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  1. Xeriphas1994

    Why the lack of live-action Doom fan films?

    Please don't consider the wiki lists authoritative. They were all written by one person to promote their clan.
  2. IMO suggestions like this, even well-intentioned, are incompatible with the all-volunteer nature of the Doom community. There is no CEO to force everyone's contributions into a particular structure. The overall pattern develops incrementally over time, according to what people are motivated to do. Gez is correct that a few, but not all, specialized topics are separate from doomwiki.org. Personally I wouldn't have designed it that way, but I can see that it serves the community. There is this horde of people who desperately yearn for one copypasted function or one flag at a time, and to learn nothing else in the process. For them, a well-referenced history article is just noise. (See here for a counterargument however.) Also on a practical level, this would be a large amount of programming and coordination without adding or improving any actual content as a result, just to organize link targets better. Somehow I can't see any power users coming out of the woodwork to add that to a to-do list. (It has occasionally been done to avert permanent information loss, e.g. when the Chex Quest wiki was abandoned.) If doomwiki.org stays operational long enough, it will eventually have so much additional documentation (as Eris says above), and so little trolling and malware (remember who is the supermoderator at Wikia?), that 99.9% of search terms simply won't exist on older sites. That's more the 60-year plan though. :> Again speaking only for myself, I would actually apply this statement to broad-based wikis with a handful of Doom pages (like TCRF) and non-wiki specialist sites (like classicdoom.com), for two reasons: [1] doomwiki.org is better at fitting their individual facts into an overall narrative, as a permanent historical record. [2] Such sites seem to live off corporate goodwill and/or one maintainer having copious hobby time, and either of those can change overnight.
  3. Xeriphas1994

    Does /idgames Ever Check For WAD Legality?

    The answer to the general question is "lolwut". Half the modding community never even considers using /idgames, because they heard somewhere that if one pixel looks ripped, it's rejected. P.S. this thread should be in the WAD forum.
  4. Xeriphas1994

    Doom Wiki Month in Review (Issue #2)

    IMO contemporary tactical approaches absolutely belong on the wiki, especially differences between corporate and crowdsourced viewpoints (Usenet, BBSes, lanparties, ...). Naturally we would note how DWF later settled all conflicts via neuromotor pluralism. :>
  5. Xeriphas1994

    First megawad you ever played/beat

    Illusions Of Home from Maximum Doom. Clearly a long time ago, because somehow I never picked up a mod without finishing it! Maximum Doom taught me a lot about debugging maps. :>
  6. Xeriphas1994

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Anything added before mid-February 2011 is identical (unless someone has rewritten it from scratch) because that's when the database was split. There are rumors that a few people remain active on both, but it's hard to tell because Wikia keeps burying the edit histories deeper and deeper (a violation of the license, which requires easily accessible credits). Someone with text processing skill could try comparing diffs from API dumps, although I'd hope they had more fun things to do. The footnotes clearly state that the table is not meant to be correct for all possible game situations, only one simplified case. Apparently the statistical calculation is so tedious, even for a competent programmer (which isn't me), that a more complete version has yet to be posted.
  7. Xeriphas1994

    Doom Wiki Month in Review (Issue #1)

    Those regulars, they just keep on shoveling! Heh. It's only because of the size of the job -- the community is very prolific and has been for 20+ years, so there's a lot to write up. The flip side is that when a new contributor comes along, there's probably some topic they really like which hasn't been added yet. :>
  8. Xeriphas1994

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Two walls at least! His reputation is crumbling before our eyes.
  9. Xeriphas1994

    Is there any rules or FAQ for this forum?

    See the link at the bottom to "Privacy policy"? That page has a terms of use section also. As said above, not everything survived the upgrade. There were more detailed etiquette guidelines and explanations of markup features. Now that I think about it, though, they were written before social media as we know it today (!), and also before the wysiwyg editor, so maybe it was decided they weren't needed anymore.
  10. I assume this is involved somehow.
  11. Xeriphas1994

    Castle of the Renegades

    4.5/5 Finally played this after seeing Sverre Kvernmo praise it in readmes. The best old-school castle map ever. Large without being tedious, its rooms siblings without looking copypasted. Sniper enemies seemed unbalanced at first but there was always a strategy to discover, plus health waiting behind. Also a good example of how to repeat similar textures to create a cohesive environment rather than just giving the player highway hypnosis (Fortress.wad).
  12. Xeriphas1994

    New DoomWiki-based game: 6 degrees of fraggle howard

    From every page: Entryway --> Artwork of Doom --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (3) Entryway --> Freedoom --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (3) History tab --> "oldest" link at the top or bottom --> User:Fraggle --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (4, but less likely to work with a newer article) From every page, if you have the default desktop skin with the left-hand menus: Chocolate Doom --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (2) Eternity Engine --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (2) Doom Wiki:Central Processing --> User:Fraggle --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (3) Doom Wiki:Central Processing --> Doom Wiki:Central Processing/2006 --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (3) Strife --> Strife: Veteran Edition --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (3) Hacx --> Chocolate Doom --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (3) Help:User groups --> User:Fraggle --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (3) IRC --> several channels --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (3) A random page: E1M7: The Crypts (Heretic) --> Gargoyle --> Sound --> Simon Howard (fraggle) (3). But someday, we will compare multiple node builders in each "Map data" subsection, at which time there will be a link to BSP (node builder) and it becomes 2. :D
  13. Xeriphas1994

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    On mobile, I suddenly see usernames being cropped at the bottom. For example, the letter "y" in "MeetyourUnmaker" or "Cynical". Browser is Safari on a fully updated iPhone 7+.
  14. Xeriphas1994

    Chocolate Doom

    This post leads to the following nitpicky idea: (from here). Does Chocolate imitate vanilla in failing to play back a demo too large for the available memory pool? If not, should it? If so, does the maximum length vary with the -mb parameter? Searches aren't helping me much, presumably because there are very few six-hour demos :> although a real use case was proposed by Opulent: a UV max movie of a high-difficulty vanilla megawad.
  15. Xeriphas1994

    Mac Doom II question

    Mac WADs should be identical in terms of data, though there are stories about endianness issues (depending on the chipset of each machine), necessitating some low-level file operation before the port would recognize it. It never happened to me, but see remarks from experts here and here.