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  1. boomlala

    favorite level styles

    I like the industrial complex theme, like The Crusher. Gameplaywise, if it's challenging, I'm already happy. My preference is medium-sized rooms with a couple of open areas.
  2. boomlala

    Your most HATED monster?

    Revenants. I don't know why, but it's the only monster in the game that irritates me.
  3. boomlala

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    I played DOOM for the first time long ago when I was a little child and I have some vague memories of it. A while back I rediscovered the game and I found out about source ports, maps, ... Playing this game for the first time in 6 years was a great nostalgic experience. I tried mapping for DOOM, and I'll never forget the first map I made. I'm also interested in becoming a programmer, and I think it would be fun to download the source code from DOOM or one of the various ports and play around with it. Finally, the monsters are just great. Adrian Carmack did some great work designing them. I'll never forget the first time I saw a Baron.
  4. boomlala

    [Map] Obsidian Oblivion

    Wow. That is one mighty fine map.
  5. PrBoom flagged as Vanilla for SP, ZDaemon for Multiplayer (but it's been a week since I could connect to the master server, so I'm thinking to go Skulltag).
  6. boomlala

    Sin (not a tc)

    All those pics, except the second one (like said before, too much contrast), look very nice. I would sure want to play this WAD when it's finished.
  7. boomlala

    Reloading and New Enemies

    Are there unused frames? Could someone direct/give me a list of those, because that would be mighty useful.
  8. boomlala

    [Map] Obsidian Oblivion

    Nice work!!! Just gorgeous architectural design.
  9. boomlala

    Human spacebase or hellmap?

    The creepyness depends on the mapper, if he's skillful in building up the suspense, he can create a creepy map with any kind of theme. Personally, I go with the space station. I find an empty station with a dead marine here and there and flickering lights creepier than a Hell map with monsters all over the place. But again, the mapper decides if the map is creepy or not.
  10. Some nice pics you got there. Is it for a particular source port?
  11. boomlala

    Crates - Hate them or love them?

    I only dislike them when they are used in a maze and when they're horribly implemented.
  12. boomlala

    Getting monsters to spawn

    You could spawn a DECORATE actor which will spawn a random monster in its Spawn state: I'm not a DECORATE wizard but I'm sure that it's a combination of A_Jump and Thing_Spawn. The ZDOOM wiki has documentation about DECORATE.
  13. DOOM Fighter (Virtua Fighter)
  14. boomlala

    Doom Wad Station has a new owner