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  1. So, yeah, I'm 25 now (Feb. 16). No new "Year" series level today, I'm afraid. Still, happy birthday to me. Here's to another year in this community! :)

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    2. WH-Wilou84


      Happy birthday, TGH ( & Memfis ) :)

      25 certainly felt like a mliestone to me.

      The Green Herring said:

      No new "Year" series level today, I'm afraid.

      A pity. Hopefully next year you'll have more time / motivation.

    3. Bucket


      printz said:

      I believe that's the age when someone skinny starts to inevitably grow in fat, right?

      Depends. Are you skinny because you exercise every day, or because you have a typical teenage metabolism that runs as hot as a nuclear reactor? If you're the latter, like me, then yes. You will start expanding at 25 and it won't stop until you do something.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Or stop doing something. Namely eating.

      Happy birthday Green Herring!