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  1. Hi WW. No idea what happened, but I did a normal password reset and it all works now. I have of course changed my password from the default one, logged out and logged back in to check it, and it's all working now. Thanks!!
  2. Thanks WW. Won't be right away as RL getting in the way, but will see to it at some point.
  3. Hi All Due to the recent stuff about spammers and security I understand why ZDoom forum security has been beefed up. However no matter what I do I get repeated requests to solve the CAPTCHA. I want to contact the board admins about this. However, there is no way to contact the forum admins if you can't log in. Does anybody know a way to do this?
  4. And so it begins... :D (Click the preview below for the full image @ 1280x1024)
  5. Bit of tweaking to the startup UI :)
  6. @Scet: Thanks - interesting comments; I'll have a look at Mocha Doom now. @Gez: Yeah, I was big into Pascal at that time and thought DelphiDoom was awesome.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up and suggestions about PCX. I'll check out the PCX plugin for Paint.NET soon. In the meantime, having tried a screenshot at 1280x1024, I really should have increased the default heapsize earlier, LOLint mb_used = 16; // Sensible on modern multi-gigabyte systems - MH 2015/08/23Well, it's good enough for Chocolate Doom, so it's good enough for me :P
  8. Well, it's early days, but who know what the future holds? I read the guy in Chocolate Doom started that in much the same way, and it just grew and grew. Well done on getting Doom95 to work :) Oh and I apologise to Doom.NET guy, user Scet - apparently he is here and posted as recently as June this year. Be interesting to see if he notices this :)
  9. WinDOOM 2.015 So why am I porting a 14 year old DOOM source port to modern compilers and modern Windows (VS2015 and Windows 10)? Because I wanted a .NET port of DOOM. There was one back in 2006 but Satan only knows where that guy who wrote it is now, let alone if he even has the source. So I had to roll my own. The idea was to start with a clean straight Windows/DirectX port of Vanilla Doom, clean it up, refactor the code, etc., and then use that as a basis. So no flats/sprites-in-a-PWAD, no DeHackEd, no BOOM/MBF extensions, no SDL or other libraries; a clean straight Windows and DirectX source port. WinDoom, as amended by Dean Wiley, fitted the bill. This is purer than Chocolate Doom - but it won't stay that way for long :P It was quite a job to even get this far. The DirectX version it works with is old, the MUS2MIDI code was totally borked (I used public DOOM3 BFG source), the screenshot format is PCX which works is so old that even Paint.Net can't open it (had to use FastStone Image Viewer and IrfanView should work too). Of course then there were the the usual crash fixes: Unterminated sprite list - fixed. High-resolution crash in r_things.c - still working on that one. Crash handler with stack dump - done. Compiled with Visual Studion 2015 Community Edition. Tested on Windows 10 with Doom Shareware, Ultimate Doom, Doom2, TNT and Plutonia. Download program: Download source: If you have Chrome it will ask to Keep or Discard these files as they are very careful about downloads. Screenshots: This is nothing serious, just a bit of fun for when I have the odd couple of spare hours :) Of course I seem to be spending rather more time on it than I meant to :p Oh and just for the lolz:
  10. I'd been holding off replying to this because I have had a long enforced break from DOOM modding so haven't been in touch and all I'd heard was unsubstantiated rumors. But since now it is known to be true, well what can one say? A very BIG ":(", I guess. Ty contributed so much that without him there would have been no archives today and no BOOM either. Best wishes to his family. He will be remembered.
  11. I think exterminating cats would, if the guy is serious, be an extreme over reaction. We keep all of our 5 cats indoors anyway now, but when we had outdoor cats, we put bell collars on to stop them catching stuff - it worked.
  12. I can't make up my mind whether this guy is trolling like no troll ever trolled before or, on the other hand, whether he is completely and utterly insane :O God help him when Anonymous find out :P
  13. Yes, I'm tired of RUNNIN. I almost always IDMUS07. It's such a doom-laden track and is, after all, a riff on a SLAYER track. Yes, that Slayer:
  14. And I am one of those people, which is why I lament Hexen. Great monsters and environment but too many bloody puzzles. When I want cerebral enjoyment, it is not to games that I turn; for me, thinking is for serious business. Video games are IMO for simple combat with demons and monsters, with the odd simple puzzle thrown in to liven things up. There's no enjoyment gained from solving convoluted puzzles in the middle of an action video game - it's like putting tomato ketchup on ice cream :) Nor is it fun wandering a maze of dead monsters trying to figure out how the hell to exit. At the very least it should not be needed to solve a horrendous puzzle simply to progress through the maps.
  15. It makes sense to make sense of Doom, or any other work of fiction, within it's own context. Given that, a realistic portrayal of Phobos would not work. However, it would have been nice if the sky had looked more "alien" than vegetation and mountains. A dome, a la that of D'Sparil, with stark dark mountains all around outside them would have made a lot more sense for a base on a moon.