovo X61, both for fucking around with.
  2. John Smith

    Who has the other Odessa levels?

    They aren't on D!Zone Gold or Maximum Doom so I'd assume they aren't on shovelware. There is at least one forum member that has these levels but he is at least as stubborn as Ty about them.
  3. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    Get used to none of what's in the above post happening. None of it. The only thing that could even possibly happen is maybe one extra fixed award and/or multiple multiplayer awards. That's it. The best map thing would be a controversial and tricky to manage award that just sounds like a mess. So no. And you aren't getting any old awards back. This is not a democracy folks.
  4. John Smith

    DOOM and DOOM Editors in BASIC

    I have to ask, what dialect of BASIC are you talking about? Not that there's a correct answer but I want to play along and see where this shit leads. Doom Builder 1.x was written in Visual Basic 6, which is why it has massive problems on any OS newer than Windows XP.
  5. Works like last year. Post nominations for deserving wads, and please provide links. Feel free to post multiple wad nominations. Special awards stuff goes here too, including potentials for mapper of the year. Keep the discussion to a minimum. Fly my pretties.
  6. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    I don't make wads at all, and I was pretty comfortable doing the multiplayer awards this year. Also, fwiw, when I looked for best multi I actually took the time to look at other forums but dw.
  7. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    Thanks. Both were originally meant to be amusing entries into the awards but both were increasingly not amusing. Call of Dooty could have gotten a mockaward I guess but I figure if I don't put my foot down sometime it'll never end. And like I've said before a jokewad that's good enough for a real cacoward won't get excluded for being a jokewad. Also, you said in an earlier post that these awards are different, and I think a lot of it is because Scuba is a naturally funny guy who can easily inject lots of humor into the awards, whereas I am chronically unfunny and didn't even try. So the cacowards from me are probably always going to be missing that special something.
  8. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    This was pretty much the rationale behind getting rid of it. It's not uncommon that every year there is something that goes above and beyond the normal levels of being shitty, but giving out an award for such a thing just gives incentive for the shit to keep flowing. And I don't think anyone wants that.
  9. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    My bad for sure. Scuba and I talked about whether or not any doomers had gone fragging in the sky this year and we, uh, didn't realize. Sorry Jive =[ As for the totally controversial vaporware demo getting an award, there are two reasons it happened. Firstly, in the year of the megawad, I thought a single map project deserved some notice (and I didn't find many that were noticeable) and second, I have been under the impression for some time that the Vaporware name is possibly/probably accurate. Also, getting EE some attention and eyeballs was nice. And if ten other worthy wads come around next year along with Vaporware, I can always just sidebar it with a title like "Lil' Demo Grew Up" or whatever. Fuck that guy, he's a lazy bastard. Ahem, I mean, thanks Scuba. And on that note a huge thanks to Bloodshedder for doing the editing for the awards, I can't write so good and he made it all better. Also, thanks to Scuba for doing the artwork for this years awards too.
  10. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    So I intended a while ago to recruit some peeps into getting the awards done and all, much like the last two years. But I've been really busy these past couple of weeks and I never got a chance, and so about four days ago when I realized nothing had been done I figured it was too late to start asking random folks, and buckled down to do them all myself. And I couldn't get myself to write twelve huge stories. :P I've already talked to someone and this wont happen again next year.
  11. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    Check the nominations thread. 9/10 wads come straight from there and with multiple nominations. Call of the Apostate is the only thing sort of popular in that thread that didn't get an award and tbh it's because I was constantly bored to death by it no matter how much I tried to like it. So if you don't like how these Cacowards went, post shit in the nomination thread next year :P
  12. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    I don't think hard is the right word but it really is that stupid sometimes. Really. On UV when I first played through it sometimes I'd just find out I was dead pretty suddenly, and I consider myself to be a decent doom player.
  13. John Smith

    Why I'm a Windows programmer

    Post would be better titled "Why I use MSVC in the Windows environment" because if you're a unix programmer that entire block of code means not a god damn thing, and if you're a cross platform programmer you can always make an MSVC project, and then that code still means not a god damn thing. Alternatively Quasar is post-title trolling.
  14. John Smith

    Beginner Programming

    http://learncodethehardway.org/ Best way to learn code I've seen so far from anywhere, it's pretty retard proof. Start with Learn Python The Hard Way, then look at Learn Ruby the Hard Way, especially if you're interested in web application stuff. Learn C the Hard Way isn't finished yet but unless it's really epic I cannot reccomend it over The C Programming Language. Kernighan and Ritchie write an excellent text, and by the time you would get to it you'd be well prepared from knowing Python and Ruby.
  15. John Smith

    The 18th Annual Cacowards

    Save yourselves the trouble of mentioning mockaward nominations. It wont happen. Exceptionally good and funny things can be mentioned for general nominations, though. I also posted this in the thread in blogs (link at the start of thread) and some other stuff that you may or may not care to read.