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  1. Xeriphas1994

    Older release of Doom - worth upgrading?

    Er, why do you have to choose? Just put each exe+wad pair in its own directory. You could even have a bat file with the version as a parameter, which copies maps/demos as needed before launch. If you install older versions only, demo playback will be a crapshoot. The wiki says nearly everything desyncs, which is overstated IME, but certainly larger levels containing teleporters and/or lost souls will fail often. I think Anders Johnsen said 25% of Compet-N submissions were incompatible between 1.9 and 1.10, so that's a lower bound using very short demos, and 1.666 to 1.9 is a larger change. (For stock maps it was significant enough that Compet-N staff experimented with automated LMP conversion, and ended up asking everyone to re-record. And of course episode 4 won't be recognized.) v1.2 is very rarely compatible due to a change in how lifts are stored in data structures <<waves hands around to signal C ignorance>> . (Disclaimer: This is from memory, as I no longer work at the same place I installed Doom on all those P166es. :>
  2. Xeriphas1994

    Things about Doom you just found out

    FWIW (or is it TLDR), the rules page actually talks about this: First priority should be given to names appearing in-game; such are the most readily recognized terms, as players see them continually while they play. Failing that, use names that appear in the manuals or documentation. For more technical subjects, look first at the source code, and then for terms associated to programs by the community (if these are commonplace). Some concepts or gameplay phenomena have no specific "officially licensed" name. In such cases, use the most widespread community appellation. Thing is a good example of this, as a term used by fans to describe sprite related game entities in the Doom games. IIRC the supercharge was part of the motivation for this, along with the vanilla zombies which moved from Trooper / Sergeant / Chaingunner to their current titles. The player is only guaranteed to have the HUD text available, not the manual or source code or editing apps or community discussions, so it takes precedence. I suppose our early users mixed in some common sense too, e.g. Chainsaw rather than Chainsaw! Find some meat.
  3. The data is public and even part of the API, so if someone is determined to have such a list, they can aggregate it themselves into a text file or a post or wherever. (I recall Ling not being a fan of scripted posting but that was years ago.) No mod approval needed. :>
  4. Wiki community > Administrators in the left sidebar. If you don't use the default skin, it's also linked from other places like the help directory and FAQ. Since it's a wiki, anyone can hide a post and leave a note for the other user or a mod, even without logging in. So we're always hoping people feel empowered to do that (but if you honestly have no clue what the next step is, then yes, do ask).
  5. Analysis of [ZDoom & GZDoom sources](https://zdoom.org/files/) I'll tell you the one fact I know, in case it's not common knowledge: some versions aren't on zdoom.org, and @drfrag was nice enough to make a list: 1 2.
  6. Xeriphas1994

    Reasons for still using ZDoom?

    This x1,998. IME the greater the author's achievement, the more rendering/scripting finesses were needed, therefore the more chance of incompatible changes later. I guess 99 percent of the community just moves on to the next big thing, like people watching a current sporting event or movie instead of a recording from years ago, so the developers are right to spend their time accordingly. But as a historian it makes me sad. Although I mostly play vanilla, I see I have 31 ZDoom versions plus Parallels Desktop. :> Hopefully someday everything will be archived, just in case.
  7. Xeriphas1994

    Aliens TC running in DOS - How?

    The wiki page links to some prior advice. If you're exasperated enough to compromise purism, I'll add that Quasar's remaster worked flawlessly for me in PrBoom+ with Boom 2.02 complevel. At least I'm pretty sure those visplane crashes were in the original. :>
  8. Xeriphas1994

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    They can be, but it's mostly associated with vintage wads or incomplete complevel implementations. Is there a specific map here you think is buggy?
  9. Xeriphas1994

    The 2020 Cacowards

    Dude, I'm a native speaker with an expensive diploma, and I'm always impressed too. :> Especially on a deadline! As in most years, the only flaw is that so many megawads sound amazing, I have no idea where to begin. I predict I'll spin around going "aaaaaaaa" and end up watching max ILs on youtube.
  10. Hallo, Various people have inquired about features that differed between Andy's site and the new site, e.g. FDAs, wad versioning, player profiles, demopack landing pages. If this is you, then you may be interested in a final snapshot of doomedsda.us now on Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/dsda-2-final This updates fraggle's copy of years ago, and should be more complete including the maps and ports -- basically everything except active objects like the news menu. It can be downloaded and browsed offline. Individual zips can be deeplinked. Thanks to @fraggle for the submission tips. Thanks to @Quasar for the disclaimer idea (never dreamed I would have reason to use it!). Thanks to @Xymph for encouraging me to shove this out the door. :> Thanks of course to @Andy Olivera, @Opulent, and all the runners and fact-checkers for creating something so worthy of preservation. No thanks to Internet Archive for the HTML bloat (seems strange when worldwide accessibility is a goal). One script exchanged data with Google which seemed to trigger every security warning I'd ever enabled. It took longer to log in once and confirm my email than to scrape and upload. Hope it's useful!
  11. Xeriphas1994

    DoomWiki Month in Review (Issue #26)

    I *might* have a workaround for this. Still double-checking.
  12. Xeriphas1994

    List of unused map things in the official DOOM IWADs.

    It was probably the same reason people say "engine bug". Not meant 100% literally, just more succinct than Anything Even Slightly Anomalous but We Can't Read the Author's Mind nor Predict All Secondary Phenomena. The community, outside the tiny sub-subpopulation familiar with structured programming, was already using the term in that way so it reached the wiki. Such lists can and do include issues with no known ingame effects. (It's been asserted that the shades of gray are in fact important and can be defined objectively, therefore the wiki should change. See TLDR threads here.) Regarding maps, I personally would be fine with revising "Bugs" to something broader, or moving individual entries to a Development/Notes/Trivia section if you know their origins. Maybe no one raised these thoughts previously because, over the historical corpus, your examples are the exception -- modern tools, public documentation, beta testing. There is a lot more which is quotidian shovelware, and we certainly seem to be including it all. So it doesn't quite feel wrong to assume accident or haste, unless specific background information has surfaced.
  13. Xeriphas1994

    Why is the Doomwiki (consistently?) intermittently down?

    To the title's other question, no, it's not consistent. Issues pop up every so often, whose worst case (from a reader perspective) is a week or two of severe awkwardness. Then it gets fixed and we have 4-8 months of plain sailing. Many times I can't even find a DW thread about it. :> But maybe you disagree and think the situation could be better. That leads to: Yes and no. My limited understanding is that Xymph is correct -- a site has many layers, some of which are not directly controlled by the staff, and only performs as well as the weakest one. It's not like upgrading a phone where you just increase your fee and expect big changes across the board. (Well, server farms claim to offer that, but in return you control almost nothing.) If anyone wants to donate to the wiki, that big green button is still there. :> However, if what you really want is to cause an improvement, that might not be the first step. Spend some time on IRC, read the upstream developer discussions, learn what the bottlenecks actually are so you'll know which one matches your resources. You could do what Xymph says and try to find an expert -- server OS issues, at least, are a worldwide market and someone with those skills might be available. Or if you have more programming knowledge than cash, you might invest that by improving MediaWiki's interoperability, extensions, or regression testing. Or if you do have some money, by all means hire an attorney to explain this crap. At the risk of sounding bitter, we should also remember the community's long, long history of not paying each other. Hosting has to be affordable enough to sustain indefinitely even if no one donates. In the original discussion, money was a question but not the main one; the goal was to make a plan that people would support, which included operation by trustworthy community members. I don't want to speak for the sysadmins, who work much harder than I do, but IMO the wiki's long-term concerns are mostly not technical. They are about day-to-day activities: how to encourage participation, how to maintain article quality, how to form agreement on rules when needed. The Doom fanbase is so large and energetic, I tend to assume these people exist and might show up one day to help the site grow, whether or not they pay a cover charge.
  14. Xeriphas1994

    DSDA api

    Would it be easier to implement a URL parameter displaying records only? (I think AdamH had one.) In purely database terms, that's true, but the wiki seems to accumulate redundant content to combat entropy -- Doomers work for free after all, so we try not to take others' projects completely for granted. Or perhaps the reader has a slow/metered connection and won't always click links. Whatever the reason, wiki users maintained DSDA links manually for a decade, so someone must have thought it was a great idea. :> Presumably, thousands of broken file links also affect Google rank. I'm not fanatical about that but others are.