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  1. Martin Howe

    What are you listening to?

    There's party thrash, power metal, hard rock; there's political, social, religious themes; but you know, sometimes it's nice to see some in-your-face honest-to-Satan basic cliched derivative stereotyped hackneyed 'Death and Satan' heavy metal and just mosh the sodding Hell out of it 😛
  2. Martin Howe

    Post a picture...that you took

    And look who should turn up at Norwich a couple of weeks ago :)
  3. Martin Howe

    Post a picture...that you took

    Thanks, @Rex, its nice to be appreciated!
  4. Martin Howe

    New Source port: Introducing EDGE-Classic

    As one of the original DosDoom developers back in the 1990s after Chi Hoang stopped work on it, it was great to see @Coraline essentially take the (renamed) EDGE over and resurrect it from the doldrums; so it's also great to see this new fork. All my modding, and occasional code contributing, is in/for ZDoom nowadays, but it is nice to see the older source ports continuing in some form. Keep up the good work, guys!
  5. Martin Howe

    Happy Standard Time Day!

    Maybe in the US, wouldn't be surprised if it ends up happening here as well; the current UK government is the most corrupt - and incompetent - in living memory; a fair number of Americans on Quora have said they like the UK's unique character and don't want to see it adopt the worst of the USA's corporatist excesses; obviously as a Brit, I don't want that either :)
  6. Martin Howe

    The "next block" is what exactly?

    This is a memory management issue to do with linked lists; while your WAD has obviously triggered the condition in some way, it could not cause this directly; you should report this to the choco devs, as your WAD should have no direct access to the pointers or indexes inside a linked list implementation. The WAD probably does have an error of some kind, so you should check it for one, but such errors should normally be trapped by a game engine long before it gets to a fatal error.
  7. Martin Howe

    Happy Standard Time Day!

    This happened here a week ago in the UK and only my car's radio clock needed adjusting manually; however, WW1 has been over for a hundred years and DST savings just makes life more complicated; I wish the Government would stop messing with the clocks, choose GMT or BST permanently and leave it at that. The usual suspects who campaign against it are agricultural concerns such as farmers; however, with modern technology, GPS systems, LED headlamps, etc., many agricultural vehicles, particularly tractors, look more 'like Darth Vader's bathroom' than KITT 😲 They no longer have a valid reason to resist it and I wish the Government wouldn't keep letting them hold the rest of us to ransom :(
  8. Martin Howe

    Countries, Peoples and Geography discussion

    I hear a lot of diss for the UK here, but I'd say immediate problems depend quite a bit on where one lives; I've lived in London just round the corner (thankfully not in) from an area full of druggies and crooks and hated having to look over my shoulder for muggers every 3 seconds. Now I live in a rural country market town called Beccles where crime is not rampant and the worst commonplace offence seems to be vandalising cars rather than blowing a bus queue of people away with a Mac 10 just in case the scumbag who dissed your woman is in there somewhere. I like it here. The worst thing about the UK is the utter shit-show of politics here; we currently have the most corrupt and incompetent government literally for decades and I don't feel that the other lot would be that much better, given their leader being Tony Blair Service Pack 3. What we really need is an electoral system that fuses local representation and national government, instead of doing the former and ignoring the latter. Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him :P
  9. Martin Howe

    DOOM Gaming on LINUX

    I moved permanently to Linux when the issues with W10 became unsurmountable and support for 7 was dropped; did dual boot but got fed up with the clumsy and amateurish way Windows handles boot managing and so on; had enough of Windows polluting my computer. Fortunately, I'd dabbled with Linux before and had UNIX experience for over 30 years, so moving to Linux wasn't hard. Getting everything set up was; I have UDB built natively and running on WINE as the functionality of DB varies between them; game engines and tools, I just compile natively from source. In sort, it's great to have total control over one's system, but it does mean extra work to get games and their editors running as so much of their environment are assumed to be Windows by the devs or have only patchy non-Windows support. Once the chip shortage is over, I'll build a new computer and run W10 as a VM, with an extra (medium-power) GPU dedicated to that VM; I don't play AAA titles so even a low-profile 1050 should be enough.
  10. Martin Howe

    Post a picture...that you took

    The heron at Wroxham (10 miles NE of Norwich City, UK) begged anglers for fish - and got it! Not the first time he's pulled a stunt like that, either!
  11. Martin Howe

    Post a picture...that you took

    A walk at the marshes around Beccles on Sunday 24/10/2021
  12. Martin Howe

    New M1 Pro/Max Macbook Pro laptops

    I despise Apple for their walled garden approach, lack of repairability, and closed source OS; however I like their silicon; if ever bought an iThingy, I'd run Linux on it. As an aside, Intel and MICROS~1 could have come up with something like this; indeed the inevitable failure of Itanium was a golden opportunity for AMD to make an Alpha like chip, especially as several DEC scientists jumped ship to AMD, but instead they, like Intel, decided to just do 'more of the same'; certainly AMD's 'more of the same' is far better than Intel's, but it is still the same :(
  13. Your avatar leaves us all in no doubt as to your musical tastes :) Antiprocrastinationsong!!!!!!
  14. Wads with unique music are always good and I'll usually listen to the track at least once in SLADE or the first few minutes of play; I'm an outlier though, as unless it's really good and fits the theme, I normally play with music off anyway; for me, you aren't on Mars killing Demons from Hell if there is a magical jukebox from God playing over the ether :)
  15. Martin Howe

    Most UNORTHODOX ways to use Monsters?

    Fistful of Doom hides a revenant in the church tower and changes the sounds to be a tolling bell, so you get apparently random doom-laden bell sounds.