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  1. Diverse

    High resolution sprites

    His eyes are also bloodshot as well, which is something I don't see here either.
  2. Diverse

    Wolf3d Castle Obligenstein

    Sure, why not? Afterall, you did resort to name calling yourself. Scifista's review seemed pretty fair and I understood it as a whole. He has plenty of good points - feels lazily put together, sounds and and enemies clash, seems random. Overall, it (the mod) isn't very enjoyable.There is no coherant theme to your mod. Don't get mad because someone points out the flaws. Either suck it up and improve (and grow some thicker skin) or take your shitty attitude and go elsewhere.
  3. Diverse

    Doom 4 to be shown at Quakecon exclusively

    Welp, that's it. I give up on iD Software and their terrible attitude and secrecy. This is like waiting for the next Necrophagist album. Never going to happen. It's bullshit.
  4. Diverse

    Doom Real chainsaw

    So... nothing has changed? What was point in posting this?
  5. Diverse

    Winter's Fury

    Looks pretty good, enjoying it so far. I've been waiting forever for it to move beyond the demo/beta stage.
  6. Yuppers, you were mentioned on the second page under honoring a newcomer. http://www.doomworld.com/18years/best2.php
  7. Diverse

    Doom's Octodecennial

    Happy Birthday Doom! Now thee is another year older; been attending these little award e-ceremonies since 2007. The only thing I found a bit disappointing this year, was the lack of fanfare and how small the write-ups were this year compared to how grandiose and humour filled they have been in past years. Aside from that, good stuff. :D
  8. Hey you! You just got a little honorary mention in the cacowards! Keep up the good work and continue on with that sweet high quality mapping deliciousness.
  9. Diverse

    Pixel Art Series

    These are fucking sweet. Yet, for some reason, they remind of character sprites/voxels from Command & Conquer as well as Red Alert and Cannon Fodder from back in the day.
  10. Diverse

    A few demon drawings/sketches

    Thanks for the comments guys. By the way, I added an extra sketch. I might be adding a Wolfenstein 3D sketch soon.
  11. Diverse

    A few demon drawings/sketches

    Thanks for the comments. If I get time, I might upload a few more drawings. I'm getting a little rusty, haven't drawn since I graduated. Drawing some more doom baddies might give me some practice.
  12. I've been lurking for a long time, some days more than others, so I figured that I should post some drawings I did awhile back while I was still in College. New School revenant that I quick drew out during a 20 minute break in between classes on day. As you can tell, I didn't finish it. http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/6880/revenantsketch.jpg Old skool Baron of Hell I drew in about 35-40 minutes when I was bored. Didn't quite finish it either. http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/6373/demonsketch.jpg Old skoolish cyberdemon I actually finished. http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/5595/cyberdemon.jpg Alright. Here is a new sketch. I found it in my old sketchbook and decided to quickly add the right arm and leg. http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/2422/impp.jpg
  13. Diverse

    This monster belongs in DOOM

    Sweet. Definitely could work well as a Doom monster. It also reminds me of something from Deadspace as well. Mind you, it is called the Necroreaper so I could just be stating the obvious - that it's based off of the Necromorph Scorpion :P
  14. Diverse

    Doom 4 interview

    The Interview is gone now dude to a request from Id software. I didn't get a chance to read it. Oh well.
  15. Diverse

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    I thought they did a pretty good job with this project, of course, I'm glad I wasn't really aware of it until just a couple of months ago, otherwise I would have had to have endured the terribly agonizing wait. Anyway, I though they did an overall good job, I love the new enemies; Satyr, Hell Warrior, Blood Demon, Bruiser Demon, Demoncube, Soul Harvester, Shade, and the new Chaingunner sprites were all quite very well done - I also liked the smaller, red-eyed variant of the dark imp, it looked quite vicious. The angle views of most of the items didn't look to bad either, I thought the best looking were the Rad-Suit and the helmets. - However, the SSG bugged me a little as it didn't quite fit in with the rest of the gun sprites, but it still had the visceral feel to it. Finally, The levels, the first time I played through, I honestly thought it was extremely hard as I played through on UV, I also missed pretty much all the secrets. This time, I took a bit more time on my second way through and it was great, I got all but one secret on Map 6 and got %90 and over for all the levels - Pentaltimatum was quite an interest level Anyway, the overall detail, though a bit cramped was unique and it was nice to see re-imagined parts and peices to a level. I give it a 4.5 out 5 stars. Sweet job guys P.S: If you guys some how manage to scrounge up enough of the remaining team members OR manage to recruit some more skilled community members, I would really like to see "The Shores of Zdoom" - I'd also like to see ** a cool new Cacodemon variant - one that looks much more vicious than the current one, perhaps with more spikes, more teeth, and is larger, perhaps with a ton of spikes on it's bottom side too.