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  1. MartinHowe

    Post your Doom textures!

    I love this. However, the map I'm making needed a COMP variant so I knocked one up. It's different from the original COMP texture as it keeps the silver panelling but still tiles in with the COMP framework. This is a 32-bit PNG of just the frame itself, that can be pasted over these as necessary.
  2. MartinHowe

    Worst Doom Level

    Doom: E3M8 - Too easy for a boss level, let alone the (original) end of the game. Doom: E4M8 - More a let-down than a hate; like the architecture and good use of the spider (FWIW). Still a fail because the spider was used at all (see below). HeXen (most of it) - Puzzles and switches. Lovely architecture, dark atmospheric feel, (mostly) cool monsters. What a shame about the gameplay :( Honorable mention for a character rather than a level: The spider herself. She is the most comically stupid looking monster in Doom. You want a super-duper hitscan enemy? Make it look demonic and terrifying, ya know, like give it horns, goat hooves, and a grafted weapon on the arm, er, oh wait a minute, we did that one already :) Spidey just doesn't look demonic enough; she looks as if Satan just ran out of ideas and picked up something from the nearest sewer :p Worst ever - anything with a MAP30 style ending. Yawn. Almost as bad as HeXen, use platform, shoot rocket, try again, demons spawning all around you. When you first play it (years ago for me) it's not even obvious what you are supposed to do; yeah, shoot the hole, but how are you supposed to know that only the RL works? Yeah, it's beatable, but .... yawn :(
  3. MartinHowe

    Neural nets sort of generate Doom maps but not really

    OK, I've played it. Typical 1994 Doom 2 user level 🙂 But was worth it for curiosity.
  4. For those making WAD editors: Doom 0.3 alpha only surfaced relatively recently and the L_* graphics are a different format to any others. However, with a bit of work using SLADE and my own decompiler (based on Ken Silverman's KExtract) it seems they are SNEAs, but with qwidth and height as shorts, rather than as bytes in the later versions. In all other respects they are identical to SNEAs in Doom alpha 0.4+. Certainly extracting the L_* graphics in that IWAD yields obviously recognisable results.
  5. Intelligent computers are here - we're DOOMed :p http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-44040007
  6. Psychosis Doom II. Was for me one of the funniest I have played, complete with magic mushrooms for heath bonuses. I was going to upload it to the archive, but realised belatedly that it included some of the "not allowed" on the archive's rule book, which I didn't recognise at the time due to them being too US-centric for us Brits to know who/what those images were.
  7. MartinHowe

    Jim Flynn

    Oh crap :( RIP Jim Flynn, another of the big guys of DOOM sadly gone.
  8. MartinHowe

    How to contact ZDoom forum admins

    Hi WW. No idea what happened, but I did a normal password reset and it all works now. I have of course changed my password from the default one, logged out and logged back in to check it, and it's all working now. Thanks!!
  9. MartinHowe

    How to contact ZDoom forum admins

    Thanks WW. Won't be right away as RL getting in the way, but will see to it at some point.
  10. MartinHowe

    How to contact ZDoom forum admins

    Hi All Due to the recent stuff about spammers and security I understand why ZDoom forum security has been beefed up. However no matter what I do I get repeated requests to solve the CAPTCHA. I want to contact the board admins about this. However, there is no way to contact the forum admins if you can't log in. Does anybody know a way to do this?
  11. MartinHowe

    WinDOOM 2.015 - stepping stone to a .NET port

    And so it begins... :D (Click the preview below for the full image @ 1280x1024)
  12. MartinHowe

    WinDOOM 2.015 - stepping stone to a .NET port

    Bit of tweaking to the startup UI :)
  13. MartinHowe

    WinDOOM 2.015 - stepping stone to a .NET port

    @Scet: Thanks - interesting comments; I'll have a look at Mocha Doom now. @Gez: Yeah, I was big into Pascal at that time and thought DelphiDoom was awesome.
  14. MartinHowe

    WinDOOM 2.015 - stepping stone to a .NET port

    Thanks for the heads-up and suggestions about PCX. I'll check out the PCX plugin for Paint.NET soon. In the meantime, having tried a screenshot at 1280x1024, I really should have increased the default heapsize earlier, LOLint mb_used = 16; // Sensible on modern multi-gigabyte systems - MH 2015/08/23Well, it's good enough for Chocolate Doom, so it's good enough for me :P
  15. MartinHowe

    WinDOOM 2.015 - stepping stone to a .NET port

    Well, it's early days, but who know what the future holds? I read the guy in Chocolate Doom started that in much the same way, and it just grew and grew. Well done on getting Doom95 to work :) Oh and I apologise to Doom.NET guy, user Scet - apparently he is here and posted as recently as June this year. Be interesting to see if he notices this :)