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  1. Xeriphas1994

    Bring out your dead

    Last I checked, 90% of these were missing too (ignoring doomworld.com as a special case).
  2. Xeriphas1994

    Bring out your dead

    Here are the Wayback Machine links currently on doomwiki.org. It would be wonderful to have a backup like this, since nothing lasts forever (my reading of the Internet Archive FAQ is that it's already on borrowed time, but others disagree). If you're able to investigate other archiving services, this plus this is more comprehensive, though you have to click around a bit to find the original URLs. Hope that helps!
  3. Presumably the same way other games were beat in the 1990s. But for Doom levels specifically, even back then some editors had visual modes and search functions, in case you got completely stuck. (If you didn't have internet, it might take a few trips to the computer shop to find an app you liked.)
  4. You can make a request anywhere, but if you want the wiki regulars to notice, it's best to do so on the wiki. Here, perhaps?

    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Actually, seems Xymph went ahead and made that category. Placing articles into it will need to be done manually.

  5. Please see here for complete instructions.
  6. Xeriphas1994

    Best free games under 10MB?

    Logic? The Fool's Errand and 3 in Three are timeless. Action platforming? Some people still like Bio-Menace (check the credits for a possible explanation). You didn't specify the OS, so I'll also mention System's Twilight and Bill the Demon for posterity.
  7. Xeriphas1994

    EDGE 2.1.0 Discussion [RC-1.5 Released on 10.17.2018]

    It doesn't. doomwiki.org has always assumed that port development requires sustained effort and significant skill, therefore any project that even reaches a beta release should be documented for posterity. If someone wants to put in the time to update the history narrative and links, then they'll be updated. (inb4 Quasar: "for completeness the genealogy boxes should also be double-checked" :> If I'm misunderstanding you, feel free to post here so the details can be worked out.
  8. Unless someone knocks on our door with a team of consultants and an endowment, nothing that's hard to imagine. (See posts by Quasar in this thread.) All access from the EU would be blocked, and that's assuming MancuNET's hosting provider doesn't respond even more drastically.
  9. Xeriphas1994

    Rule 666: If it exists, someone made it in Doom

    Infinite Imp Theorem: every possible vanilla trick, no matter how brilliant, was already done by accident in a shovelware map.
  10. Xeriphas1994

    Doom Wiki Month in Review (Issue #4 - Late Edition)

    FWIW I agree, and by the same reasoning, I hope you aren't actually considering List of notable WADs fair game for article creation (as your earlier post comes close to implying). That list is a wiki page like any other -- anyone can add anything, and if it's related to Doom and matches the existing table formatting, it will be approved. It might help to remember that the title used to be "List of WADs" (per our archaic written rule that says anything publicly available is notable), and it was renamed in advance of a planned discussion to hammer out a notability guideline, which fizzled out with no definite conclusions.
  11. Xeriphas1994

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Well, the text file later turned up here, if that helps.
  12. Xeriphas1994

    Does anyone know a awesome wad?

    I think this should be a sticky because it comes up multiple times per month. (Examples found in 10 minutes with my scrollwheel: 1 2 3 4 5). Of course the answers given would be broad; someone could still start a thread about E2-themed slaughter minisodes with Halo-style shields and TNT textures. Best Doom mods is a very common search term on the wiki, also, though our current article is only a beginning.
  13. Xeriphas1994

    What does your Doom folder contain???

    TNT31.WAD and scripts for quick -recordfromto launching. :>
  14. Xeriphas1994

    "Wanted pages" on the Doom Wiki

    Thanks to @Xymph and @Eris Falling for patching my sloppy language. (Anyone who reads the bot threads on the wiki knows this isn't a new thing...) #7 says "appear" because I hadn't clicked every single link to check the WAD formats, so I suspected I might miss something. In the time it took me to post, Eris and others then added a mass of new DM content. DM content makes me very happy, FWIW, because it's been the single biggest hole in the wiki since ever. Even red links are rare, which is why it's not a category above. Yes, I understand that actual DMing is more fun than researching and writing about it. :> Xymph is totally correct about the custom things, and I do intend to help with them -- it seems wrong that the more creative a mapper was in the 1990s, the less likely the map is to have data! (I swear I understood all that frame table stuff at some point, even though I only used it to document id's contributions.)
  15. Xeriphas1994

    "Wanted pages" on the Doom Wiki

    This has been mentioned repeatedly, so I made a thread. What follows is mostly my opinion, but if anyone wants to pitch in and help, I hope I can save you some confusion and redundant effort. First, for clarity, this is a machine-generated document with no human input. (You don't submit topics for approval on the wiki; you can just start a page, even without an account.) Like any automatic list, it can be immensely labor-saving, but you also have to think a bit before bum-rushing it; the database server has no common sense. :> Things that people should do 1. Newfangled Doom gameplay/universe Examples: Kinetic mine; Automap; Argent Breach; Demon Destruction 2. Person articles (modern) Examples: Getsu Fune; joe-ilya; gaspe; Looper Mappers have been near the top lately, owing to the flood of megawad writeups (two links per person per slot). In fairness, the caveat for WADs also applies: there is no standing agreement that everyone on every high-profile release is automatically notable. OTOH someone might map only occasionally, yet deserve an article for other community contributions (port developer, musician, stream/podcast host, ...). 3. WADs and mods (overview pages) Examples: RTC-3057; Skulldash; Blade of Agony; Rip It, Tear It, Smash It!; Strife: Absolute Order If you include links to individual maps, please ensure the names are exactly right (including capitalization) so that XymphBot can detect them easily. Things that people should do, but only if they have tons of patience and access to offline sources 4. Person articles (historical) Examples: Haggay Niv; Daniel Lindgren; Phoebus; Rand Phares Crowdsourcing is most important here. Primary material is almost gone (old forums, Usenet, personal websites) and even Quasar is not an expert across all time periods and community divisions, so we can only proceed by pooling everyone's memory. COMPET-N runners are an especially tough case, some having numerous links (one per record) yet a largely private existence due to the more competitive atmosphere back then. 5. General community history/expanded universe Examples: doom2.net; Totally Unauthorized Guide to Doom II; cdrom.com 6. Technical history Examples: RMB; LMPC; AmigaDoom; GetWAD; Savegame slots 5 and 6 corrupt other files This is separate because the research is highly specialized. You often have to read through code to understand what's going on, documentation and context being quite sparse after all these years. Some knowledge of 1990s network architecture (yikes) is occasionally helpful as well. Things that people should probably not do I say "probably" because this is an all-volunteer project. No one, including moderators, should tell you not to do something if it improves the site and you enjoy it. You can even create map pages if you strongly desire them; the bot operator is also a volunteer, and as awesome as he is, he doesn't have unlimited resources for us. Be warned however that it requires punishing attention to detail, a bargeload of time, and that you can feel satisfied by the act of pasting and saving all by itself (because you normally get no feedback whatsoever, especially on older maps). I thought I had those things, and I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Anyway. 7. WADs and mods (individual maps) These appear to be non-vanilla formats that XymphBot can't handle yet. It is gradually learning to do so. While I never wish to take Xymph's hard work for granted, we have seen that once tested, the bot can process maps with incredible accuracy, even more so than previous editors who used scripts. Development is intentionally a slow, careful process because we want to avoid ever dragooning humans into a large cleanup (which is extremely demoralizing, as Wikipedia editors can tell you). All that said, heavily scripted mods may be an exception. It's hard to imagine any bot able to parse arbitrary control structures across all known executable versions! Please feel free to expand Community Is Falling 3 or Urban Brawl, for example. 8. Names linked once from a talk page or noticeboard IME these are almost always brainstorming and speculation, not serious to-dos. A few turn out to be important, but at first glance it's difficult to tell the blue goo from the gray, especially with historical topics. I don't think it harms us to leave them on the list pending a more complete discussion thread. The exception to this and #9 is a page that once existed, but was deleted. It is so difficult to delete anything that you can assume it was complete garbage, and shouldn't be linked. (Even then it makes me anxious, because I'm editing other people's signed posts.) 9. Non-mainspace pages Linking to hypothetical discussions seems like overkill to me, but it's true that newbies have difficulty finding them, and sometimes don't even realize that a template or image can have a talk page. MediaWiki has open bugs to filter maintenance lists by namespace, like the search feature does, which would avoid all this clutter. 10. Typos and sabotage Some are obvious, yes, but some are actually a bit tricky without experience of MediaWiki's infrastructure -- it's easy to accidentally replace one typo with another. Unless you know what you're doing, please spare yourself the stress. I personally have yet to see blatant vandalism in the link list itself (per the IRC conversation), so I guess the last round was already cleaned up by the time I returned. Yay!