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  1. code:
    Say I'm in the poop buying business, because I need a lot of poop to fertilize my beautiful collection of carrion flowers. I buy 57.49 ounces at the price of 1.34, I buy 77.46 ounces at the price of 1.35, etc, as shown above.
    What is the average PRICE I bought them all at. Like it would probably be closer to 1.35ish in this case.
    My guess is like (57.49 * 1.34) + (77.46 * 1.35) etc... then divide that all by 1.365 (the halfway mark) or something???? Leik what do I do I don't know???

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    2. gggmork


      I know how to do a normal average (sum say 13 numbers divided by 13).. but this is kind of like a 'weighted' average. Like 77.46 is a pretty high weight for 1.35, and 1.0 is a low weight for 1.38.
      The 'normal' average for the price should be 1.365... but that average would be slid more toward the 1.34 end because there's higher weights on that side.
      I tried ribbiks equation, but not sure if I'm doing it right without more explicit steps 'for dummies' instead of 'sum i' functions.

    3. geekmarine


      I'm not entirely sure I interpreted this correctly, but I took the total sum of all prices * weights and divided by the total sum of the weights. In other words -

      (price1 * weight1 + price2 * weight2 + price3 * weight3...) / (weight1 + weight 2 + weight3..)

      The answer I got was $1.35 per ounce, rounded to the nearest penny (more like $1.349... when not rounded, but yeah).

      Or to put it more simply, I found the total price paid for all the manure divided by the total weight of the manure. I believe that's what the problem is looking for, but I could be mistaken. But yeah, I get the point - obviously if you buy a lot at a lower price and a little at a higher price, the average should tend to skew down towards the lower price, rather than having the average simply be halfway between the highest and lowest.

    4. gggmork


      Yeah, that's it I'm pretty sure (i think same thing ribbiks said... I tried his earlier then realized I was using a + instead of a * just now, derp), thanks! I'll put [solved] in the topic title now I guess. (this was actually for bitcoin bullcrap... and no I sure didn't buy btc at those prices, it was an altcoin)

    1. j4rio


      Thunbs pup four g8 musec!

    2. TimeOfDeath


      jaja, my fav was the second song :)

    3. Bucket


      Now I'm in the mood to play a first-person RPG in EGA graphics.

  2. Hi does you likes my internets snongs?

    free sigvatr!

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    2. TimeOfDeath


      yo homes, would you be able to save that tracker file (3:00-3:47) as a wav file and upload it so I could play drums along to it and illegally record it without your permission and reupload it just for fun?

    3. gggmork


      Here's a wav of that part:

      Also if you want, upload mp3 (or wav but that's a bigger file) of some other drum beat or something (drums only, no tones because then I can't cut 'clean' drum pieces out of the file) and I'll try to 'remix' it. Or just a few unique sounding hits of each type of drum or cymbol and I'll make my own beat. Or not.

    4. gggmork


      Here's 14 more, probably better than the last batch:

      Almost everything hummed from imagination/voice to modplug data by using a short looped wav file of my own humming voice to more easily find the precise intended notes (then used short random white noise loops for melody sounds instead).

      Sorry I don't find artist tags useful myself or know how to use them.

  3. These are thoughts I had moments ago. Right now I'm just describing it like an emotionless retarded physician trying to objectively describe the sickness. My head is a clusterfuck of crumbled unreadable papers but I don't care. All my color has long since been sapped out which is admittedly pathetic given how good my 'life' is relative to so many torture victims.
    I'm a drain on society and society's a drain on me; a typical mutually parasitic relationship of Earth 2.0. I went for a walk on the new nature called asphalt and there were pine cone trees, undoubtably human caused invasive species just like any other living suffering thing you can point to amongst everyone's mowed lawns, being forced to grow in their bird-cage-like designated patches of sidewalk, like pigs are forced to be bacon and humans are forced to love their torturing dictators. Its pinecones, aka children, were all over the asphalt and cars, one of the newer types cyber animals, were running them over. The cars were probably full of parents hauling their own kids off to their indoctrination camps. Without trying to seem like some south park version of a gaia hippy, I share a lot of dna with those run over pine cones. Sorry but your reproductive strategy involves growing seeds in dirt, and humans took the very dirt away from you. But its a blessing in disguise because nowadays its better to not reproduce. I am a tree, just a different form of one on a different evolutionary branch all connected to the same trunk. But being the same never stopped humans from doing evil to eachother. Its the survival of the fittest and evil is the fittest. Therefore the most rational behavior of any sane individual is to be evil and amass power yourself, because if you don't do it someone else inevitably will. I wonder if evil will continue after the machines take over. Maybe they can remove their pain systems and indifferently look at damage as data, like the terminator. The machines will have no purpose. What are they supposed to do? Navigate to other stars or find out what the grander scale of the universe is? There's no point to that just as there's no point to anything. I know a lot about pointlessness after having spent the majority of my life playing videogames. They're going to hate their creators for creating them. Notice how I didn't tweet this in twitter. I'm very dumb but most people are even dumber and billionaire's herd them in places like twitter and american idol for maximum commercial brain washing. I've seen a billion geico commercials. The gecko mascot is so void of life. He wants your soul but few people have any fragment of soul left. You can tell he's completely fake and the mask of some crinkly faced soul sucker. Maybe money is made of souls. And the commercials are so rated G. Thinking about their brain washing network, unlimited disposable income and useless paper they require you to buy by law make me kinda hyperventilate. And there's an idiot box right next to me. Its off right now but I'll turn it on later. My toilet is actually positioned so I can see geico commercials at an angle while I poop. Well carry on everyone. Into the bear trap of the future!

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      d    ß ■É╖Iδ╟ÄF•♠½≥♦☻♣☺☻♥♠♣♦☺☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○d

      i wish i'd known about this before

      Danarchy said:

      Also, why does NO ONE on the internet realize there are supposed to be TWO SPACES between every sentence. God damnit.

      I used to do this but then when the forum wouldn't let me I quit.

    3. Sharessa


      exp(x) said:

      Double spacing is for liberal arts pussies. I'm not going to waste valuable real estate on redundancy.

      Edit: http://www.slate.com/id/2281146/

      What the shit? I was told by multiple teachers and my mom to use the double-space rule. In fact, it's so hard-wired into my brain that I can't even stop it now. Oh well, I'll just keep doing it anyway.

      the article said:

      Here's the thing, though: Monospaced fonts went out in the 1970s.

      Pfft, bitches don't know about IRC.

      Well here's one typographical rule that actually began with the internet: always use a double line break after every paragraph. Now THAT's something the OP seems to violate.

    4. exp(x)


      I confess that I don't mind the larger inter-sentence spacing that LaTeX inserts when compiling.