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  1. Martin Howe

    Does anyone find Tech Base maps boring?

    Sounds like me and Classic HeXen :) Being autistic rather than ADHD, I have the opposite problem; I can focus very easily, but often cannot figure out things that aren't given to me on a plate; I hate subtleties in maps. I also have the same issues with mazes, switches, and doors; but that is because short-term memory and getting overwhelmed with detail in real time is a common problem for autistic people. I love techbases, but they can get boring if the mapper isn't skilled enough to add variety and open areas as well as tight corners; interactivity, such as computer consoles that do something when used, are a great way to avoid that, as long as it's (a) obvious that they do something and (b) obvious what they did. City maps are OK if they are detailed to look like a real city, but that's a big effort to pull off and only a few manage it; abstract city maps just leave me cold. Hell themed levels feel like a pointless slaughter with no interesting scenery to look at, so I don't bother with them. Partly because Hell themed levels in Doom don't match the classic idea of Hell; I'd expect a cavern full of volcanos, earthquakes, evil temples or chapels, and Raven, rather than Doom, styled monsters. I once actually did this myself, but the project got abandoned due to a big disaster in RL getting in the way :(
  2. Looking good; when it can be built natively on Linux I'll give it a go (I realise that's not a priority right now). I had no idea that System.Drawing was Windows only, though; it's been a long time since I coded in .NET.
  3. The Universe crashes from stack overflow as my cat tries to transform into my cat.
  4. At 57 I am still a subscriber to 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine, play video games, buy comics (though online now) and a few other fantasy inspired passtimes! My years give me experience that's useful for world building. So this guy can just shut up!
  5. Quote of the year on Twitter: "EVGA hasn't just burned the bridges, they're roasting marshmallows" :)
  6. Martin Howe

    Doom SFX used in Doctor Who?!

    It's the one when: I found a clip of the ending on YT and the sound isn't there, so it might have been earlier in the movie; all I remember is thinking "Bloody Hell, that's the Doom 2 biggest demon sound!"
  7. Martin Howe

    September 11th -- We Will Never Forget

    UK here; I knew quickly because people at work were all talking about it just after lunch (around 9.30 am NY time); but my parents caught it on TV by accident and thought it was a film ... it took a while for the horror to dawn on them that it was real.
  8. Martin Howe

    Doom SFX used in Doctor Who?!

    When I first heard it outside Doom (X Files movie) it was quite a shock, but now it seems to pop up everywhere LOL Best line in that DrW episode goes to the Devil:
  9. Martin Howe

    The Queen is Dead. Long Live the King.

    While I am unsure of the ethical rightness of even a constitutional monarchy existing in the 21st century, I have some respect for the late QE because she did her best with the poisoned chalice that she had been handed. Until the previous king abdicated, she had never expected to be Queen and just had to suffer it for what she felt was her duty. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. So R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II and condolences to her family. My fear is the possibility of terrorists exploiting the situation; for example bombing funeral crowds or attempting to assassinate King Charles in the hope of demoralising the UK; I really really hope that MI5, MI6, CoL Police, the Met, etc., are on top of this. GCHQ in particular are going to be very busy, I would think.
  10. Martin Howe

    Linux: Eternity not respecting symlinks

    OK, well it all seems to work now, so - case closed :)
  11. Martin Howe

    Post your Doom textures!

    That would look great in a Star Wars mod :)
  12. Martin Howe

    What makes you decide to play or skip a WAD?

    Turn ons (OR): One medium size map Up to about 5 small maps E1 style Tech base Lots of GZDoom special effects and scripting Different worlds (e.g., cheogsh) Turns offs (AND NOT): Slaughter / Extreme difficulty Puzzle/switch hunt Doom 2 abstract style Weird freaky stuff (void maps with walkways through space, etc) Modern style graphics that looks as if they aren't doom at all DM/CO-OP only Tons of stock sounds overridden for no real reason Meh (WELL, MAYBE): New monsters (unless only 1 or 2) New music (usually play with music off anyway) Built-in new weapons pack Total texture replacements General remarks I am a casual player with a very busy life and no time to practice and 'get good' for slaughter (plus I know how to kill barons and cacos, don't need to do it another 1000 times in 3 minutes, thanks) or wade through a level devoid of the monsters I killed trying to find the switch or door to get out. Also, turn offs take precedence; for example which is why I'll never play cheogsh 1 or 2 again (slaughter + puzzle/switch), despite the lovely architecture and cool special effects :(
  13. Martin Howe

    linux doom builder

    The real issue with .NET is the lack of a simple and cost free cross platform GUI toolkit; Mono does have a clone of Windows Forms, but it is buggy. I don't care if such a thing doesn't look platform native on Linux as long as it works. I've used (on Windows) apps that are built on Windows ports of Unix/Linux GUI toolkits and the non-native-ness is not that big a thing. I use a Windows 10 VM for UDB (VMWare Workstation Player) and it works OK; but of course there are so many host systems out there that some people are unlucky :(
  14. Martin Howe

    My best map so far, made in 2 days :)

    Has the file been updated since it was first played? The screenies look good and I'd like to play it, but cannot open the zip file; unzippers on both Linux and Windows choke on it, saying there is a missing central directory; even zip -FF from a CLI can't fix it :( The file command (Unix/Linux) says the file is RAR archive data, v5, which is what 7Zip on Windows also says it is, so perhaps it could be renamed in your link just so we know how to extract it. I guess the reason nobody else has noticed this is because a lot of people use IZArc, 7Zip, and so on; they usually cope with the data format without saying anything, but please remember that if it ends in .zip, it really should be a zip archive :)
  15. Martin Howe

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.