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  1. John Smith

    Cacowards 2012 nomination thread

    Works like last year. Post nominations for deserving wads, and please provide links. Feel free to post multiple wad nominations. Special awards stuff goes here too, including potentials for mapper of the year. Keep the discussion to a minimum. Fly my pretties.
  2. John Smith

    Tech junkies, post your rig specs here.

    i5 2400 stock cooler and stock speeds/GTX 560 Ti clocked to be nearly as good as a 480/8GB of regular old RAM that just has better timings. This is what does the gaming. All this lives in a mITX case though which is easily my favorite part of my box. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T520 that's got an i7-2760QM,8GB RAM,80GB SSD + 500GB HDD, and 1080p display. It's my more favored computer. I also have a ProBook and a Lenovo X61, both for fucking around with.
  3. John Smith

    Who has the other Odessa levels?

    They aren't on D!Zone Gold or Maximum Doom so I'd assume they aren't on shovelware. There is at least one forum member that has these levels but he is at least as stubborn as Ty about them.
  4. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    Get used to none of what's in the above post happening. None of it. The only thing that could even possibly happen is maybe one extra fixed award and/or multiple multiplayer awards. That's it. The best map thing would be a controversial and tricky to manage award that just sounds like a mess. So no. And you aren't getting any old awards back. This is not a democracy folks.
  5. John Smith

    DOOM and DOOM Editors in BASIC

    I have to ask, what dialect of BASIC are you talking about? Not that there's a correct answer but I want to play along and see where this shit leads. Doom Builder 1.x was written in Visual Basic 6, which is why it has massive problems on any OS newer than Windows XP.
  6. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    I don't make wads at all, and I was pretty comfortable doing the multiplayer awards this year. Also, fwiw, when I looked for best multi I actually took the time to look at other forums but dw.
  7. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    Thanks. Both were originally meant to be amusing entries into the awards but both were increasingly not amusing. Call of Dooty could have gotten a mockaward I guess but I figure if I don't put my foot down sometime it'll never end. And like I've said before a jokewad that's good enough for a real cacoward won't get excluded for being a jokewad. Also, you said in an earlier post that these awards are different, and I think a lot of it is because Scuba is a naturally funny guy who can easily inject lots of humor into the awards, whereas I am chronically unfunny and didn't even try. So the cacowards from me are probably always going to be missing that special something.
  8. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    This was pretty much the rationale behind getting rid of it. It's not uncommon that every year there is something that goes above and beyond the normal levels of being shitty, but giving out an award for such a thing just gives incentive for the shit to keep flowing. And I don't think anyone wants that.
  9. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    My bad for sure. Scuba and I talked about whether or not any doomers had gone fragging in the sky this year and we, uh, didn't realize. Sorry Jive =[ As for the totally controversial vaporware demo getting an award, there are two reasons it happened. Firstly, in the year of the megawad, I thought a single map project deserved some notice (and I didn't find many that were noticeable) and second, I have been under the impression for some time that the Vaporware name is possibly/probably accurate. Also, getting EE some attention and eyeballs was nice. And if ten other worthy wads come around next year along with Vaporware, I can always just sidebar it with a title like "Lil' Demo Grew Up" or whatever. Fuck that guy, he's a lazy bastard. Ahem, I mean, thanks Scuba. And on that note a huge thanks to Bloodshedder for doing the editing for the awards, I can't write so good and he made it all better. Also, thanks to Scuba for doing the artwork for this years awards too.
  10. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    So I intended a while ago to recruit some peeps into getting the awards done and all, much like the last two years. But I've been really busy these past couple of weeks and I never got a chance, and so about four days ago when I realized nothing had been done I figured it was too late to start asking random folks, and buckled down to do them all myself. And I couldn't get myself to write twelve huge stories. :P I've already talked to someone and this wont happen again next year.
  11. John Smith

    The 18th Annual Cacowards

    So, for those of you who payed attention to the sidebar in last years Cacowards, you'd know Scuba wanted someone to take the reigns. For all who didn't, look again. So I talked to him about it on IRC and he thinks I'm a worthy successor to the role of Cacowards organizer, so, I'm the Cacowards organizer now. For the most part the Cacowards will be mostly the same, a showcase of the best the community has to offer. I plan on tweaking a few things though. First off, I'll be perfectly honest, I love getting to do some reviews, and I'm looking forward to putting it together, and I'm sure I'll enjoy doing a few reviews this year, but I wouldn't really like to do the entire thing. In fact, I'd like to make the community a little bit more involved in the community awards than it is now. There will still be other reviewers making the decision of what's good enough to get a Cacoward and what just missed the mark. I think that most wads that are deemed worthy of eligibility will be mentioned in the awards, whether they win or not, but only the best will still get showcased. Also, I want the community more involved in helping to narrow down the list of eligible wads. The main thing being, the Cacowards nomination thread (this one) is going to not hide in blogs anymore and also, I'm going to weigh potential nominees based not only on how good I think they are, but how many reccomendations they get. So feel free to mention multiple wads in your post, even if someone else has already suggested them previously. Mostly I'm doing this so as to eliminate any questions of bias, these are the Doomworld Cacowards, and so they're going to end up looking like what Doomworld likes. So speak up! There are a couple of other things that are still up in the air, like I might make some modifications to the design of the site, and it's pretty likely that the best jokewad award will disappear, and I've got some possible ideas on other "specialty" awards that may or may not come to fruition. All that is something for October/November, not now. For now, just keep on doing as usual, but let me know guys when something interesting crops up. Oh and try to keep this thread free of random discussion, stick to nominations plz. Oh and, before anyone points it out, I know that Jenisis Part 1 has already been mentioned in Scubas thread in blogs, so you don't have to remind me. Discussion about this new arrangement, or the Cacowards, or the wads being mentioned, or anything else goes in this thread. Thanks Creaphis!
  12. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    Check the nominations thread. 9/10 wads come straight from there and with multiple nominations. Call of the Apostate is the only thing sort of popular in that thread that didn't get an award and tbh it's because I was constantly bored to death by it no matter how much I tried to like it. So if you don't like how these Cacowards went, post shit in the nomination thread next year :P
  13. John Smith

    Doom's Octodecennial

    I don't think hard is the right word but it really is that stupid sometimes. Really. On UV when I first played through it sometimes I'd just find out I was dead pretty suddenly, and I consider myself to be a decent doom player.
  14. John Smith

    Why I'm a Windows programmer

    Post would be better titled "Why I use MSVC in the Windows environment" because if you're a unix programmer that entire block of code means not a god damn thing, and if you're a cross platform programmer you can always make an MSVC project, and then that code still means not a god damn thing. Alternatively Quasar is post-title trolling.
  15. John Smith

    Beginner Programming

    http://learncodethehardway.org/ Best way to learn code I've seen so far from anywhere, it's pretty retard proof. Start with Learn Python The Hard Way, then look at Learn Ruby the Hard Way, especially if you're interested in web application stuff. Learn C the Hard Way isn't finished yet but unless it's really epic I cannot reccomend it over The C Programming Language. Kernighan and Ritchie write an excellent text, and by the time you would get to it you'd be well prepared from knowing Python and Ruby.
  16. John Smith

    The 18th Annual Cacowards

    Save yourselves the trouble of mentioning mockaward nominations. It wont happen. Exceptionally good and funny things can be mentioned for general nominations, though. I also posted this in the thread in blogs (link at the start of thread) and some other stuff that you may or may not care to read.
  17. So lets have a dialogue. What exactly was the point of KDiZD, according to the person with the definitive answers (which as a complete and total shock, is you apparently)? Was it a lot of pointless backtracking because the map author didn't feel like building in circular routes? Was it scavenger hunts for keys that were obscure enough to make Wolf3D mappers proud? I mean I really don't know what it is I guess since the start of this thread. I personally thought it was about recreating E1 of Doom with the features of ZDoom used to make things more interesting, but I'm sure you clearly know more about this than I or, you know, anyone else that might think the same as me. But please, enlighten us all, what was the point of KDiZD, so we don't miss it the next time we have the joy to give it another playthrough. And more relevantly, what is the point of TSoZD? Is it like KDiZD or not and is that good/bad or what. Inquiring minds want to know.
  18. I find it absolutely hilarious that it's apparently the job of other source port authors to keep things compatible with zdoom, but zdoom has no obligation to keep anything compatible with doom itself unless there's a giant uproar. It's pretty telling IMO
  19. I wrote this shit because I was bored, and pissed. It gets my creative juices flowing. Very rough draft so pardon my terrible style, I might update it for you kids after some work is done. Felt like sharing, anyway.

    On Interstate 75, just south of Tampa, Florida, very close to an off ramp leading to nowhere particularly important, lies a dilapidated green painted building, with a dusty path coming from it leading to a small parking lot. To the right of the path, a wooden sign read "Waite School for the Mentally Disabled." Though the school was fairly important to the surrounding community, a variety of failings kept the place constantly looking like it was little better than a shack. For starters, Brian Waite was no skilled businessman, evidenced by the fact he had elected to put the school out of town in the first place. Secondly, hard economic times had caused the school to use pupils, so there was not a lot of budget to go around.

    There were still about a dozen students attenting the school however, and so after a recent incident which had left him with a limp, Brian Waite had hired a young girl fresh out of college to help him manage the various needs of all the children to whom his care was entrusted. On this particular day, he was at the county courthose finalizing his divorce, and so the girl, a blonde by the name of Sally, was entrusted to watch over all of the children by herself. Though he didn't know why at the time, Waite was certain that Sally was going to manage to fuck something up in a spectacular fashion. He never could have guessed exactly how horrible it would be when he turned out to be right.

    At around noon on that day Sally had taken the children outside for some recess, they all seemed to have a lot of pent-up energy. It had been a good day so far, thought Sally, the morning was uneventful, aside from Bobby Adams who had smeared his morning pudding cup in the new boy's hair, and when Kyle Horton had hid in one corner screaming for fifteen minutes.

    Still, in her opinion, she had managed quite well without Mr. Waite there and she was very proud of herself, and the kids. So she had taken them out back and into a fenced-in area and let them play. It was a nice area, all grass and with various toys littered about, and there was a small lake very close by that could be seen through the chain link fence at the back of the yard. There was no playground set, because Mr. Waite was certain that if he bought one a child would get seriously injured somehow and he would be sued faster than he could blink. Sally thought it was silly, but she wasn't the boss, and after all maybe the old man was right. Still, it was certainly one of the nicer areas the children could be in, and she was glad to be outside.

    A few of the less social children were spending time on solitary pursuits like staring at the grass or running aimlessly in circles, but most of the children were playing with a big red ball in the middle of the play area. It was a game of sorts, the children would kick the ball, and then another would pick it up and throw it, sometimes one of the children would simply hold it over his head and dash around with it. The game had no rules, no points, no teams, or any structure at all, but all of the kids were happy to play, and trouble was rarely caused. Seeing that everything in the yard was going fine, Sally went inside for a moment to use the adult bathroom and sneak in a call to her best friend to talk about Sally's nefound post-graduation heterosexuality.

    The children barely noticed her leave at all. Those that were playing with the ball were especially involved in their game and continued with their activity as if nothing had happened. Kyle Horton was bouncing the ball up and down, and it bounced off his shoe towards the new boy. He tried to grab at the ball, but it was an uncoordinated lunge and he completely missed it, and it went rolling across the yard, through a small hole in the fence, and didn't stop until it had reached the edge of the lake. The boy went after the ball, and even managed to crawl through the small hole in the fence.

    The other ball-playing children had stopped what they were doing to look at this chase and when the boy reached the water there was a collective wave of unease and mild panic that swept through the group. One of the kids covered his eyes. They all knew, in their own way, what danger was in the lake. They had all seen the alligators swimming around and had a lot of them had even seen one eat a bird that had stopped to get a drink once. There had been a lot of tears that day.

    The new boy did not know any of these things however, and so, unafraid of what might lurk beneath the waters surface, he reached out over the water to grab the floating red ball, arms flailing wildly. A nearby alligator saw the movement, and seconds later swiftly lashed out, and clamped down on the boys arm. Momentarily, the arm was completely bitten off just above the elbow. With the rest of the arm already sliding down the alligators throat, it retreated back into the gloom of the lake, startled by the cries of child it had just attacked. The boy was screaming in pain and confusion, blood pouring out of his recently amputated appendage in great spurts.

    The other children saw all of this from the safety of the other side of the fence, but they were all frozen in fear. One of the girls cried out something unintelligible to the boy, but he was too occupied with his missing arm to notice it, nor did Sally, who was still busy with her phone call inside. He did notice, however that the ball had rolled back onto the ground, and with his remaining arm he scooped it up and began to shamble towards the fence. Due to the blood loss, he fell to his knees before he reached the fence and rolled over onto his back as he hit the ground.

    As the kid lay there, bleeding out, his consciousness fading fast, he looked up at the sky and gaped at it's beauty. In his dying moments he was at peace, marvelling at the clouds and the sun, and pleased to have gotten the ball back. It was his now, he knew that.

    Suddenly he saw someone standing over him, his momma he thought, come to tell him how proud she was that he had gotten that ball. Or Miss Sally maybe. The figure bent down over him, and in his final moments, the new boy saw the shape was Bobby Adams bending over and taking the ball away from him, and before the darkness overtook him, the boy simply felt anger and sadness.

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    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      Yeah this is pretty rough. The entire point of it is to kill a tard, but I felt like constructing some story to get there. I need to clean it up quite a bit. Felt like posting it just to have people tell me its shit mostly.

    3. EarthQuake


      This should be in a book.

    4. Johnatone


      Everybody in the courthouse was looking at me like a retard because I was laughing so hard at this. Great story, well written and very funny.

  20. John Smith

    Bin Laden Dead

    You know, I've been around the US government all my life, and I have to say, you "lol omg wake up sheeple" types have a lot more faith in the ability of the US govt to fake things or cover things up than I ever could. I mean, I wish my government was half as intelligent as you people believe it is. Sadly, however, it's not.
  21. John Smith

    is the world screwed soon?

    How about we go with the fact that your idea diversification sucks, and just leave it at that for now (though if it were structured better it'd be an interesting interrelated strategy). Natural resources is cute and all, but it's not exactly a growth industry, and I'd imagine it's no cash cow at that. Whereas, just amongst the stocks I manage myself (since I have mutual funds as well) I have about 45% of it in semiconductors, 25% in pharmaceuticals, 20% in food, and about 10% in telecommunications. Granted the semiconductor number is a bit high, but its a risk I took when I got into investing and it's payed off amazingly well. I could write a whole lengthy post on currency stabilization and how most instability is to do with speculation, how anytime any item increases at the rate gold has its a bubble, and how the global economy has by far passed its biggest scares already, compared to whats going on today, but I really have better shit to do. However... On the subject of gold, if the world really does fall apart, what good is a metal only useful for being shiny and that is sometimes part of industrial applications? You can't eat it, it wont make you better if you're sick, you cant use it as fuel for your car, or anything like that. Buying gold is only theoretically useful if A) your country falls apart and B) another country is willing to take you and C) you can reasonably carry the gold you have with you as the actual product. Possible but not plausible. I'll give you a hint: rich people aren't the ones buying gold, and they aren't rich because they're mongs (mostly). I mean rich people buy gold, to wear or whatever, but not as an investment. If you were seriously concerned about a back-to-basics requiring economic collapse you'd buy food storage and agricultural quality land. Mind you most rich people aren't doing that either. Why? They aren't too concerned.
  22. John Smith

    is the world screwed soon?

    I truly support all of you idiots buying as much gold, silver, and etc as possible. It keeps the price of worthwhile investments down for those of us with both the money and brains to realize that the US economy is actually pretty stable, as is the worlds, by extension. The derp brigade that is bringing you this utter bullshit fails to realize, as most of you do, that stable economies are not necessarily good economies. Stable and in the shitter is still stable. Just less enjoyable. But seriously, believe what you want to believe. That gold bubble will burst eventually and I will have no sympathy.
  23. John Smith

    Involuntary Celibacy

    You know I used to be pretty much the most introverted person ever. Really, really, introverted. Like didn't know what to do when people genuinely came up to you and said hi. I got over it. And I think most people can. A lot of shyness involves caring about what other people think of you, and when you let go of that, everything becomes easy. I mean, sure you come out looking like an asshole sometimes, but still, it works out. I don't think though that shyness is the biggest factor here. Part of it is gaining self confidence in yourself (when you have it, it shows), and another part is being in an environment that promotes who you are, and I realize in a world of economic crisis and etc its sometimes hard to put yourself in the position you want to be in, but life isn't fair. So slap it like a bitch, and get shit done.
  24. John Smith

    Firefox 4.0 released!

    Meh. Not as good as it could be, and not necessarily the best option. Can't get excited.
  25. John Smith

    IE 1.0 to IE 9.0, see how they have progressed.

    Yeah IE9 is perhaps the first time that IE can be considered to be a very modern browser, despite what Mozilla would have you believe. It's not perfect by any means, and there are still definitely better browsers out there, but at least IE isn't in the position of holding the web back anymore. Also watching this video it's clear to me that pretty much every version of IE flat out sucked prior to 8.