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  1. BoldEnglishman

    PSX levels intergrated into PC DOOM

    The download link for the Doom II levels seems to be broken for me :/
  2. BoldEnglishman

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Greetings everybody! Just wanted to give a quick little update on my Let's Playing channel. My channel has been up and running for just over two months now, and I'm still currently working my way through all the "official" Doom games. So far, I have 12 playlists uploaded, consisting of complete Let's Plays of (from oldest uploaded to latest) Doom + The Ultimate Doom Doom II: Hell on Earth Doom Alpha and Beta versions (0.4 alpha, 0.5 alpha and the Press Release Beta) PlayStation Doom PlayStation Doom II Doom 64 Misc uploads (currently consisting of Sewers and Betray from XBox Doom and Doom II respectively) Master Levels for Doom II PlayStation Master Levels for Doom II PlayStation TNT: Evilution PlayStation The Plutonia Experiment Final Doom - TNT: Evilution I've just completed TNT: Evilution, and will be uploading the final Hell levels of that megawad within the next couple of days. Unsurprisingly, The Plutonia Experiment is next on my list, probably followed by No Rest for the Living, and after that I'll be gradually moving away from Doom (temporarily), possibly to Heretic first but I still haven't decided yet. Finally, a little sampling of my latest work: Cheers!
  3. BoldEnglishman

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    So err, Jeff Hanneman passed away today. I'm still in shock over this. I knew he was ill, but... fuck.
  4. BoldEnglishman

    Have you ever encountered the all-ghosts bug?

    I've encountered ghost monsters quite a few times, both in levels where they are intended to appear (like that one late level in Doom Jr... yeah) and in normal levels too. The all-ghosts bug is something I've never personally encountered, though this is partially due to the fact that I've been playing ZDoom/derivative source ports for probably over 10 years now.
  5. BoldEnglishman

    What decade did you grow up in?

    Born in 1991, so I remember a fair amount of the mid-late '90s. Hell, I started playing games in the mid '90s after watching my brother, starting with Doom II. As such, even though I was way too young to appreciate it at the time, I remember the staggering technological growth that the PC games industry underwent during the '90s. I guess this is why modern games hold no interest for me. My personal development basically went something like this: Doom II -> Star Wars: Dark Forces -> Duke Nukem 3D -> Quake -> Shadow Warrior (OK so maybe not a step up here but still a good game) -> Star Wars: Jedi Knight -> Quake II -> Quake III -> Thief II: The Metal Age (again graphically not a step up but yeah...) -> Return to Castle Wolfenstein, then thanks to the Internet and becoming a teenager things got complicated. So yeah, pretty crazy times to be a PC gamer. Games like the original Doom, Half-Life, Unreal, Halo etc. I only visited after they were released, after the event. I remember that Quake, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and Quake II (possibly Quake III too) were all games that forced us to upgrade our computer, as their system requirements were that high at the time. Having to go out and actually buy a graphics card for the first time... I also recall that the first time I was made "aware" of what year it was, it was 1995. All this being said however, I (obviously) continued growing up during most of the '00s. Again, thanks to the Internet and becoming a teenager, the early '00s was when I started playing games on-line and interacting with other people. I remember that the first (and one of the only) games that I actually looked forward to was Aliens versus Predator II, and that game certainly didn't disappoint. My on-line experiences culminated during the middle of the last decade, where I spent many years playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and got quite heavily involved with clans, tournaments and the like. However, once my activities in that game started to dwindle (clans fell apart, people moved on, school got more intense and overall shit/life got real), I pretty much abandoned on-line gaming completely, and to this day have only very rarely played on-line since. I guess that once you become so heavily involved with a particular game and it's community, and invest so much of your life into it (oh noes, so sad...), once it's over, the memories constantly hang over your future experiences in that medium. To word this differently, I stay away from on-line gaming because I know that it will never be the same as my memories of yesteryear. That and because I no longer have decades of free time to invest in playing games. That was a weird little exposition, so apologies for that. Many unnecessary paragraphs for the win!
  6. BoldEnglishman


    The difficulty with creating ambient tracks like Aubrey's work is that he recorded a lot of ordinary sounds and turned them into MIDI patches. You have to be skillful with manipulating the sound itself and turning it into your 'instrument'. The approach to writing Aubrey-style ambient music is (IMO) completely different to writing Bobby-style rock/ambient music. With the former, you can't really say any of it is musical in a sense (other than pieces like the title music) as it's more of a sound-scape, relying on the texture of the sounds themselves rather than the notes that they are playing.
  7. BoldEnglishman


    12-bar blues structure, or some derivative/variance of. The vast majority of the original Doom tracks are written in this way, which I guess makes them simple enough harmonically to 'blend in' well as background music.
  8. BoldEnglishman

    Duke3d supports... widescreen resolution?

    Pak0 and Pak1 I believe.
  9. BoldEnglishman

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I've recently set up a Youtube channel where I will be Let's Playing many old-school FPS games. Unless I'm playing blind (which will mostly apply to mods) then I intend on getting 100% kills and secrets for every level. So far I've uploaded Let's Plays of the original Doom (plus the fourth Ultimate Doom episode) and Doom II, and I'm currently in the process of playing through the PlayStation version. I'm not going to spam this thread continually, so I'll leave this video here as a demonstration of what to expect from my channel. Comments are always appreciated!
  10. BoldEnglishman

    Post a picture of yourself!

    It is a Dean Edge 5-string bass. I usually play the 5-string mainly because I'm lazy and can't be assed to de-tune/re-tune the bass all the time, and because it simply offers me a wider range of notes to play. I don't use the fifth string very often, but the odd very low note here and there can add some emphasis and power at appropriate moments. I do have a couple of other 4-string basses (and an acoustic bass) but the Dean sees the most use at the moment. Sorry about the purple colouring, it was just a fairly good photo that I could link to instantly. That Ibanez bass does look quite nice :)
  11. BoldEnglishman

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I play a big fish. 'Tis good. I have more facial hair now, so I look like a Rincewind-type Wizard.
  12. BoldEnglishman

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    I've been listening to metal music since my mid-teens (so a year or two before I registered here actually), and since then have embraced the metal lifestyle. I am a bit of a genre-nerd, but at the same time I do draw a line somewhere - some so-called 'sub-genres' are just ridiculous. Currently I mainly listen to older music, as I decided a good place to start finding more great metal music was the very pioneers of the various sub-genres. I've also been to various metal festivals for a few years now (planning on going to both Bloodstock and Hellfest this year so far), and go to concerts every so often. I like to think that I like a bit of everything metal has to offer. The only genres you could say I dislike (meaning I simply don't listen to them because they don't do anything for me) are nu-metal, glam metal, the "New Wave of American Metal" (the likes of Killswitch Engage, Five Finger Death Punch, Chimaera etc.) most crossover thrash and most grindcore. I also don't particularly like "djent" either. Generally I tend to lean towards "extreme metal". Yes this was a lot of effort to put together, but I've presently got nothing to do so what the hell. Traditional metal / hard rock: - Deep Purple - Led Zeppelin - Black Sabbath (seen Ozzy live, almost counts :P) - Queen (there early-mid '70s work certainly qualifies) - Judas Priest (seen this band) - Rainbow - Dio - Heaven and Hell NWOBHM: - Motorhead (seen this band) - Saxon - Iron Maiden - Diamond Head - Angel Witch (seen this band) Power/folk metal: - Manowar - Yngwie Malmsteen - Helloween (seen this band) - Blind Guardian (seen this band) - Iced Earth (seen this band) - Mercyful Fate (musically I don't think they sound all that different from a lot of the NWOBHM, though others would label them as part of the "first wave" of black metal) - King Diamond (seen this band) - Demons and Wizards - Gamma Ray (seen this band) - Sabaton (seen this band) - Alestorm (seen this band) - Falconer - Eluveitie (seen this band) - Korpiklaani (seen this band) - Turisas (seen this band) - Skyclad Thrash metal (arguably my favourite sub-genre, though it entirely depends on my mood): - Metallica - Slayer (will be seeing this band later this year... so fucking excited!) - Anthrax - Megadeth (seen this band) - Pantera - Exodus (seen this band) - Overkill (seen this band) - Kreator (seen this band) - Destruction (seen this band) - Sodom (seen this band) - Sepultura (seen this band) - Testament (seen this band) - Death Angel (seen this band) - Venom - Hellhammer - Celtic Frost - Annihilator - Skeletonwitch (seen this band) - Coroner - Evile (seen this band) - Municipal Waste - Metal Church - Artillery - Tankard - Forbidden - Stormtroopers of Death - Flotsam and Jetsam - Dark Angel - Heathen - Toxik - Sabbat - Nuclear Assault - Morbid Saint - Vio-lence - Fear Factory (more industrial metal, but I put them here because I don't really listen to any other industrial metal so...) Death metal: - Possessed (seen this band) - Death - Morbid Angel (seen this band) - Obituary (seen this band) - Cannibal Corpse (seen this band) - Deicide - Vader (seen this band) - Nile (seen this band) - Cynic (very progressive metal as well) - Behemoth (seen this band) - Bloodbath - Septicflesh (seen this band) - Necrophagist - Decapitated (seen this band) - Obscura - Suffocation (seen this band) - Bolt Thrower - Napalm Death (mainly grindcore but same reason as Fear Factory above) - Fleshgod Apocalypse - Atheist (also very progressive metal) - Anaal Nathrakh (same as Napalm Death above, seen them as well) Black metal (my other favourite sub-genre): - Bathory - Mayhem (seen this band) - Darkthrone - Immortal (seen this band) - Satyricon (seen this band) - Enslaved (seen this band) - Gorgoroth (seen this band) - Emperor - Dimmu Borgir (seen this band) - Cradle of Filth (seen this band) - Dark Funeral (seen this band) - Ihsahn - Primordial (seen this band) - Dissection - Belphegor (will be seeing this band later this year) - Agalloch - Burzum - Alcest (seen this band) - Summoning - Ulver (most of their work isn't black metal at all, but I guess you could argue they're still philosophically/spiritually black metal) - Windir - Shining (seen this band) - Samael - Drudkh - Watain (seen this band) - Old Man's Child - Wolves in the Throne Room - Carpathian Forest - Blut Aus Nord - Negura Bunget - Dark Fortress (seen this band) - Akercocke - A Forest of Stars - Aura Noir - Wodensthrone - Saturnian -- friend's band from university, hence the link. Check them out if you like your Symphonic black metal. - Aklash -- band that I'm in, hence the link. For fans of more atmospheric black metal. Doom metal: - Witchfinder General - Trouble - Candlemass (will be seeing this band later this year) - Cathedral - Electric Wizard (seen this band) - Katatonia (seen this band) - Anathema (seen this band) - Swallow the Sun (seen this band) - Pentagram (seen this band) - Saint Vitus - Grand Magus (seen this band) - Pagan Altar Progressive metal: - Rush - Savatage - Queensryche - Fates Warning - Voivod - Dream Theater (seen this band) - Opeth (seen this band) - Gojira (seen this band) - Symphony X (seen this band) - Evergrey - Ayreon - Devin Townsend - Control Denied - Periphery (seen this band) - Star One - Threshold (seen this band) - Liquid Tension Experiment - Office of Strategic Influence Melodic death metal: - Amon Amarth (seen this band) - Amorphis (seen this band) - Insomnium (seen this band) Extreme power/folk metal (iffy sub-genre I know, but I think it's the best way to describe the following bands): - Children of Bodom (seen this band) - Wintersun (seen this band) - Ensiferum (seen this band) - Finntroll (seen this band) - Moonsorrow (also very progressive metal in a way, also seen this band) - Equilibrium - Orphaned Land (seen this band) I'm also a big '70s progressive rock nerd, but that's an entirely different story. EDIT: Forget spoilers don't condense the text like they do at the ZDoom forums, sorry for the huge wall of text people!
  13. BoldEnglishman

    So, how old are you ?

    I'm currently 21 and will be turning 22 in March. I'm honestly quite surprised that I'm younger than the average age here...
  14. BoldEnglishman

    The /newstuff Chronicles #329

    Well my guess is that if it's an alternate reality in the first place, then the Incas wouldn't have gone out the way they did in our reality.
  15. BoldEnglishman

    Beautiful Doom -- 4.7 released!

    I think you missed Enjay's point. I do not believe he is telling you NOT to use it, just include a sentence in the accompanying text file saying "Note to player: please use Beautiful Doom in conjunction with this WAD for the intended final result", as opposed to loading the entire mod into yours and thus inflating the overall size.
  16. BoldEnglishman

    The /newstuff Chronicles #328

    But Baroque was not limited to music.
  17. BoldEnglishman

    Favorite level name?

    The Living End and Icon of Sin.
  18. BoldEnglishman

    Iron Man

    This. Iron Man was my favourite Marvel hero though in the first place.
  19. BoldEnglishman

    Music you listen to

    I don't usually listen to music while playing Doom. I turn off the in-game music as well, as I cannot stand most midi music.
  20. BoldEnglishman

    Who is playing Doom today?

    I am 17 and live in Surrey England. I too discovered the game in 1994 (in fact, I remember my dad buying Doom II from PC World when my brother kept wailing on about it). I played it first when I was about 3 or 4 after watching my brother play it for hours, and have been playing computer games rather actively ever since. Not doom all the time though -- I go through phases of concentrating on a game until I complete it. I discovered custom WAD files for Doom about 4 or 5 years ago now, maybe longer. I remember the /newstuff reviews back then, and playing quite a few levels that were actually rather uninteresting (but having played nothing but the official levels, they weren't far off from them). However, probably this time 2 years ago, I discovered the 10 years of Doom event, and have basically found some of my favourite levelsets from it. It took me almost a year to actually figure out the 10 years of Doom continued to the present day with the Cacowards. I lurked on these forums for a year or two, popping in rarely and seeing what was about, before finally registering this time a year ago. From my registration to March this year has been my longest Doom phase, as I struck gold with the Cacowards and this website and went completely nuts over Doom. I believe I remarked in a thread a while ago, that connecting with the community in 2007 was an ideal time, as many projects that had been in development for years before were released in that year. Now, I only come back to the forums every few weeks or so as the last project I was anticipating (Dues Vult II) has been released, and apart from projects that will take months and years to be released, I don't have as much of a drive to seek out new and innovating WADs. I'm also just beginning to enter a Thief phase... and will likely play those games from start to end very soon (I just completed the original Quake last week). In terms of mapping, I have downloaded and experimented with both DoomBuilder and XWE, and I understand the basic concepts of how to make a level and create custom weapons/monsters/what have you. However, I don't really enjoy mapping, for any game, and while I can appreciate the effort that goes into some levels, I simply could not stay focused on a level of my own long enough to make it something worthwhile to play. So, I haven't released anything publicly.
  21. BoldEnglishman

    I want epicness.

    I've done DV Map05 on UV with my brother about 4 times now :P
  22. BoldEnglishman

    Your most HATED monster?

    It's not impossible. I've completed it before, but of course UV-max is a different story, and I'm not sure if it was UV I did it on or HMP.
  23. BoldEnglishman

    Astrology believers?

    Hmm, well it's interesting to read like a little paragraph on what is apparently going to happen to me in the next week/month, but 10 minutes later, and I'll forget what it said anyway. I'm a pisces (of all the things I wanted to be - they had to choose a fish!)
  24. BoldEnglishman

    People's Musical Interest

    Well not ALL metal is about death and satanism :/ In fact, some metal bands I can listen to whatever the mood I'm in. Particularly Progressive Rock/Metal bands, whose songs and albums are so diverse that there is usually at least A song to suit any mood I'm in. I have to admit though, since I started listening to metal, I cannot really listen to any sort of rock/pop with even slight distortion on the guitar. It's just, not enough.