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  1. Xeriphas1994

    DoomWiki Month in Review (Issue #26)

    I *might* have a workaround for this. Still double-checking.
  2. Xeriphas1994

    List of unused map things in the official DOOM IWADs.

    It was probably the same reason people say "engine bug". Not meant 100% literally, just more succinct than Anything Even Slightly Anomalous but We Can't Read the Author's Mind nor Predict All Secondary Phenomena. The community, outside the tiny sub-subpopulation familiar with structured programming, was already using the term in that way so it reached the wiki. Such lists can and do include issues with no known ingame effects. (It's been asserted that the shades of gray are in fact important and can be defined objectively, therefore the wiki should change. See TLDR threads here.) Regarding maps, I personally would be fine with revising "Bugs" to something broader, or moving individual entries to a Development/Notes/Trivia section if you know their origins. Maybe no one raised these thoughts previously because, over the historical corpus, your examples are the exception -- modern tools, public documentation, beta testing. There is a lot more which is quotidian shovelware, and we certainly seem to be including it all. So it doesn't quite feel wrong to assume accident or haste, unless specific background information has surfaced.
  3. Xeriphas1994

    Why is the Doomwiki (consistently?) intermittently down?

    To the title's other question, no, it's not consistent. Issues pop up every so often, whose worst case (from a reader perspective) is a week or two of severe awkwardness. Then it gets fixed and we have 4-8 months of plain sailing. Many times I can't even find a DW thread about it. :> But maybe you disagree and think the situation could be better. That leads to: Yes and no. My limited understanding is that Xymph is correct -- a site has many layers, some of which are not directly controlled by the staff, and only performs as well as the weakest one. It's not like upgrading a phone where you just increase your fee and expect big changes across the board. (Well, server farms claim to offer that, but in return you control almost nothing.) If anyone wants to donate to the wiki, that big green button is still there. :> However, if what you really want is to cause an improvement, that might not be the first step. Spend some time on IRC, read the upstream developer discussions, learn what the bottlenecks actually are so you'll know which one matches your resources. You could do what Xymph says and try to find an expert -- server OS issues, at least, are a worldwide market and someone with those skills might be available. Or if you have more programming knowledge than cash, you might invest that by improving MediaWiki's interoperability, extensions, or regression testing. Or if you do have some money, by all means hire an attorney to explain this crap. At the risk of sounding bitter, we should also remember the community's long, long history of not paying each other. Hosting has to be affordable enough to sustain indefinitely even if no one donates. In the original discussion, money was a question but not the main one; the goal was to make a plan that people would support, which included operation by trustworthy community members. I don't want to speak for the sysadmins, who work much harder than I do, but IMO the wiki's long-term concerns are mostly not technical. They are about day-to-day activities: how to encourage participation, how to maintain article quality, how to form agreement on rules when needed. The Doom fanbase is so large and energetic, I tend to assume these people exist and might show up one day to help the site grow, whether or not they pay a cover charge.
  4. Xeriphas1994

    DSDA api

    Would it be easier to implement a URL parameter displaying records only? (I think AdamH had one.) In purely database terms, that's true, but the wiki seems to accumulate redundant content to combat entropy -- Doomers work for free after all, so we try not to take others' projects completely for granted. Or perhaps the reader has a slow/metered connection and won't always click links. Whatever the reason, wiki users maintained DSDA links manually for a decade, so someone must have thought it was a great idea. :> Presumably, thousands of broken file links also affect Google rank. I'm not fanatical about that but others are.
  5. soooo... on Usenet when players asked for opponents, some/most of those numbers were their home numbers? Gee, what could go wrong?
  6. Xeriphas1994

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    That's previously been true IIRC, but this change (a) could affect an unusually large number of existing recordings and (b) is, at least in some versions above, algorithmic. So if @kraflab or another developer thought it VERY important to flag everything, they could. I agree it seems unfair to actually delete demos -- how was a player in 2002 expected to know about this thread and adjust routings? I want to agree, because I'm a pedantic nerd who pretends everyone loves fine print, but based on past changes this sounds overstated. Over time, people simply grow accustomed to occasional rejections based on a maintainer's judgement call. For example, DSDA3 banned runs whose primary goal wasn't speed, which would have denied innumerable DSDA2 demopaks among other things, and how much backlash occurred? Unless it was all on discord. Maybe too soon to ruminate on this before the final decision. I have that habit. :>
  7. Xeriphas1994

    More rare DOOM 4 1.0 content and concept art

    DOOM 4 1.0 is one of the most thoroughly referenced articles (not by me either), so how do you see one misplaced image and conclude there was no research? The discussion thread makes that sound like an honest mistake actually, based on ZeniMax reusing content without credit. That said, if you have new facts to add, please do! Just ensure you use templated references as others have, so the page markup stays intact. The "trope" links, being outside the sources section, are not sources, merely additional information for readers unfamiliar with the corporate cliches. Remember the wiki is an encyclopedia in addition to a fan resource -- it should be understandable even to those who have never gamed, don't speak English natively, and weren't on the internet during the FPS era.
  8. Xeriphas1994

    Requiem Strategy Guide

    What are the additional touches (including any the OP has planned but not implemented), and what features would be needed on the wiki to include them?
  9. Xeriphas1994

    DoomWiki Month in Review (Issue #22)

    IIRC in the early days, "External links" came last because that's what Wikipedia did, so users would find it familiar. More recently, certain citation sections have grown complex (example), so if someone reads the page start to finish, we want them to encounter the links before hitting the wall of text and stopping. This is only my opinion, and because it's a usability question rather than a technical one, the variety of opinions is undoubtedly wide. :>
  10. Xeriphas1994

    Most obscure Doom fact you know

    A monster can see you through a solid wall, if the monster's X coordinate equals the Y coordinate of one of the wall's endpoints. It's the inverted case of this. I'm calling it obscure because thousands of developers scrutinized the source and didn't notice until I tested it and put it on the wiki. :>
  11. Xeriphas1994

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Is the "dubious" icon appropriate for plagiarism? Hold on - "William Wheeler" - You're the infamous .LMP THIEF ! You stole (NM!) .LMP's from Steffen and Anthe and claimed them as your own... Congrats: you've just gained # Penalty Points ! So who knows who the true author of this .LMP is anyway ? LMP Title : DOOM ][ ... The Movie Filename : doom2-nm.lmp [ Just happens to be byte-for-byte identical to the one Steffen made ] Author : William Wheeler Description : I beat the game on NightMare. About time. [ Liar ! ]
  12. Xeriphas1994

    A 1 in 5,000,000 occurrence

    IIRC this is a complete list if you want to check. uhhh "I let the RNG run freely in the mean". So when you say always valid, you mean valid for any huge modern map with enough actors to scramble the index continually? No doubt many players would agree this is the entire universe :> and absolutely it should be the next column added to the wiki's tables, since the calculation is equally streamlined to the "move through the table appropriately" case. At one point a project began to at least upgrade my appalling mess. Hopefully it also includes corrections like this. But competent programmers have many interests, so who knows when data might appear. IMO the next leap forward is a stochastic survey of archived vanilla maps by era, so neither Maes nor anyone else has to keep flogging simplifying assumptions (because the sample of all vanilla sessions anywhere ever is so large that "rare" cases in fact arise regularly and smear the conclusion, as seen in the links upthread). At each possible player location, project the time distribution of P_Random() calls by monsters, blinking lights, etc. Use that to infer a central tendency and moments for how far the index advances between player attacks. Then average those over each map weighted by the number of revenants available. To go above and beyond, profile LMPs as well, so the typical number of missed pellets by range need not be assumed either.
  13. Xeriphas1994

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    F1M1D055.lmp has length 56.91. (I wrote a script. Duck and cover.) Also, this implies milliseconds will appear unconditionally (at least within a given category). Is that the plan? I don't have a strong opinion like the people upthread, but the current situation does put certain runs out of order, e.g. kraflab's MAP01 Reality is 54.97 but sorted as 54.00. Thanks again for being smarter than me and organizing so many amazing performances. I hope these posts never sound like cheap shots! It's just that the site looks SO GOOD and I want it to be even better.
  14. Xeriphas1994

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    https://dsdarchive.com/files/demos/doom/47139/e1m1-010_Loomeh.zip This is skill 3. Count the zombies in the computer room.
  15. Xeriphas1994

    1996 COMPET-N procedures

    Thank you for reminding me that the main archive added pacifist at a later date. There was even an announcement. I'm not completely certain what I'm looking for... a post saying that tagging the backlog was too much work? (Everything about maintaining the site was a lot of work, and AdamH was always transparent about that.) I did check the old forums, but apparently they launched in 2001. Prior records seem inaccessible in the original pacifist database, so who knows how many of the older submissions were ever located and examined?