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  1. Err, I think, to be fair, that most men would ask that question the other way around :p
  2. Martin Howe

    The Legality of (Un/Modified) DOOM.WAD textures.

    If modding TEKGREN* or COMP* is an offence then I'm going to hell :) Seriously, "Minor edits of stock textures is permitted" is a phrase I remember from somewhere; not sure if it was the DOOM readme file or a pronouncement by someone at id - it was a long time ago.
  3. Martin Howe

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I had to google Kotaku - this forum sorely needs an age-related-English translation module :) If that's a reply to the cats mod, thanks, I think :) For the record, this mod predates the current fad for 'companion mods' and 'forum bait' by several years but was never released at the time due to Real Life getting in the way. I just love cats and after Lee Killough put dogs in MBF, wanted to see cats in there. While I'm not trying to get it notoriety outside of DW & ZDoom, it'd be nice if it did get noticed ... once it's finished, anyway. It's already at over 3000 lines of ZScript, excluding blanks and comments and there's still a few bugs to fix before it's ready to release an RC. But then, as any cat owner knows, they are far more complicated than most animals!
  4. Martin Howe

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    If Alexa's developers can do it, who am I to argue :p The image above is a real screenshot from the Black Cats of Doom mod that I'm working on; the cats have about 15 sounds that roughly translate into human languages that the 'app' recognises. Credit to Scuba Steve who pioneered the 'clipboard in hand' weapon trick all those years ago :) The article about MeowTalk by Alexa's developers is here (screenshot below).
  5. Martin Howe

    What are you listening to?

    Indeed, and the singer sounds a lot like that of Toxic Holocaust another (usually) one-man band, from the USA.
  6. Martin Howe

    The New Doomworld Pet Thread

    I already posted some pics of my cat Luna in strange places on the other thread, he'd follow me everywhere. I no longer have him, as I was only a kinda temporary custodian until a good home for him could be found - took longer than anyone expected. So he's not with me any more, but he is happy where he is :)
  7. Martin Howe

    What are you listening to?

    Been on a Hellripper trip for a while, discovered them recently; this is great speed metal, usual stuff about Satan, death, etc; I mean a song with a refrain of "Six! Six! Six!" - what's not to like :)
  8. Martin Howe

    Ask random questions, and they will be answered.

    Food between bread was around for 1000s years, but the trope namer was an English nobleman in the 17th century
  9. Martin Howe

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Now you can summon the black cats of Doom! Each cast of the spell summons between 1 and 3 cats ... but beware: the price for this power is around 4 health points per cat!
  10. Martin Howe

    What fake name do you use at restaurants?

    I have never used a fake name on the rare occasions I have used Starbucks and similar establishments. Given that my chances of joining MI6 or the SAS in the near future are somewhat low, I do not expect that to change :)
  11. Martin Howe

    the f#ck that thread

    Sod Itanium Processor and the idiots that created it. Sod the idiots that turned i960 into a microcontroller instead of the x86 replacement it should have been. Sod Compaq for killing the Alpha. And sod Stephen Morse for not making CS, DS etc 32 bits with byte granularity on principle. OK that's enough for today ... maybe :p OK, no, I'll says this one again for all the harm it's caused ... real mode ... protected mode ... 640k ought to be enough for anyone ... etc ... Sod Stephen Morse for not making CS, DS etc 32 bits with byte granularity on principle. And then some!
  12. Martin Howe

    You MUST play this Quake map pack.

    I have installed this mod and am trying to use it (1.8p1) with the latest QSS freshly built from the repo; with little experience of Quake I may be doing something really dense, but when you start SP you rise up on a platform that you then have to jump off to get to the skill selector pillars. So I do that and select a skill level. But whenever I enter any portal for any level, it just finishes immediately saying time (a minute or so), secrets 0/1 and kills 0/0! (0 out of 0 monsters?) Is this a bug in the mod, or in QSS or am I really stupid?
  13. Martin Howe

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    It's my name and this forum was one of the lucky few (for me) where there wasn't another account by that name.
  14. Martin Howe

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    Trying to find out when DWANGO4 was released, but if after Fri 13 May 1994, then SHIP.WAD wasn't the first, it would be EVIL_E.WAD by Ian Suhrstedt ( image from another DW thread where EVIL_E was cited yet again for this ship :) )
  15. Martin Howe

    Does UAC have territorial disputes?

    You mean a kinda 'colonial' marines? Hmm, not such a good idea, I seem to remember that idea was tried before and didn't end well :p :p