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Everything posted by Lamneth

  1. Lamneth

    id's New Four Letter Word

    Am I the only person who thinks id hasn't made a good game since Quake II?
  2. Lamneth

    A fucking awesome video game mash-up video

    When Sylvia and Megaman jump at each other pay attention to where Megaman's gun is headed
  3. I hate these kinds of lists. There always so predictable and they always present themselves like they are the ultimate authority on whats the best. Nowhere do you ever see "...in our opinion..." just sticking in that one line somewhere where it is clearly visible would make them so much more tolerable to me.
  4. Lamneth

    Chris Benoit dead

    Or make it like the fights really are: faked deaths.
  5. The 5th amendment protects only against search/sezuire. "All powers rest within Executive in the event of a catastrophic emergency..." does this include choking on pretzels?
  6. Lamneth

    Chris Benoit dead

    Damn. This means more redneck memorial specials on TV.
  7. Lamneth

    Unreal Tournament 3

    It doesn't make much sense to me either, but trying to make it out it appears Silicon Knights, some Canadian game company nobody cares about, wants to sue Epic for "not giving them the very latest version" of the engine the second they demanded it, and that Epic's excuse is simply "THERE TRYING TO LOOK BETTER THAN US" or something. Yeah, it doesn't make sense and its a stupid reason for a small time company to sue a larger company like Epic, who develops the damn engine to begin with.
  8. avast! is so much better than AVG its not even funny.
  9. Lamneth

    Theology: Why God and Hell can not coexist.

    That's the most awesome vision of Hell I've ever seen.
  10. Lamneth

    Unreal Tournament 3

    I can't think of a deathmatch type game that didn't have singleplayer in some form. The previous installments did, and I'm sure this one will too.
  11. Lamneth

    Calm Down, Apple.

    But Vista is a pile of ass.
  12. Lamneth


    Glad to see Futurama getting new episodes. Its a very funny and original show.
  13. The SEGA Master System also had a ridiculous life cycle. Not in the US/UK or Japan, but in Brazil where it was officially discontinued in 2000. It first launched in Brazil in 1989 and its earliest release date was June 1986 in the US. Its lifespan in the US was only 4 years but counting countries outside of the US it lasted up to 14 years.
  14. Lamneth

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    If its a Chrono Trigger movie why is it taking place in real world locations like Japan? And the city they are in, which resembles New York or some other big city. And keep in mind that "modern day" people in Chrono Trigger were living in giant domes when Lavos erupted. Besides, it may just be fanboyism (CT is one of my favorite games) but I can't see Chrono Trigger translating into a movie very well.
  15. Lamneth

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    Maybe thats the movie's real title. :P
  16. Lamneth

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    At first I thought all the talk about lions was because someone posted "Jesus Christ! Its a lion! Get in the car!" as a joke and the stupid people on YouTube thought that he/she thought it was actually a lion. So I clicked view all to be proven wrong.
  17. Lamneth

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    Looks interesting but the idea of not giving away the title is kind of irritating.
  18. Lamneth

    Unreal Tournament 3

    UT was the only deathmatch game that I ever really liked, and oh boy it delivers. I'm quite looking foward to UT3.
  19. Lamneth

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    Things start off normally then suddenly out of nowhere several T-1000's appear to stop the Wizards from fighting the machines out of power after Judgement Day. At Hogwarts, almost everyone but Harry, Voldemort, and Zombie Dumbledore are left fighting off the last T-1000. It manages to kill Z. Dumbledore and severely weaken Harry, but Voldemort manages to defeat it by sacrificing himself to summon Hello Kitty, choosing not to explain why he suddenly went good. Overwhelmed by Hello Kitty's kawaii-ness, the T-1000 learns the human emotion of affection and decides to destroy Cyberdyne Systems and itself to keep all the cute things from being destroyed. However it didn't find Harry cute enough to save, and he dies of his wounds in the ruined Hogwarts. The whole world now has a severely weakened wizard community, except for the Gap who uses its small niche of powerful wizards to take over and run the world, issuing a new era of peace and fashion.
  20. Lamneth

    Can your system handle the next gen?

    That term is getting really annoying, considering "next-gen" is actually "current-gen"
  21. Lamneth

    Can your system handle the next gen?

    AMD Sempron 3000+ 1 gig of RAM ATI Radeon 9600 80 gig HD Windows XP ph33r my awesome 1337 machine!!1 I know its last gen but I don't care as I don't have much interest in PC gaming. It plays what PC games I want it to and emulators fine, so I'm satisfied. The most I've considered doing is a slightly better video card but thats far from top priority for me right now. I'm gonna have to sometime before UT3 comes out though, because I do quite like UT.
  22. Not a surprising move from the big pile of retarded ass that is Sony.
  23. Lamneth

    Gears of War killer? Not yet, but close

    The need to make them pre-rendered was completely pointless. The only good thing about the PS2 version is the little bit of extra content. Which is also in the Wii version as well, and the half-assed PC port. (Which was based on the PS2 version, go figure.)
  24. Lamneth

    Preaching DOOM!

    At the last high school I went to the computer tech classes would play Counter-Strike on their network when they were finished with work. Stupid blocks also aren't uncommon anymore. Anybody who had to be subject to Websense in school knows this for a fact.