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  1. xgmx

    Internet Doom Explorer Updated

    Could you please remove the "Everyone's favorite browser" part, I am working on a browser project as well, and it is supposed to be better than IDE, thank you. Mine's called Doom Browser!
  2. Is it a free book (like that 1 Internet Star Wars novel who's name escapes me)?
  3. xgmx

    Poll: Online multiplayer ports

    ntDoom, Doom95, and ZDaemon (all equally my favorite multiplayer source ports)
  4. xgmx

    Your most HATED monster?

  5. there both set, and they still shoot throught he walls. They even shoot across the whole map to player 2's spawn location, and p1s spawn location is like 1000 squares away.
  6. really? me and L. Lawliet and xinx, three of the members on right now are using Firefox.
  7. You can download it and see what I mean (it's not done though). I am using Doom Builder and DeepSea. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WAD
  8. How can I make it so they don't?
  9. Is there a way to make some monsters ally you, like when making a Strife level you can set the ally property. Can you do the same with Doom 1 and Doom 2 editing. For those of you who don't get what I'm trying to say, ill give a example. (ex: a specific monster or monsters are now helping you fight monsters) like i said, kind of like how in Strife the ally button when you create a monster on the level (Doom Builder's properties i mean). also how can i make it so more than 3 bots can spawn in GZDoom, so i can have 15 (the 16th being me) spawn instead of 3 (the others can use the same spawn locations once the 3 bots and i move out of the spawn spot)
  10. xgmx

    bot creating

    Can someone refer me to a good program for making bots, not like how in ZDaemon where you just pick a name, color, voice, and statistics. But like how I can make one so it isn't afraid to go in water, acid, and stuff (like the GZDoom bots are) but still can join multiplayer games.
  11. xgmx

    the goddamn popups

    please cut the shit with the popups on the forum that appear every time you visit a page on the forum or refresh a page, cuss no matter what my popup blocker (and i use a few) don't block them and they are stupid gay ass ads, even thouhg im new here im already pissed at them and there gayness
  12. xgmx

    favorite client/master server?

    my favorite is ZDaemon however i like Odamex, Internet Doom Explorer and gzDoom also
  13. which is your favorite? ZDaemon Odamex gzDoom Internet Doom Explorer Skulltag DWANGO Doom 95 iFrag Kali GameSpy Arcade GameSpy Comrade ZDoom