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  1. Commence primary ignition like it's 1995! One With The Force is a light-weight reskin-orientated mod for Doom 1 that aims to give the player a classic Star Wars Doom feel with more consistency and fewer bugs. Modern Star Wars mods focus on a total conversion, often using resources from various games and advanced scripting for ZDoom, EDGE, etc. This one takes the opposite approach; instead of Doom in the Star Wars Universe, it is created as if Star Wars originally took place in the Doom Universe. Essentially a deduplication and refurbishment of the many mid-1990s Star Wars mods from the "themes/starwars" subdirectory, this is designed to have the classic near-vanilla feel of those mods, mostly by reskinning, with as little scripting (DeHackEd, Decorate, SndInfo, etc.) as possible. * In come monsters and pickups matching their original behaviours! * Out go overused AlienDOOM guns that don't match the pickup sprites! * Out go cheesy sounds like "Whoo-Hoo!" when killing a storm trooper! * Pickup strings and some actors are slightly altered for consistency! Most actors have are sprite changes only; some are slightly renamed to make them more futuristic/magic looking, or for consistency with similar items. In a few cases they will behave slightly differently but better in ZDoom, with the overall look and feel being the same (e.g. tech pillars). Some special effects are available that give a more pleasing experience; however, they go way beyond reskinning and minor behavioural changes; they are thus provided in a separate WAD file, 1ForceFX.wad, which should be loaded after 1Force.wad; see the notes at the end of the text file for details. The main WAD file includes the resources for them; 1ForceFX is just the scripts. I made this purely for myself, so these ideas are highly subjective; this is being shared here in case anyone is looking for something similar. Now at V1.0 and uploaded to the archive. Direct links: textfile download Special thanks to XIM for giving me a taste for Star Wars in Doom again after over a decade :) Enjoy and may you forever be One with the Force! Screenshots (slightly out of date, will update when at home):
  2. Martin Howe

    My gripes with Doom II

    Actually, and I know YYMV, while it was scary, it seemed obvious as soon as you see that they are up on platforms and cannot move location, that this is "The Boss Monster DM Show!" (tm) and you are actually meant to trick them into infighting, get some popcorn and watch :p Of course, you still have to battle the victor :)
  3. Martin Howe

    My gripes with Doom II

    Well said - and that's exactly why I disliked Doom II intensely - for me it was work, rather than pleasure.
  4. Martin Howe

    What are your fav and least fav or hated doom textures?

    Which is why I have actually used them ... for a filthy toilet that hadn't been cleaned for years :) (Or at least, since the demons invaded)
  5. Thanks. In fact, I seem to remember that one of the reasons for the existence of modal logic in the first place was the fact that the classical definition of implication took no account of any intentional context.
  6. Alvin Plantinga argues ◊□X → □X is not counter-intuitive and gives a possible-worlds justification for it. But all that does is *prove* it; that doesn't show how it is *intuitive* in the way that X → □◊X is. Can anyone more knowledgeable than me give me a *practical* example, with a contradiction that results if it were false? For the curious:
  7. Martin Howe

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    This. Absolutely. Exactly how I felt. But for Doom, I'd have always believed video games were like that. Then our boss bought in the shareware Doom at work after hours and played E1M1 in SP while we watched. I found myself shouting (about a zombieman) "Kill 'im, KILL 'im!!" with involuntary excitement :)
  8. Martin Howe

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    Heck, I finally was moved to spend £3000+ (a heck of a lot of money in 1995) on my first PC - primarily to run Doom :)
  9. Martin Howe

    Do you actually finish Megawads?

    LOL, this :P
  10. Martin Howe

    Do you actually finish Megawads?

    While I agree in principle, it's finding them that's the issue; Megawads get all the publicity. Maybe we need a "directory of good, small mapsets" thread?
  11. Martin Howe

    Do you actually finish Megawads?

    Love this topic. Says what I have been thinking for years :D 1. No (Lack of time) 2. Yes please. 3. Only if you have time to spare for hours. 4. (I made this one up) YES. A thousand times YES! (My question is: Should anyone making an IoS ending to a megawad be boiled in oil, staked out in the desert with vultures eating their livers and what's left be burned at the stake?) LOL
  12. Martin Howe

    Photos that could be great Doom levels

    "In Hell, even the rocks bleed!" Who'd have thought RSPB Minsmere could provide inspiration for Doom :P For the historically minded, these are tank traps, so a genuine military connection here :)
  13. Martin Howe

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Just a picture of me. Is all. Taken top of St Edmundsbury Cathedral tower last year.
  14. Martin Howe

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Apart from my avatar, I like this one. (Not my cat and he passed away a while go)
  15. Martin Howe

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    Well, actually, for me it has become one and was the reason I finally turned to Linux after years of considering doing so. For me, Windows is now at an evolutionary dead-end as an end-user OS due primarily to the ads (even if you bought it retail), data slurping and even nagging you to use their apps instead of the ones you like. An OS should sit quietly like a meek and mild servant and wait for orders. Windows 7, by and large did, 10 doesn't. Also Windows 10 Update is horribly badly implemented. Ubuntu Software Updater just works. I had used Unix and written C programs a long time ago, so Linux wasn't totally unfamiliar, but I ran several distros in a VM to decide what was right for me. Now I use Xubuntu. I have Windows 7 as a dual boot for real emergencies, but haven't used it for ages. I also have a Windows 7 VM for DoomBuilder and Paint.net.