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Everything posted by MONKET

  1. oh my god I can't modify the Doom levels on the SNES what the hell

    A True Wolf3d TC

    I think I just peed a little
  3. Build a small forgotten warehouse map. The player has to kill three Demons amazing

    My (probably) last hurrah.

    disregard this post, apparently this has something to do with pokemon art



    Testers wanted

    I would like to test it please

    Doom Rampage: Awesome Edition

    I laughed hard Anyway, I found even the idea of Doom Rampage in a super version boring. Having an advantage over all of your enemies is boring, in my opinion. If anything, I would want to be an imp leading a giant war instead of some baron going around slaughtering everything without a slight challenge

    My Secret Project.

    a tree Or a pickle Wait nevermind the pickle has been done (damn you newstuff) I still think it's a tree


    I actually made a lost soul class. The player was able to fly around and have a modified fist attack that had the recoil of -50. oh wait, are we talking about skins only?
  10. MONKET

    made a zdoom level

    My sarcasm detector just exploded.
  11. MONKET

    Why am i still playing doom?

    Its gameplay is simple and it and can be modified so easily and so powerfully that it can change into a whole new game altogether.
  12. MONKET

    My new project Voom 2

    I thought the areas were rather bland, being just one room with a door or a small window doesn't really want me to progress further into the game. Try to add more detail into the rooms. Also, check your misaligned textures, as I spot a few, as well as some common mistakes (lower unpeg the door tracks) And one final thing, either get rid of some zombies or add more items. I suggest both. You went a little insane with the zombies later in the levels. This is obviously one of your first wads, but I suggest not working on a project for now and just keep practicing and taking my advice.
  13. MONKET

    self raising in Decorate

    Possibly you should add the flag MONSTER above the flag +SHOOTABLE I'm not sure if it will work or not, though
  14. imp- Poop goblin chaingunner- Baldo baron of hell/hell knight- Piggies demon- Little piggy lost soul- Flaming piggy Mancubus- Farmer fat As you can see I was very young when I first played Doom
  15. MONKET

    Summoning monsters

    Do I know you
  16. Ah, so both have their ups and downs Well I'm fine with WhackEd, since it has all the features I need anyway and is more "up to date". Thanks for your help.
  17. After having a vacation of cruising around this intelligent forum, I happen to notice that more people use Dehacked rather than WhackEd. I, myself, use WhackEd and feel that I'm missing out on something since so many people use Dehacked. I can't get Dehacked to work since I can't find the original Doom2.exe, so may someone find out the difference of Dehacked and WhackEd so I can either keep Whacked or get off my fat ass and make Dehacked work? I'm looking for things such as more flags for things and more state actions in Dehacked.
  18. MONKET

    Your most HATED monster?

    commander keen bastard keeps killing me every goddamn time I see him
  19. MONKET

    Weird Doom dreams.

    Once I dreamed that in a pipe next to my house was a hermit-chaingun guy. The next dream I killed him with a super shotgun
  20. MONKET

    doom on the wii?

    You could have just said you wouldn't like it for the Wii, no need to flip the hell out and shout out schizophrenic insults at the console.
  21. MONKET

    What Program is easy to use to edit Doom?

    I usually use Doom Builder for level editing and scripts, XWE for overall managing the wad, and WhackEd for editing monster behavior and weapons.
  22. MONKET

    Your score at Doom Hunt

    not much, since in the middle of it I went to go play Turkey Puncher
  23. MONKET

    A doom parody

    Ah, that was a funny wad. One of the first that taught me actual scripting. Here's the link http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=15000