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  1. Danjb

    Memory could not be read...

    Are there any alternatives to getting a new port? Any way to dodge the limit? EDIT: I've fixed the problem by making a few linedefs one-sided and spacing them out a bit, etc. I may get a new port anyway, however.
  2. Danjb

    Memory could not be read...

    Thanks for the quick reply. I very much doubt it's any of the first 4 ... So I guess it must be something to do with my level? I think I've had it before but fixed it again as the cause wasn't so hard to find. What's wrong with Doom95? Easy interface, get straight into any level, demo recording and deathmatching :D There wasn't a details button on the error message. What did you mean by try testing it with different wads? I'll try a different node builder. =============== EDIT: I've uploaded the file, if you get a chance please can you take a look at it? It's E1M3 that doesn't work. http://files-upload.com/328080/Deathmatch.wad =============== - Danjb
  3. Hey, I'm new here and pretty new to Doom modding. I've searched around but haven't found a solution to this so here goes. I'm using Doom Builder and I've made a map, which, according to the "Check for errors" function, has no issues. However, when I load it up in-game (Doom 95) it crashes as soon as I look slightly to the left of the start, I'm guessing because of a bug with a certain wall or something in that general direction. The error I get is: "The instruction at 0042ff69 referenced memory at 01b21000 The memory could not be read from Click on OK to terminate the application" Can anyone help me identify the problem? - Danjb