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  1. Xeriphas1994

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Wow. A post and a like seem totally inadequate to this moment. I hope AndyO never regrets the decision and now has time to do things long delayed. DSDA exemplifies the ideal goal of a database, which is bringing humans together. I don't know if maintainers think about that while debugging on weekends. :> But Doom speedrunning is still a community after 25 years because of people like AndyO, who have worked and worked to ensure things are preserved after the original thread is buried and sharing links break. P.S. LOL @ the previous news update being the launch.
  2. Xeriphas1994

    Were these commercial PWADs ever released for free?

    There is a project to add Perdition's Gate and Hell 2 Pay to /idgames: see here and here. @Jon, this would be amazing if you could complete it, but I do recognize your TODO spans the observable universe already. :>
  3. Xeriphas1994

    Doom Wiki Month in Review (Issue #13)

    Oh man, DMADDS. I remember downloading that from Doomworld, hoping it would fix some horribly buggy shovelware level I was playing.
  4. Xeriphas1994

    DSDA api

    FWIW: What about an API query that takes the md5 (or 8.3 filename perhaps) of a WAD and returns its ID? For the bot, that means a one-time code update to replace Andy's IDs, then subsequent runs make two passes, one to retrieve the IDs and one to get the records. If the IDs later change again (backend upgrade or whatever), it keeps working. As a bonus, it could prevent associating a demo with the wrong version of a megawad.
  5. Xeriphas1994

    How do I add the millisecond timer in Chocolate Doom?

    Unless you want to patch the source yourself and recompile, I'm guessing you don't. CnDoom and Crispy have a millisecond timer.
  6. Xeriphas1994


    According to me, the Extra Large version is 9.91GB compressed, 24.32GB uncompressed. The OP is correct that it appears to include large chunks of other sites (e.g. Fandom Wolfenstein). In theory, this is not necessary because backups are available elsewhere, but I understand the advantage of making this self-contained, and with all embedded content visible immediately.
  7. Xeriphas1994


    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Someone actually figured this out without getting firewalled? Amazing. At last we're on the road to distributed backups of irreplaceable history.
  8. Xeriphas1994

    25 Years of Nodes!

    March 30, 1994: DEU 5.0b4 is released, launching the era of vanilla modding. It's hard to picture the internet being small, but it was. Faced with a technical problem, the count of community members with tools, time, coding skill, and great ideas might be zero! So you waited, checking store shelves, playing Tetris and E3M6 again. Suddenly life changed and there were new maps. Pour one out for the developers -- everything achieved by reverse engineering and with lawsuits being seriously discussed. Carmack and Romero may have brought strong ideals to the workplace but, like anyone else, were overruled. It's also hard to imagine content being scarce, but it was (especially if paying by the minute). Each precious file was grabbed and worn out, without first comparing it against the entire world. Yes, I thought AURORA1 was bold and inventive. You learned to get around bugs too, instead of posting rants: the author might not spend much time on the internet, and your local shaman couldn't figure out that special effect or subroutine. Nowadays, strict vanilla is a regular practice for few, but I hope everyone can agree with Peter Gabriel: it was a healthy part of growing up. Further, a hundred scripted megawads can be googled in 0.7 seconds, and haters are only a tap away for your WIP, so are people too intimidated to release small works in 2019? That would make me sad. Does anyone play 1994 levels who missed this period entirely? :D What do you like about them?
  9. Xeriphas1994

    Original, full quality Doom 1,2 soundtrack

    Are these what you want?
  10. Xeriphas1994

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Oh, I wish that were true! When this project completes, I hope Ling will make scrapes available so I can start transcribing everything.
  11. Xeriphas1994

    Bring out your dead

    Last I checked, 90% of these were missing too (ignoring doomworld.com as a special case).
  12. Xeriphas1994

    Bring out your dead

    Here are the Wayback Machine links currently on doomwiki.org. It would be wonderful to have a backup like this, since nothing lasts forever (my reading of the Internet Archive FAQ is that it's already on borrowed time, but others disagree). If you're able to investigate other archiving services, this plus this is more comprehensive, though you have to click around a bit to find the original URLs. Hope that helps!
  13. Presumably the same way other games were beat in the 1990s. But for Doom levels specifically, even back then some editors had visual modes and search functions, in case you got completely stuck. (If you didn't have internet, it might take a few trips to the computer shop to find an app you liked.)
  14. You can make a request anywhere, but if you want the wiki regulars to notice, it's best to do so on the wiki. Here, perhaps?

    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Actually, seems Xymph went ahead and made that category. Placing articles into it will need to be done manually.

  15. Please see here for complete instructions.